Angel Northumbrian



Age 36 years
Gender Male
Appearance Ac is a well trained guy that has a tanned skin from always training outside. His hair is sunbleached blond and has light green eyes that can pierce through any person standing before him.
    & Behaviour
Being very calm and still a great warrior; he is every mans favourite. He is a great leader, and well respected. Other then that he is a good trainer for the younger members of the group. He has a good eye for potential, and a nose for strategy.
Tasks ?
Hobbies Ac always tried to not get overwhelmed with work. Unfortunately he doesn't have much free time and he actually couldn't care less.
Social Life? single

This is Spin, a spider that Ac  adopted at Wilgen Castle

Family Ac comes from a long line of great leaders, together with his sister Aesc.
He grew up in a loving family where both mother and father were warriors and gently guided bother of them in the same direction.
Homeworld Earth middleages
Paired Ore Guhaaw (m)

Again Feounha didn't waste time as she called the last of her draklings forward by calling his name: "Guhaaw." 
The gold and silver hatchling had little choice left but didn't mind as he went for the one he'd wanted. 
"I will join you Ac." he said and then did a small dip of his head before following his knight to the waiting food.  

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