Angel Northumbrian



Age 22 years
Gender Female
Appearance Calc has a very open face. Fleckles, apple cheeks and sparkling blue eyes. her hair is long and light brown of colour.
    & Behaviour
Calc is very outgoing and cheerfull. She loves to be the centre of attention. Although she knows when  to be funny and when not, she'll always try and make some remark that will have everybody laughing
Tasks ?
Hobbies Calc loves going out and having a drink with the guys.
Social Life? single at the moment

Calc has adopted a very cheerful vulpa from Dawn Castle

Family Calc grew up as an only child. She got everything her little heart desired, and even now she still knows what she wants
Homeworld Earth Middle Ages
Impression --

Forest Parixha looked over her three draklings once more, making certain they were clean and presentable. Though the mother drak was always optimistic, she was also rather shy. Presenting her children in front of a waiting group of humans, draks and knights made her a bit nervous.  
It was her white-and-blue coloured wind daughter who finally got fed up with the endless preening. Sure, she loved to look good, but you could not add to perfection. So with a small and cute squeak, she launched herself through the doors of the deep cavern that her father, Night Daiisdu, had just opened as he wanted to see what the hold-up was about. 
The little wind sped by, closely followed by her siblings, stormed out toward the waiting aspirants. They had after all been briefed extensively about the waiting aspirants by their mother. As had they been taught language, manners and all other bits of useful (?) knowledge that they would need as squires and future knights.  All the teachings of their mother had left the three curious about the outside world and raring to take their first steps away from the sheltered deep cavern. 
A soft sea-breeze blew into the half-open room beyond. Sand covered at least part of the tiles and torches lit up the dusky room. Night was approaching and the most beautiful shade of pink could be seen outside. 
The wind female stopped dead in her tracks and sighed:
"Finally!" She then proceeded to the long-haired and flirty runic warrior Calc to make her acquaintance: "Hello, My name is Berduha and I think we could have so much fun together! Also, I don't like rules."

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