Oogles is a candidate at Fire Ridge Weyr

A great magician named Oogles was the master of magic in a town called Nosgorath. He was respected far and wide, if you could have him as your teacher; you were a lucky person and would become almost as good as himself.
The fame that Oogles, or The greatest of them all as he preferred to be called,  knew was risen in to his head. He thought nobody could compete with him or that they would even think that...

He was wondering around the town when he noticed that there was a gathering. Nobody had invited him. He was shocked that they had forgotten him.
He wanted to walk through the gate, but they wouldn't let him in.
' No great sir... We aren't aloud to let you in..' It was one of the guards that dared to speak to him. Oogles' eyes could shoot fire. But he reconsidered, it was only a small non important person. He would get what he disserved. Oogles still wanted to get in. He reached down his long coat and when he felt a little bundle, he pulled it out and spread it in the faces of the guards.
'Nighty night...' Oogles said with a grin on his face. That will teach them to stop him.
He walked through the gates and looked around. There were all the people that didn't want him here. He didn't know why. There was nothing special about it, at least not as special as himself.

It was a strange gather. There wasn't anything to look at, no people who tried to sell something to him. They all seemed to ignore him. How strange.. The nerve not to talk to him. Oh well, they weren't good enough anyway.
Oogles didn't want to admit it but he didn't like the fact that everybody ignored him.. He was used to be treated like a god and now they didn't even see him.
He became angrier as he walked further, thinking this was all a setup.

He became so angry that he caste a spell. A spell so that everybody noticed him. Yes, now he was a god again in there eyes, and nobody would ever try this again!
What he didn't know, was that there was another great magician. Maybe grater then Oogles, but he didn't let people know. He just looked like a normal men dressed in old baggy clothes. His name was Greg. He was a spirit from the other world and he was send to punish Oogles. He had to observe him and make him pay for using magic in a wrong way.

Greg saw the things Oogles had done and he decided that he had to be punished this moment. But as every good magician, Oogles had one more change, and it was so that Greg knew the perfect way to give him that other change...

Greg waited in one of the chambers of Oogles. He was very patient and looked around in the room. There were only pictures of Oogles. He had a wall full of them. Then there was a bed, Greg had never seen such a big bed. It had been to long... Oogles needed to be punished from the beginning. But Greg was just a messenger and couldn't tell what needed to be done and what was to late.

Oogles went inside his house. He felt good, he had restore his reputation and he liked the kneeling of all the people on the streets. He entered his favourite chamber and saw that there was someone in there. Although he didn't see anyone.
'Who are you?' Oogles was surprised anyone would dear to enter his room.
'Don't you recognise me?' Greg's calm but demanding voice said.
'I don't like games. If you are here to say how wonderful I am, go outside and tell me that a bit later...'
'You are the worst magician I have ever known.'
'LEAVE!' Oogles didn't like this. He Thought of putting a spell on him...
'Don't you dear to cast a spell on me. It wouldn't work..'
'Are you to chicken to show your face?' Oogles was starting to get really mad. Who did he think he was??
Greg stepped into the light and Oogles saw a tall, rather attractive man, with dark eyes and hair. He was dressed in black and you could feel the strength of the man. He knew who he was..
'Greg... I didn't do anything wrong!'
'You practiced magic for own uses.. You deserve the worst punishment.. But luckily for you, you get another chance.'
'Another chance?'
'Yes, there is a world far from here... You can prove yourself there. But you will have to leave everything and start all over again.'
'Are you crazy? I belong here. This is the place where ....' Greg interrupted him
'The place where you have control over every man and woman?'
Oogles didn't say anything. He knew if he didn't obey, he would have to go through the worst punishment ever known to wizards.
So for his own sake, he said: 'How do I get there?'
'Smart decision... I will go with you and stay with you till your end.'
Oogles didn't say anything. He was thinking if there was another way to get out of this.
'No there isn't any other option. Go through this.'
Greg waved his hand in a circle and there appeared a portal. It was strange to see it. You could see the beginning, but it was like there wasn't an end of the twirling blue light.
Oogles took all of his courage and stepped into the portal. He felt that he was falling and turning  round and round.

He couldn't move, or think. He could only feel that he was spinning around. He didn't know if he had still his eyes open or if they were closed. He felt nothing but the spinning.
He wanted to make it stop and when he could think again, the spinning stopped and he saw again. But he saw that he was in the air.. He was falling from a great height. He pushed his hands before his body and he fluted down, Thank god for magic...

