Old Futhark



As a young boy, he had always lived in the woods with his mother. He had never known his father and he really didn't want to know. He had seen his mother cry over his father and he didn't want to cause her pain.

But when his mother died of a fever, he was left alone and questions started to rise in his head. 
After some time, he had to find the answers to these questions because they were all he could think about and he feared his sanity.
He searched his mothers house, and found a little wooden box. he found a metal ring and wondered what it was. He couldn't read so the little paper in the box was useless to him. But if he had known, his search would have been less hard.

He was scared of most humans, and therefore tried to stay of the road as much as he could, but that way he would never get to know his father.
But as he got in a town, he was arrested as they thought he was a madman in his skins of animals for cloths.
There he had to wait for the verdict of the judge. It was the worst time of his life. He should have never started to go look for his father. He should have stayed in the forest. But he knew that he would make the same choice if he could do that again. But now he had to live in the smallest chamber he had ever known. He had always lived in nature so now, in that chamber with just enough room for him to walk next to the bed, he started to begging for death.

Weeks passed, but for Naudhiz it seemed years, when finally the judge made a verdict of Naudhiz situation.
He had to go to the army and there serve the state. 
He had never wanted to go there. But armed men made him scared enough to follow them towards the camp.
Looking with scared eyes, a young man came to him. He introduced himself as Hagalaz. He would be his leader, and Naudhiz could see, although Hagalaz showed him mercy, he wouldn't like mistakes.

First of all, Hagalaz gave him some real cloths and then he started to learn him how to act when other people were around. Naudhiz didn't see any point in it, although he got more relaxed in some situations then before, he was still scared of most people.

Hagalaz learned him to fight too, and Naudhuz found it rather strange, or stupid of Hagalaz to trust him with a sword and even learn him how to use it.
He had known how to use a spear in the forest, so that had been no problem. The main problem was that he ran away from large places with lots of people in it, or small places because then he feared that he would get locked up there.
Hagalaz called the help of his brothers. They were with 9. Naudhiz found them annoying and scary at first, but then when he got to know them better, started to like them all. 
Years passed, and Naudhiz got better around people, although he didn't really trust new people, nor did he wanted to be in small places.
Hagalaz had told him how combat was going to be, and Naudhiz was terrified by that. Lots of people, the smell of sweat and fear, on a small place (although outside) running towards a certain death..

Naudhiz was walking in a forest when he was free for the day. He walked slowly, listening to the peaceful sounds of the forest and relaxed completely. 
Hagalaz suddenly was walking next to him, and Naudhiz was startled that he hadn't seen him.
Suddenly, after all those years, he remembered the metal ring.
"Do you know what that is?" He showed Hagalaz.
"Of course. My brother Thurisas has the same ring. It is one that let other people show that he is the leader of the army."
"Where did you get it from?"
"I think it was my fathers."
"Don't you know?"
"I never knew my father.."
"Perhaps we should look though the records. He could be in there."
Smiling, Naudhiz followed Hagalaz to the records room and found out it was a small room. But he didn't care. He wanted to know his father.

After turning everything up side down, he finally found what he had been looking for. 
With the help of Mannaz, a brother of Hagalaz, he learned all there was to know about him.
His father, named Meduyl, was a good man and very powerful. He was kind, but also a good leader.
Even his mother was mentioned in the articles. But only as the widow of Meduyl. He had been killed by somebody unknown, and she had run, when she was pregnant, into the safety of the forest. The rest he knew.
He was softly crying, now that he knew his father. He had always thought he had left his mother, but this was far worse. He had hated a good man for his whole life..

But much time to think about that he didn't have. They were all send away on one fine day, and he had to think of fighting and combat. Not his father and mother. But that was hard.
He hadn't even noticed a dragon when it had landed right in front of them.
"What are we going to do Hagalaz?"
"We're not following orders. We're taking things into our own hands. Come with us Naudhiz. It will be fun."


Naudhiz is a candidate at
Lantessama Isle

This year's summer holiday clutch had been (carefully) moved to the plains outside so a larger audience could watch the hatching. It was a calm, sunny day at Lantessama with a soft breeze that seemed to carry the sand from the beaches inward. Eleven candidates had signed up for this clutches. Two elves, two dragons, four humans, two runic warriors and a scaled desert girl, the most unusual among them who'd had needed some time to adjust herself to the to her alien language. The eleven candidates gathered around the eggs while Lucas and Cyan busied theirselves with getting the food tables in order. "We have half an hour to get theis ready." Lucas said just as the first egg cracked and proved his words wrong.
The grey female left the circle of eggs while the last remaining two hatched. She hesitated for a bit, apparently unsure of what to do. She seemed to almost be inclined to stay back and let her siblings bond first. Finally she took two more steps forward and called: 
"Naudhiz. It's you I want." The grey female showed several bright red patches through her hide and sought shelter behind the runic warrior's legs. 
"It's alright, Runair." Naudhiz said, "I'm yours."

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