Angel Northumbrian



Age 30 years
Gender Female
Appearance Aesc has very pale skin. She has smoky grey eyes and almost white, blond hair. She has the most lovely smile. She is rather small compared to other women of the same age.
    & Behaviour
She is a very loving person and has never been angry. She has lots of reason. Other then that she is loved by everybody. She does like order, and when something is out of order she can glare and gently force that person to clean up the mess.
Tasks Keeping things peaceful. Strategy. 
Hobbies Aesc loves music. She likes to just get away from the busy atmosphere of the camp and walk for hours in the forest.
Social Life? single
Pets None
Family Aesc is Ac's sister. Together they grew up in a worriers family and are both strong fighters. Aesc doesn't really fight, but loves to help her brother in big decisions.
Homeworld Earth Middleages
Impression --

Forest Nahosdi knocked on the door to the Deep Cavern and let the sire of her clutch know that the draklings were ready to head out into the world. Gri´kisdu wasted no time and alerted the officials. 
The aspirants were led into the deep cavern; 3 male and 2 female, all but one Icarian. The whispers and chatter dimmed as Nahosdi welcomed the aspirants and spectators. She then took a step to the side and turned, giving all present a view of the 5 draklings she'd raised. Blue, green and grey subdued colours were plentiful, but a single radiant red fire stood out among the lot of them.
The forest female approached Aesc and sat in front of her.
"I want to know more about you. You're different!" she said, "Oh, my name is Quidudi." 
"I don't think I'm that different." Aesc replied, after all she was a human just like the Icarians, but she couldn't argue with the fact that she had come from another planet.

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