Old Futhark
Berkus & Elhaza




Rank Third Aett, second in command
He's a warrior, good with spears and daggers
age 26 years
looks Light blond hair, worn short.
Deep blue eyes that keep secrets from others.
Small for a man his age.
attitude Running away from his family, he can and will fight when pressured. Fast on his feet and quick of mind. 
history Born in a priviliged family, Berkus ran away from his family when it became clear he'd be used as a bog sacrifice in the near future. During his journey he gets into trouble, collapses and is found by Elhaza who nurses him back to health and awakens love in his heart. 


Rank Second Aett, a common woman handy with the sword and bow.
age 28 years
looks Hazel eyes and light blond hair, worn very short.
Medium length.
attitude She is very protective of her family, always thinking of the worst things that might happen and trying to prepare for them.
history Working hard as the eldest in a family of 9, she's trained herself in more than what would be expected of a woman. She hunts food and protects the home. One day she finds a stranger in her part of the woods, nurses him back to health and falls in love. 

Candidates for Lantessama Isle

It was Valentine morning and as usual with these Holiday clutches, Lucas was laying the last hand at some of the decorations in the small circular cave he called his lab. Cyan strolled in, shielding her eyes from all the sugary pink and white hanging from the walls and ceiling. Silk ribbons, paper hearts, mirrors and plaster cupid statues seemed to lunge out at her, creating a place Cyan usually called hell.
"Honey?" she asked, "Is Valentine your favourite holiday?"
Without looking up from his work, Lucas answered: "I love all holidays equally."
"You wouldn't say." 
Cyan said, jumping over an ivy-laced pillar that lay on the floor. "Where's that going?" she asked.
"Right here, help me a hand will you?"
Cyan shrugged, contemplating for a moment to drop the ugly pillar so it would break, but then decided to be nice. "Sure."
Seconds after the last of the decorations had been put up, the first of the Valentine eggs started rocking. Looking on his watch, Lucas smiled: "I'm getting better at this timing stuff."
"I'll alert Zaranyth and have the candidates come in."
Half an hour later the Valentine candidates were standing around the neat cluster of eggs, holding cappuccino or tea in their hands, the cups steaming from the heat.
"Now that everyone has a drink, I suggest we wait." Lucas said, "These dragons will be cat-like and we all know how cats can be if they want to make an entrance."
Most of the candidates smiled and nodded, though the two sentient tigers seemed to be a bit offended by Lucas’ statement, but couldn’t really deny that it was true.
It was then, that more than one egg split open, as if to counter Lucas’ words. Soon 4 lean cat-dragons with big ears, pointy teeth and a long versatile tail stood between the remaining eggs.
Three colours seemed to be dominant in this clutch: pink, white and red, and nothing else could be seen in the hatchling’s hides. Though every hatchling seemed to be duo-toned, having one main colour and another in a splattered, spiralling pattern above the first.
The second and third, seeing their brother bond, moved out as one to different sides of the small cave. They were both females, one a soft pink with delicate white markings, the other a deep red, also marked with white spirals.
It was the red that beat her sister to the candidates. She gazed moments before her sister, deep into the eyes of Berk
us, knowing him, loving him.
"My name is Margenna." She said, "Love me."
That left one dragon on the sands, a white male with pink marks. As he moved out from the sandy pit to the candidates standing around it, his paw got caught behind a wandering strand of ivy, tripping him.
Cyan got the impulse to say ‘I told you so’, but in reality she had never said anything about safety measures. Cringing as she saw two eggs fall over and knock against each other. The two dragons hatched when the white dragon reached Elhaza.
"Did I do that?" he asked, looking over his shoulder.
"Yes," Elhaza answered, "but it wasn't your fault, Harken. Don't worry about it."

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