Old Futhark



Odhil entered the camp. In disgust he looked around and saw lots of mud, a small training ground and some little cabinets that were meant for them to sleep in.
Odhil was a landowner. He wasn't a farmer himself and their for he wasn't entitled to stay home.
Irritated to leave everything in hands of his niece, who was capable enough, he had went to the one place he had wanted to avoid when he became a landowner.

He was angry with the state and was going to get himself disqualified so that he could go back to his lands and the people on it.
But it wasn't that easy. The only doctor here was a brother of his leader Teiwaz.
Even more irritated, he walked towards his leader and demanded that he was realised from duties as soon as possible.
"Well... I can't do that.." Teiwaz said with a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth
"Are you making fun of me now?" Odhil was almost yelling, hoping that he could control himself just enough in front of his leader.
"Of course not." Teiwaz told him calmly. "I'm not letting you go just because you asked it."
"What am I to do then?" Odhil asked sarcastically.
"Well it wouldn't be any fun if I told you now would it? Why don't you get to know the others of the Aett? Then you can get settled in." Smiling, he pointed at the door and Odhil could do nothing but follow his command.
Mumbling to himself, he dragged his suitcases and threw them on a bed.
"Hello! My name is Ehwaz, and this is Berkus. You're new here?" He didn't ask it really. He looked at a young man and a boy.
"Don't get used of me, I'm planning on going very soon, if I only get that idiot of a Teihwaz to listen to me."
"That idiot is my brother. Would you please don't talk about him that way?" Ehwaz said with a cool voice.
"What are you going to do about that?" Controlling his anger, he added "Sorry. I didn't know it was your brother."
Berkus started to laugh at the top of his longs. "What's so funny?" He asked sharply to the boy.
When he was through with laughing, he said: "Well.. I think you'll have to pay lots of attention to whom you talk around here. The Reikwaz family is here with 9.. And 3 of them in this Aett."
With his mouth open, he stared at the boy with his twinkles in his eyes.
"Come Ehwaz.. Lets strain some more. I can't seem to get that one move.." Berkus said to Ehwaz and both of them left.
What was that about? 9 kids? Who could live with that?

He was alone again and he was getting rather calm, when he found out that there was somebody else in the room.
"Who is there?" He asked, feeling his anger rise again.
"Oh just me... I came to take some papers."
"I didn't know the army had something to do with paper."
"Of course. I'm Mannaz." He sticked his hand out in mid air, and waited until Odhil took it.
He shook his hand and said "Odhil."
"Oh you're the landowner who's making trouble."
"I wouldn't say trouble..." Odhil said
"That doesn't matter.. As long as you know that Teiwaz will probably keep you here. You can better learn to like this place. Shall I show you around?"
"You're a brother too? If it wouldn't be a problem."
"Of course I am. Come with me. I'll tell you all about me." Grinning, he walked outside and Odhil followed him.

Mannaz was a rather renewing face in this dark and boring place. He was smart and good with numbers.
He became a good friend of Odhil and that was all to make Odhil have a good time.
They could spend hours talking about his lands and profits.
He wondered if after their time, Mannaz would come with him and help him get even richer than he was now. Although money wasn't the most important thing for him, he did like the sight of it.

When he wasn't talking to Mannaz, he was training with all sorts of weapons. Teiwaz had became a leader in his eyes, although he wouldn't admit that, and he even thought his days were going fast.

He was even surprised when they were all gathered and were told to go to war.
Getting on his horse and riding next to Mannaz, he even forgot about his lands.
But he would have to wait even longer now until he would be able to get to his lands. They took a detour to another world, riding on the back of a dragon.


Gwyveth, the clutch's sire, launched himself to the sky and roared to announce the hatching, his blue hide disappearing against the blue of the sky but the brown streaks that marked his wings and body standing out. The sun was just past it's zenith when the candidates gathered in front of the wobbling eggs and the watchful eyes of their parents. The gathered group was diverse but the majority was human or had a humanoid form. Odhil, the viking rune farmer turned warrior was standing to the side, away from the other candidates.
A lot of watchers had gathered and the buzz of whispered conversations was so loud that the first egg hatched almost unnoticed. The topaz female was almost the colour of the sand and it was only when she opened her brightly coloured turquoise wings that people noticed her presence. 
Two eggs at different sides of the sands hatched next, one cracking in half, spilling a deep blue Tanzanite on the sands while the other nearly exploded when a spunky red Spinel leapt from the scattered shards. Both seemed to be male and were a healthy size. It was the energetic Spinel that made the first move. The blue dragon meanwhile gazed toward the candidates. He took his time to make a choice but as his gaze met the last candidate Odhil, it lingered. Something about the man was very appealing. A strength and some vulnerability. And a defiance that called to the Tanzanite's nature.
"I'm Uryndor." was all the dragon said before he nudged his new bond toward the buffet.

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