Old Futhark



As a young boy, he was send away from his mother and younger brothers.
He hated his father for that, but he was send to the one place he wanted to go. He wanted to be a druid, and his father had send him there.. As an act of sympathy? He didn't know. 
As a boy of 12 years, he had to understand his father and lose that anger he felt for him. 
It was a hard thing to do, and it took many years. But so did the training of becoming a Druid.

Because the training is secret, he won't tell us anything about it.
He will tell you about how his youngest brother found him...

Inguz was his youngest brother, and he was happy to see him again. But as Ansuz asked him all sorts of questions, he noticed that his brother said nothing.
"What's wrong Inguz?" 
Inguz looked at him with wet eyes. Then he spoke with a raspy voice. "It's been years since I talked. I will only talk to you and Laguz. No other."
Ansuz looked at his younger brother. He could see and feel the pain he was dealing with. He said nothing so that his brother could go on.
"Ansuz.. Our mother died some time ago. Actually after you left us."
"I didn't leave you Inguz."
"Really? How come that you went away when we needed you most?" His harsh voice was shaking of emotion.
"Uruz took me in my sleep and dropped me here. I've been here ever since."
"I missed you. We need you Ansuz." Inguz fell in his arms and cried and cried.

Ansuz had asked if he could go. The training was far from over, but his family needed him first.
A few days later, when Inguz was a bit recovered they went to search Laguz. 
Inguz told him that he had said something of sailing.

And so they went to the sea and searched in every harbour.
It seemed that Laguz was a very wealthy and respected sailor, when they finally found him.
It seemed that he was happy to see his brothers, but when they asked him to come with them, he refused. 
They stayed there for a week. Trying to convince their brother into joining them. But he said no every time.

When they almost got home, Laguz joined them. Happy he changed his mind, they stayed awake until the early hours.
But when they finally got home, all they found was an old farmhouse, neglected over the years.
Wondering if their father still lived, they entered.

They found him as an old weak man sitting in a chair, looking out of a dirty window.
"I forgive you father" Ansuz had said.
It seemed that Uruz didn't recognise him at first. He thought that he was seeing their mother.
He was babbling about how he killed her, but his younger brothers told him that it wasn't so. 

Trying to restore the last of his fathers sanity and of the old farm, they got a notion to come to the army.
At first they were going to write a letter to the army saying that their father needed them more, but then they thought they could manage.
And so it was that in the day, they trained and then in the evening they got home and worked on the farm.

That was until the war came and they were send out.
They had to tell their father this, and he was devastated. Thinking that he couldn't live without them, he clutched him on Inguz. And Ansuz saw the look in his youngest brother's eyes. It was one of disgust.
Remembering that he shouldn't work on Uruz alone, he told himself that he would have to heal Inguz as well.

But then, when they were leaving, something interfered. A dragon and his rider landed in front of them and asked them to come with them.
He asked his leader to take Uruz as well. Because else way, they would be gone a long time.

Being on Darkling Dawn, Ansuz was very happy that he got to go along. When the eggs were ready to hatch, Ansuz was called into the hatchinggrounds. He stayed back, waiting till his time would come for a dragon to hatch.
Finally that time came while an
egg shattered suddenly, throwing shards against the shells of the other eggs. The green-winged dragon that stepped out from it gave his surroundings a derisive snort. He cast a careless look to the candidates, obviously not planning to bond anyone, but he straightened when he met Ansuz's eye. A little meekly, he walked over to the quiet man and grumbled. "Come on, Ansuz. I'm hungry, let's get away from these people and eat."
"You should calm down a bit, Sharenzi," Ansuz replied, but he said nothing else.

Name: Sharenzi
Breed: Dragon Whorling/Atuan mutt/Hathian
Gender: Male
Color: Brown-Green
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech, Fire Breath Weapon
Personality: Supremely arrogant and convinced of his own superiority, Sharenzi doesn't like to associate with other people, and even his bond doesn't share that much conversation with him. He also has a razor-thin temper and gets set off by the littlest slights.
Bonded to: Ansuz


Ansuz is a candidate at
Darkling Dawn

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