Night turns into day, like day turns into night.
Friends of each other in almost every legend.
What if that changed?

Nox is a candidate for the Odd frenzy at the dragon soul
Die is a candidate for Cy Dragonstake

He couldn't say how he got there, or what he had done. The only thing that he could see were trees and bushes... and a horrible mist.
His shoulder hurt so much....
He couldn't see what happened before him, or after him. He was scared.
The moon shined far above him. It was a full moon and it was the only light that he had.
He couldn't walk any further....
He needed to rest...
His shoulder hurt....
He couldn't see clearly....
He needed to rest...

He lied down, just for a second... he thought, on a soft bed under the bushes. He would be safe for a few seconds.
Yes, rest....
He was tired....
Was he running? Running away?
He didn't know...
Why didn't he know? He wondered....

He got up, looking over his shoulder. What was wrong with his shoulder?
It hurt so much....
He looked at his shoulder.. Blood running over his flesh.
How did it came there?
What had he done?
From what was he running?
Why didn't he know?

After a few hours of being afraid, running and looking over his shoulder, he laid down again.
He was so tired...
He wanted to sleep...

He woke up. The sun stood high in the sky. He didn't remember anything. How did he came here?
Where is he from?
What happened last night? He didn't remember, everything was a blur.
He came out of the bushes, wondering how he got there and looked in the sky.
The sun hurt his eyes.
Than he felt the pain in his shoulder. Now how did that came there?
Then he remembered... Hate.. Anger...
The other scared man had done this! He went after him. He could sense him, he could sense his fair for him.. Yes... He was going that direction... A grin played on his lips.
'You will be punished.... I'll punish you..'
He walked in the direction of the rising sun. He felt the sun burning on the wound. It hurt but he liked the pain. It gave him power. The wind blew dust in the wound, he could feel the dirt rolling in the blood. He laughed..

Where should he be? Where is he?
I want him... So I can punish him. Nobody gets away from me...
He looked around. It was beginning to get dark. He couldn't see so clear. Should he rest?
No! He has to be found!
I will not rest until his blood is on my hands!

The sun was out of sight and the stars were high. There was that mist again.
I want to kill, I want to punish him, I want to ...... get away.

'Help me... I'm so scared. Afraid that he will hurt me...'
He wants to get away.. He wants to be free of fear, of the pain.
No not the pain again... It hurts... Have to get away...
Pain... Not only his shoulder.. But his arm too. He couldn't move it anymore.. He looked at it.
he needs to take care of it. To scared to wait, to stop.
He started running. The pain... It hurts.
He can't run anymore.. He has to stop, look at his shoulder.
He looked over his shoulder. Nobody was coming. He wouldn't be caught when he took care of it.
There was water, fresh water, only the moon was in the water. No beast, no danger, no fear....

He kneeled down at the lake. He looked before him, behind him, everywhere was danger.
Everywhere was darkness lurking.
He looked in the water.. Nothing there...
He slowly held his hand before him. It was shaking. He had no grip. He couldn't move his other arm. He slowly pushed his hand into the water. He felt the cold water on his hand.
What if something was in the water? Total darkness...
He pulled his hand back with a scream. His body was shaking. He cried.
He needed to rest. He couldn't run any longer.
He was so afraid. Total darkness was lurking....

He hided himself in some buses again. He was safe there...
His knees right against his body. He could hear somebody breath..
He needed to get away!
He ran out of the bushes and ran. To the full moon. Where would he be safe?
He longed for safety. No more running, no more being afraid...
He looked behind him... There a shadow....
He had to hide. But where? Where would he be safe?
There in a tree.... He looked. didn't see the shadow and jumped in the tree.
He would be safe for a little while.
The sun was coming up....

A tree? What was he doing in a tree?
He didn't have to be afraid. He didn't have to be scared. He looked over the land. Where is he?
Where would he have gone?
He climbed down and started walking.
He felt power, he felt dark. He felt the urge to punish...
He needed to find him quickly. He had to be punished this day!

He started to run. His body strong and well build. He could run for a long time, and he could run fast.
He would defiantly get the person he was looking for. He felt his fear coming closer. He smelt it...

He became angry when he hadn't found him. It was getting dark. And the day was coming to its end.
Than he noticed. The bushes. There he was... He walked to it and pushed the bush away.
Nothing! He screamed out of anger. He needed to find him.

There he was! Yes.. Follow him...
He started to run and saw something moving. He ran to it and than there was a bright light He didn't see anything anymore....

He felt him getting closer. He heard him breath.
He was to close. He couldn't be safe anymore. He went into some bushes.
He saw him. Oh no! He had to get away....
He sneaked out of the bushes. Right in time. He heard a scream. It chilled him right to the bone. No, don't be caught...

