Old Futhark


His father had been a merchant, his grandfather, his father and his father, who had started it, had all been merchants.

Gebo, as the only son of his father, was almost forced into being the same merchant as the others before him. But he didnít feel like he was forced, because he loved to travel and learn more about the different cultures.
Gebo and his ancestors were merchants in all sorts of things. They would travel far and wide, buying and selling things.

On one of his travels, he met a young men with a brown skin. That man, called Isum wanted to travel to the other world. He wanted to learn things, and see things, feel things with his own eyes and hands.
This Isum fellow, was quite the inventor. Without even asking, Isum showed him things to lighten his work. On Geboís boat, he showed him how to lift things with one of his rather strange inventions.
They passed their days with long talks about lots of things. The trip itself lasted for almost a year. Gebo had travelled far from his home, and he was ready to get back and even go to the army. He was wondering what would happen to Isum when they were away from the sea.
He asked Isum to go with him to the army.
And to his surprise, Isum said yes.

When they got there, he found out that Isum had to go to a different Aett then he had. At first he wanted to complain to his leader, but his leader, Thurisas, explained it to him, and he wasnít going to change everything just for one person.
Settling with an agreement that he didnít like, he trained and spend as much time as he could with Isum. But it seemed to him that Isum liked it there, and even liked his companions.
Gebo himself wanted to go back to his boat and merchants business that he was counting the days.

And when they had to leave for battle, he was just a little bit worried that he had to leave everything, perhaps for ever.
But when a dragon appeared, his plans changed. He still had to spend some time away from everything. But now he was sure that he could come back. If he wanted to.

Gebo wasn't so sure anymore that he wanted to go back to his homeworld. He loved the magic of this place and had fell in love with it from the first foot he stepped on this new world.

Tonight was the night that he might impress a dragon. He felt very nervous and giggle like a schoolgirl. He looked at the eggs and rested his eyes on one specific one. When that egg started to wobble, he looked even closer. A male dragon finally hatched from that egg and stopped in front of Gebo and sat down. My name's Phidithath, Gebo, and don't you forget it, he said.


Gebo is a candidate at
Darkling Dawn

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