Angel Northumbrian



Age 25 years
Gender Male
Appearance Ior has dyed his hair bright green. He has green eyes and a normal coloured skin. He is very lean and can move in most ways normal people can't.
    & Behaviour
Ior loves to shock people for a good laugh. He doesn't mean it in a bad way. He just loves to jump out of the bushes. Other then that he is known as a real fun guy.
Tasks ?
Hobbies Scaring people } :)
Social Life? Single

This is Pruts.. A Pruts. Ior isn't very creative with his names, but he loves his furry critter that came from Acicade Castle

Family Ior grew up in a big family and therefore had to fight to get some attention from his parents. He got that attention by scaring the hell out of his brothers, sisters and even his parents. That got him the attention he needed.. Unfortunately it wasn't really good attention.
Homeworld Earth Middle ages
Impression --

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