Angel Northumbrian



Gender Female
Age 27 years
Siblings a bunch of half sisters and brothers
Appearance Yr is a strong woman with a chocolate coloured skin, and hazel brown eyes. She is of average height, with a normal muscle structure.
    & Behaviour
Yr is a fought free woman that knows a lot about the world and the people in it. As the oldest of the children, she is very responsible and will always think before she will do something.
She has a problem trusting people, and won't believe anything others say, unless she has tried it her self.
Magic/Task She has a crossbow that she can use to find a place, or to find the right way to somewhere. Next to that, she is rather handy in using the crossbow for it's original purpose too.
Hobbies Training with her crossbow
being in depended
Social Life? single
Pets none
Family She never knew her father, and her mother had a lot of different friends, from whom she had different children. Yr is the oldest, and therefore the one who was to blame for everything. As soon as she had the possibility to leave, she left her mothers home and never looked back.
History When she left her home, she travelled around and learned a lot about the world and how to survive by stealing and finding food in the woods. She turned out to be a real survivor.
Homeworld Earth - middle ages

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