Angel Northumbrian



Age 30 years
Gender Male
Appearance ňar has raven black hair and dark brown coloured eyes. He loves the colour black and almost always wears a black pants with a black shirt, matched with a long black coat to finish the picture.
    & Behaviour
ňar has gloomy thoughts most of the time. He is rather pesimistic and can be a real fylosopher. Although his mostly pesimistic way of thinking, he is well known and respected in the group.
Tasks ?
Hobbies ňar can sit hours and hours thinking of what came first.. the chicken or the egg
Social Life? Single
Pets none
Family It is a rather mistery. If anybody dear ask about ňar's family, he kind of starts wondering what family really means. And isn't the group his family.And so on and on.. People stopped asking him for some reason..
Homeworld Earth Middle ages
Impression --

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