Angel Northumbrian



Age 17 years old
Gender Male
Appearance Gar is a long and slender guy. He has puppy brown eyes and blond hair that curls slightly.
    & Behaviour
Gar is a guy that loves to learn new things. He is still young, but has great potentials. He is good at everything he tries and also loves to do everything. Even though he's good at everything, he still has both feet on the ground.
Tasks ?
Hobbies Gar can usually be found on the practice grounds or around other people. He loves to watch practice fights so that he can get there good points.
Social Life? single
Pets none
Family Gar was found as many children were in those days. He grew up in the camp and found a lot of good friends. Everybody cares for him.
Homeworld Earth Middle Ages
Impression --

Hueflox had retreated to the deep caverns. She and her mate Gooruill had taken turns guarding the eggs but once they had shown signs of hatching, Hueflox had ushered everyone out of the deep cavern. The rain-variant drak was pretty chill but even she would keep to the traditions around hatching. She very much wanted some alone time with her children before sending them off into the world. Having been able to leave the deep caverns she had come to know three of the four aspirants and Gooruill had reported on her about the fourth. Which is how she was able to tell her children about the people waiting to mind pair on the other side of the door.
She'd taught her children what they needed to know, had told them about the people waiting. Now all she could do was lead them out and hope they made the right choice. Hueflox knocked on the heavy wooden doors and outside, Gooruill stepped away from them and helped her and their knights to open up. Proud but without airs, Hueflox stepped outside, followed by her four children. They huddled in front of her in a messy row: a rain and day female and a desert and earth male. 

The desert male straightened next and said his name: "Evoxll."
He then made his way toward Gar, the runic warrior and added: "I want to sssupport you."

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