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Ehwaz was always the rascal of the Reikwaz family. And although he was a rascal, he had a big heart for animals. Especially horses. It seemed that these horses listened to him, and comforted him when he couldn't go to his brothers when had some problems. He always felt best when he was with horses.

Even though he stayed home, he would, after a hard day of work on the field, go to the range and train a horse that he got from the owner of the range called Gearg. Gearg was a man with large arms and scars on his face. He was a small man, but everybody backed away from him.
Ehwaz had gotten the horse because he had saved it from death. It had been sick and very underfed. With the loving care of Ehwaz, the horse, called Ellandriël, got better. Even though Ellandriël had been a lost case.
"For your birthday son." Gearg had said. And Ehwaz had called out that it wasn't his birthday today. When he thought of it, a smile always played on his mouth.

And now, when he rode Ellandriël, he could feel that it was a special horse. Given to him for his hard work.
His prances went away, and a young man came instead. Ellandriël seemed to have an unnatural long life.
Ellandriël didn't grow any older, and for some reason, he always stayed with Ehwaz. Ehwaz didn't have to put him in a stable. If he went to bed, the next morning, Ellandriël would still be there.
Ehwaz didn't use his bed all that much. He loved to sleep with Ellandriël and look at the night sky.

But then the time to go to the army came. 
Ehwaz would never want to risk Ellandriël life, but the horse nuzzled his back, making clear that he was staying with him.
On their way, they bumped into a young boy. It seemed that he hadn't eaten for a while, and Ehwaz had enough for two.
"Do you want some? Its to much for just one person." He grinned at the boy. "My name is Ehwaz." He pointed at some bushes next to the road. "We could sit over there. It seems that you have walked a long road."
"That would be great. My name is Berkus." The boy smiled a croquet smile.
It seemed that the two men could find it great with one an other. They were laughing at the top of their longs.
"Why don’t you join me with my brothers. We have to go to the army… It would be more fun if you went with us." Berkus didn't hessitate and said yes to the offer of Ehwaz.
Ehwaz let him ride Ellandriël. He seemed so tired and skinny...

When they got there, Ehwaz met all his brothers. He told Berkus all of their names, but he could see that he hadn't expected so many brothers. Ehwaz had been vague about it..
When they were settled, and Ehlaz and Eiwaz had joined them, the party was complete.

But then something happened that Ehwaz hadn't expeted. 
After he had trained the horses, (That was his job) he wanted to grab something to drink, when he run into Eihwaz and Berkus kissing.
At first Ehwaz was shocked. After almost 6 years of friendship, he had played with his mind?
"Ehwaz it isn’t what you think it is…" Berkus said
"But… you’re two boys…." He said it in disgust.
"I’m no boy…" Berkus looked down. But after the long silence, she looked up.
Ehwaz thought this was all just a sick joke. He was still playing with his mind. "That can’t be… I know you.."
"Look for yourself.. Please Ehwaz… Believe me.." She pulled her shirt tight against her body so that Ehwaz could see her breast.
His mouth fell open. Then he turned on his feet and ran away. Ehwaz didn't know what to do. He had believed him.. her for 6 years. Sure he knew he.. she had a secret. But nothing that big.. He wouldn't never talk to her. He ran straight to Ellandriël. Hugging his horse, he could feel the anger backing away.
Perhaps it wouldn't be all that bad to have a friend that was a girl.
When he got back out of the stables, he felt that the anger was rising again. Blurring his mind. 
He bumped into Thurisaz and he looked like he wanted to say something about this whole situation.
"What do you want?" Ehwaz asked annoyed.
"Don't talk to me in that tone! Or I'm going to have to use my stripes." 
Ehwaz felt the anger rise, but said nothing.
"Look.. Give Berk..ana a chance. She isn't much different now that she's a girl."
"That's not the point."
"What is the point then? That she lied to you? Did you ever asked her?"
"Well then... technically it wasn't lying. It was just not telling."
"I thought she would trust me."
"Maybe she will, if you go talk to her. She misses you as a friend. And your brother is devastated."
"Hmm. Could be." He mumbled, turned on his heals around and then walked away.

Two weeks passed, and He had looked at Berkana closley. Thinking of what he was going to say and how she would react.
Then he got her alone, and stepped out of the bushes towards Berkana.
"Ehwaz… I.." He made a motion with his hand and she stopped.
"Let me talk. And don’t interrupt me." He looked at her with his amber eyes. Berkana said nothing.
"I don’t know why you tricked me, or what you were thinking loving my brother. How would this end? Did you really think at all?" She looked at him guilty. Sympathy grew in his heart when he saw that. But he forced himself to go on.
"I hope that this will all end from now on. Because you are crazy to think it will ever work that way!"
She looked at the ground.  Ehwaz went on.
"I want you to tell my brothers that you’re a girl so that Eihwaz’ name is cleared at my brothers. But tell them secretly. They won’t tell anybody. You’re secret is safe with us all. You’re my friend Berkana.. Even though you’re a girl. I’ll stay your friend until the end of times."
Berkana was so happy that she ran towards him and hugged him tightly.
"Oh thank you Ehwaz. You’re truly a great friend!"
"Hold on… You’re not on the clear here." He grinned, forgetting all of his anger that he had felt for this girl in all these weeks.

She told her brothers. Slightly blushing.
All his brothers knew already, but hey.. She had to tell them too. Now that it was all over, Berkana was one of the family. The first girl in the Reikwaz family...

They all left. He could feel the tension in Ellandriël, and how it transported to him. Or was it the other way round?
He rode next to Berkana. Making sure that nothing would happen to her.
He had given her the best horse, and the most loyal of them all. Except for Ellandriël then.
But it seemed that they would never get to battle. There road was interrupted by a young man on a dragon. Now he could feel that Ellandriël was scared, but southing words made sure that he stayed calm.


Ehwaz is a candidate at

Eggs lay scattered across Lantessama Isle. Not just dragon eggs, but other types as well. Chicken eggs, chocolate eggs, sugar eggs and reptile eggs. Just about every type of egg was there and most of the residents had a hard time moving around without breaking anything. So maybe it was good that the Easter hatching was scheduled for that same afternoon. The eggs would either hatch or be eaten and whatever was left woumd be disposed off by the end of the day. The candidates were all human this time around. Three of them had been found on earth, the remaining two were runic warriors. They gathered without much distraction and waited patiently for the signal. The egg hunt was surprisingly calm and uneventful. Each of the candidates took one of the ways leading onto Lantessama. Carrying chocolate they all felt fate would lead them to the right egg. The first to find an egg was Ehwaz who'd opted to take the route to the nekrat bay. He'd barely gotten there when he saw blue ears skidding away from the open sand. Following the road down he noticed eyes watching him, stalking him. 
"If there's no bunnies here I better take my chocolate and go elsewhere." the blond hazel-eyed warrior sighed. A blue bunny jumped onto the road in front of him yelling:
"I'm here! I'm here!" Nearly pulling the chocolate from his hands the bunny added with a full mouth: "My name is Juik."

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