Old Futhark



Rank Second Aett, a common warrior
age 30 years
looks His pale skin and greasy hair made him look hopeless. But after a good wash, his black hair wasn't greasy, but shiny and his skin showed some colour in his face
attitude At first he was rather scared and wanted to be left alone. But that was all because he had to give up gambling. After he got through that phase, he got better and even smiled occasionally.
history Growing up in a family that gambled and kept secrets from each other, Pedhro didn't really turn out any different then his father.
Gambling for everything he owned, he lost his freedom.
As a slave, he was sold to the army so that his master didn't really have to go.
There he met his leader, Hagalaz. He showed him that there were other things in life than gambling and helped him though the dark period of his life.


Without warning Nariti, the red-winged brown sire of the clutch launched a deliberate, mellow hum. The sound was both calming and hopeful and spurned the dragonlings on in their eggs. 
Quickly the candidates were brought around. Zuath had laid a small clutch with only four eggs. Still there were quite a few candidates hoping to bond. None of them were local but even so, the people of Lantessama came to witness the joyous occasion and to partake in the celebrations that would certainly follow. 
As such the land surrounding the hatching sands was crowded when the first hatchling broke through the shell encasing him.  The hatchling, a mirror image of his dad with a soft brown hide and bright red wings, clumsily got up to his feet, getting tangled a bit in the remains of his former home. While the other eggs were still only rocking, he gingerly walked toward the waiting humans and sniffed around. His eye... or should we say nose, fell on Perdhro, a warrior who'd once been on the brink of ruin as his gambling habit had spiralled out of control. The man was still equally in danger of losing himself in his new life of battle.  
"I'll keep you out of harm's way." the small carnelian-winged tiger's eye dragon said. 
"And how will you manage that, Onghok?" Perdhro asked. 
"I may be small now but I won't stay that way." the hatchling vowed.


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