When he landed, he noticed that Greg landed beside him.
'I will stay with you for ever. And I will be with you every moment...' Greg looked with his dark eyes and Oogles felt a presser on his chest.
'I will change into an animal' Greg said 'Into an owl. Don't forget not to do magic for your own...' That was the last thing he said. Then a purple smoke surrounded him and when the smoke cleared up, there was a with owl sitting next to him. It was a snow owl, the purest of the owls. You could see that it was Greg because of his eyes. The eyes of the owl were dark and stroked. The owl flew up and landed on the shoulder of Oogles.
'Where do you want me to go?' Oogles asked. He wondered what he needed to do. He could use magic, but not for himself. The owl would always sit next to him. Never leaving his site... The owl flew up and went to the West. Oogles followed him and after hours of walking, the sun was almost under, he saw some mountains. The owl landed on his shoulder again and made some noise. 'You want me to go in the mountains?'
The owl looked at Oogles. 'I guess so...' Oogles had no other choose and walked in the direction of the mountains.
When he got closer, he saw that there were caves in it. He wondered what was there. He decided, under a little presser, to go in the caves and see what was going on there. 

'I have travelled far and wide and I would like to have a place to stay.' Oogles said to a girl that wondered around there.
'I don't know if there are any more spaces left. There are a lot of candidates for the hatching of the dragons.. But I will take a look.'
Oogles needed to be calm. He mustn't use any magic.. It was hard.. 'Excuse me miss.. But what are dragons?'
'Don't you know them? You must be from another planet..'
'Yes I am..' The girl looked surprised to Oogles. Then went on searching for a room and telling him what dragons are and any other question he had.
'Is there any ore space open?' He wondered what it was like to have a dragon of his own. If he needed to change his life, why not with a dragon?
'Yes, I have a room and if you want to become a candidate, then you will have to go there.' She pointed to a man. Oogles thanked her and went to that man, he was large, brown and had light hair and light blue eyes. 'Yes?' he said. His voice was low and it was loud.
'I heard that I could become a candidate here.'
'Yes you can. Come with me.'
Oogles followed the man. On the way to the hatching grounds the man asked him a lot of personal question. He tried to answer them as good as he could. He couldn't tell him why he went away..

'Here you must wait...' The man pointed at eggs standing in the sands. There was a dragon there, but he didn't see her, he was to hard seeing to the eggs. There he waited till the eggs began to rock and then break.
Next another medium sized egg split, revealing a stout purple dragon. Shaking his scaled head, the purple with hints of blue in his amber eyes made no qualms about who his chosen was. Nonchalantly striding up to Oogles and butting the mage in the leg, "Greetings" the purple male rumbled in a thickly masculine voice. "My name is Vaseal" was all the large purple said, peering up at his bond with both loving and curious eyes.
Oogles trained Vaseal and together with the blasted owl that always stayed close to him, he trained his magic, but only the little things like moving an object or making a little glowing ball in his hand. Vaseal loved the light at night, espacially the purple ones.
One time, early in the morning, Oogles woke up from a squeaking noise. He ran toVaseal (he started to like the purple dragon even more then he liked himself.) and saw that Greg, the owl, had flown against Vaseal waking him. And Vaseal had a temper.. 
'Vaseal! Drop that owl!' He wanted to let Vaseal enjoy his new catch, but then he would have the whole council of wizards after him. 
The owl shook his head and flew on his shoulder. It nuzzled his cheek. 
'You're not Greg?' He knew it from the moment the owl nuzzled him. 'Greg?' Oogles yelled. 
The wizard appeared from above and changed in a cloud of purple into a man. 'What?' he asked a bit annoyed.
'Don't say you have a temper too.' Oogles grinned. 
'What do you want Oogles?' Greg asked so he didn't have to answer the question.
'I thought Vaseal was eating you.. Who is this little birdy then?' Greg looked at Oogles shoulder. 
'That is an owl.' Greg said dryly. 
'I know that much..'
'I don't know more. wait... You saved it?'
'Yes. Is that so shocking?'
Oogles sighed and turned his back on Greg. Back in his room, he took the little owl from his shoulder and placed it on his bed. Oogles took a seat across from it.
'Don't think that I'll be good now.' Oogles said. The owl looked with his little brown eyes. Oogles knew he was lost in those eyes..
'Oh ok then. Maybe you and Vaseal changed me a bit...' Oogles grinned at the owl, stood up and walked towards Vaseal. Greg had disappeared and left Vaseal alone. Oogles patted Vaseals head. The dragon under him moaned and sighed and fell back to sleep.
Now Oogles had 2 owls and a dragon... Oogles sighed and went downstairs to find something to eat.