Old Futhark


Isum was a rather inventive man.
He grew up in a desert far from civilisation. And to help his loving family, he made sure that the family got everthing it needed. For example, he provided his whole family of good drinking water.
He also made some instruments that he loved to play at night, when they all sat around the fireplace..
Normally, he had already been married, but he didnít feel like he could marry jet. He had so many things to do, that he couldnít bond just now.

It was on one of those nights around the fire, that he decided that his beloved desert had nothing more to hive to him. He wanted to travel, to explore different cultures and learn more about different habitats. His family, understanding as it was, told him to go if he wanted. But that he had to come back if he was ready.

In the harbour, he wondered from boat to boat, asking for a small place on a sailors boat.
On one of the boats, a middle aged man with brown hair and light blue eyes and a white coloured skin, accepted him.

Travelling with Gebo, he already learned more about Geboís culture.
On the ship, they had long talks. And became friends. But when the end of their travels on the sea, Gebo grew silent.
And then he asked the big question: "Why donít you come with me?"
"And where are you going, good friend?" Isum asked him.
"The army. Every man here has to go there at some time in their life. I think we can use somebody like you."
Grinning, he accepted Geboís offer.
Why not, he thought, it would be a good start to get to know a culture.

But when they got to the army, they were separated. At first, he wanted to leave, but then he found out that the others were as nice as Gebo.
He was good with man to man combat, and he thought greatly of honour as his leader did too.
Leaving to fight a battle that wasnít his, he hesitated and wanted to leave. But he couldnít let his leader down.
But a dragon, as in the stories his grandmother had told him about when he was young, took them from their path.

Isum stepped onto the warm sands. the heat coming through his boots. He instantly felt this warm feeling and although there was a little voice in the back of his mind telling him he wasn't suited, he still felt rather calm. He saw a lot of beautiful dragons that night. But not one of them picked him. But then a large blue hatchling broke hastily out of his shell and tumbled into the sand. Spitting grit out of his mouth, he looked up at Isum. Don't tell anyone else about that, would you, Isum? he said sheepishly, and his rider grinned. My name's Tulinarith, by the way.



Isum is a candidate at
Darkling Dawn

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