Old Futhark



As a student, Eihwaz was a promising young boy with lodes of talent.
He lived outside the village, away from friends and family. But that was the live of a healer. And he had sworn to focus on his studies and leave all other things behind.
Eihwaz didn't come from a wealthy family and for that he didn't know anything of luxury. He had a kind and loving family, and the goodbye was very though.

His master was an old woman. She lived outside the village and together with her pupil, she went to town occasionally to buy food and to give herbs to her patients.
He had never known her name, and she wouldn't tell him. It didn't really matter. She was nice and he learned a lot from her.
She learned him to read and the meaning of all the herbs she knew. 

When he was called for the army, he didn't want to go at first. He never liked to fight, and he didn't care about war. But she told him that he had to go. Not for fighting, but for healing. He would probably be the only one that knew anything of herbs. And she was right. When he came through the gates and into his new life, he found out that there wasn't even a separate place to heal the wounded.

Eventually he got his wish and he wouldn't have to fight. He would have to take care of all the sick. He wanted to do that gladly. He liked to heal and he liked it that he didn't have to fight.
But he had never thought that he had to save the life of one of his brothers. Hagalaz was attacked by a dagger, or better he saved Thurisas from the dagger.
His shoulder was badly hurt, but eventually, he got his brother back and the shoulder was just as good as it had been.
Proud of himself, he took care of the other diseases like a cold from his other silly brother.

It had been a long time since he had seen his two brothers. He was a triplet together with Ehlaz and Ehwaz.
Ehwaz had made a new friend. Berkus. And although he didn't want to feel anything but friendship for the boy, he fell in love. Horrified by himself, he sneaked after him. He had noticed that he never showered with them, nor dressed in the same room. He knew that he was hiding something from Ehwaz.
The full moon was shining over the lake when he saw Berkus in the water. He had to say something to Berkus. He wanted to clear his head.
Eihwaz went to sit cross-legged in front of Berkus.
"I’ll just wait until you are finished." He smiled at Berkus.
"I can’t… I don’t want you to see me."
"Come on… I’ve seen other men naked.." Although I just want to see you...
"Ok then. I’ll just stay here." Berkus said stubbornly.
"And I’ll stay here."
They both waited for an hour and Eihwaz was getting tired of waiting. He moved towards the water. The little waves that Eihwaz’ was making hit his shoulder. Berkus looked away, but it didn't matter. Eihwaz found out what the secret he or rather she was keeping from his brother. 
Berkus looked at his own body. Then looked with his pale blue eyes at Eihwaz.
His amber eyes looked shocked. Then relief crossed his face.
"I thought that something was wrong with me." He grinned. "What’s your real name then?"
"Berkana.." her voice was harsh with emotions, trembling still. She clung her arms around her waist.
"Come here.." He opened his arms for her and she swum uncertainly in them. He hugged her and she kissed him.
"We have to get back.." Berkana whispered some time later in Eihwaz’ ear.
Eihwaz moaned. "I don’t want too.. Let’s stay here for ever." He hugged her tightly.
"We can’t.. Promise that you won’t say anything." She looked at him. How could he say no?

But eventually.. Ehwaz found out, and tBerkana was torn between her lover and her friend. Eihwaz understood it and went to talk to Thurisas. He had to make things better between Berkana and Ehwaz. It was because of him after all...

But everything turned out great. Berkana stayed with him, and her friendship was saved too.

When he was packing his herbs, he saw Berkana and kissed her. 
"Are you ready to leave?" He asked.
"No... But I think I'll never be." She smiled.
"I know the feeling. Please keep safe. I don't want to see you on my table ok?"
"I'll try."
And so they left to the battle field. But something interfered. A dragon and his rider asked them to come with him, and all of them did, towards a better and safer futur.


Eihwaz is a candidate at

Lucas was busy applying ribbons and stremaers to the already hanging hearts when Cyan entered the holiday caverns. She looked around, no doubt judging his work with the eyes of a true critic before she asked, "Will we have enough room?"
"There's only 6 candidates sought, so yeah."
"That's little." Cyan sighed.
"Just as well. i told the finders to be picky. After all only a few of the eggs seemed to do well under the influences this time."
"What did you do?"
"I've been playing with a couple theme for a long time now and this year i tried it. But I think only a few eggs actually were compatible enough to survive and grow to full size. I'm lucky any did at all."
"So what are they looking for?"
"True love of course." Lucas said, climbing down from the ladder and taking out the pink tablecloths, "Help me with this will you."

When the preparations had been made, the 6 candidates, three couples, and two dragons from a previous valentine hatching entered the cavern. Berkana and Eihwaz were the most noticeable. The two of them had impressed at the valentine hatching two years ago, but they'd requested to take care of a new set of dragons. The love they had for each other knew no boundary and it seemed that their hearts were big enough to take on a new charge with the help of their now adult dragons. The second couple were also runic warriors, but they had only been found recently. Raidho, an axe-wielding blacksmith, his wife Mayra stood nervously awaiting the hatching. they were accompagnied by their young son Luc. Lastly, a newly-formed couple had been found on earth. The two of them, Alissa and Rudolph, had been set up by their mothers to have a blind date. Only hours later they'd been asked to come to Lantessama. Though the couple barely knew each other they seemed to hit it off in weird ways (including strange outfits).
As if timed by the most precisely tuned clock two of the eggs split open. A  dark red female and a lighter red male stood face to face on the sands. The two of them clearly looked like they'd been made for each other. The both of them gazed into each other's eyes and then moved as one to the waiting Berkana and Eihwaz.

"We've decided to come with you." the female said.
"We would love to join you." the male added.
"I'm Xanthina." the red female said.
"My name is Frangipani." the male added.


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