Angel Northumbrian



Age 17 years old
Gender Male
Appearance Gar is a long and slender guy. He has puppy brown eyes and blond hair that curls slightly.
    & Behaviour
Gar is a guy that loves to learn new things. He is still young, but has great potentials. He is good at everything he tries and also loves to do everything. Even though he's good at everything, he still has both feet on the ground.
Tasks ?
Hobbies Gar can usually be found on the practice grounds or around other people. He loves to watch practice fights so that he can get there good points.
Social Life? single
Pets none
Family Gar was found as many children were in those days. He grew up in the camp and found a lot of good friends. Everybody cares for him.
Homeworld Earth Middle Ages
Impression --

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