He heard the breathing follow him. He needed to get away....
He stopped of the light. To much light... His eyes....
It hurt. What was happening?



'Where am I?' He jumped up and looked around. There he saw what was following him.
It was a man, well build. He had hair like the sun, His eyes were cold blue.
His eyes. They were open.... 'Help Nox!' He started to run.

'Help me!' was the first thing he heard. Than he felt the fear. Yes he was the one who needed to be punished.
He had white hear, like the moon. His eyes were as dark as the night.
'Come back here!' he yelled. But he didn't listen.

There, a cave. He could hide there... yes, hide...
He ran in it and saw people. 'Help Nox....' He fell down, he was exhausted. 'Help Nox from evil!'
Some strong men ran to him and picked him up. He didn't struggle. He was to scared, paralysed of fear.
He could only say: 'Help Nox, Help Nox from evil...'

Die ran after the one who called himeself Nox. Nox needed to be punished.
But he couldn't sense the fear anymore. What had happened?
Why couldn't he sense him? He disliked it...
He saw a cave. 'He will probably run in there. Run away from Die, Nox....'
He grinned, walked in the cave and looked at all the people.
'Who are you?' a man asked.
'Die is looking for Nox... Where is Nox, He needed to be punished!'
'Get out of here. There will be no fighting in here. Go away!'
Die stood still. He looked at the man. The man felt a shiver running over his back.
'If you don't leave, than my dragon will stop you.' A larg animal landed beside the man. Die was smart enough to take a step back. But then said: 'Die will come back!'
He would get back. But first he had to get a dragon of his own. Yes... A dragon... More power....
Die laughed loud.
The man turned round when Die had dissapeared and went to Nox.
'Nox afraid.... Help Nox...'
'Your safe here...' It was a girl that sat beside Nox. 'No body will hurt you.. Let me see your shoulder...'
He looked at the girl. He disided that he trusted her. 'You help Nox?' he asked. For the first time he didn't felt scared.
'Yes I will Help Nox.'
She took care of it and it felt better already. 'Is Nox scared?' she said with a soft voice.
'Yes.. Nox very scared...' He looked scared around the room. 'Die will come and hurt Nox....'
'Maybe you should try and impress a dragon. they will help Nox.'
'Nox afraid of dragons... Dragons big..'
'Yes... But Die also afraid. And dragons are realy friendly. They will be Nox's friends.'
'Nox have friends?'
'Yes... Dragon friends, they'll protect you.. from Die..'
'Protect? maybe Nox try...'


He searched for another cavern. But he didn't get in any good ones....
He was at another place where a lot of people are.
He let the first person he saw stop for him. 'Die wants dragon!'
'So you want a dragon....'
'Yes....' he looked down on the man and he could see that the man was scared of him. He smiled. He felt power... He liked the power.. And with a dragon that power would be even more. 'Yes...'
'I know a place. Far from here. There you will get your dragon.. I'm shure of it.'
'Where must Die go?'
'Take that ship. He will take you there.'

He went on the ship and looked around. There were a lot of people there. But no one as powerfull as Die. He smiled again.
'Die like this.' he said.
It took some hours before they got there. It was the greatest place he had seen. All was dark and he felt the evil, like the wind blew it into his face.
'Yes.... Dragon.... Yes....'
'Follow me!' a voice called all the travelers to him. He leaded them through dark forests.. Then he saw something that he knew was right for him.
Yes... Dragon there.... Die will get dragon....


Die was the first to impress of the two. They were both on a different place, but time didn't stand still. Both were send to the hatching grounds. They may have been in another weyr; all was the same.
Die was standing still in the cave. Other people were waiting impationatly. Dragons were hatching and bonding. Untill

 an interesting-looking dragon, a light, almost cream, yellow with gray wings dotted with stars hatched. He walked a few steps then stumbled, nose falling forward into the-
"Nuh uh," said Tenken as he waggled a finger back and forth. "Just bond."
The hatchling snorted indignantly before walking over to Die. I will help you hunt down he who you seek.
"Dragon is good," said Die as he caressed the creature's head. "Torvan is good." Die felt that he became even stronger. He shivered and Toran looked up at Die. He didn't say anything; but Die could see the fire in Torvans eyes lighting up. Die could see what the dragon saw... A man wripped open, and that man was Nox...
Nox was standing shivering at the side of the hatchingrounds. He feld scared. What if he wasn't good enough for a dragon. Nox knew that he wasn't as tough as Die, Nox was a scardypants compaired against Die.. As Nox was thinking of the frightening fact that he wouldn't impress a dragon waited pationatly till Nox would notice him.
After a few minutes, when the hunger of the dragon became to much. Ceanus, as the dragon called himself talked softly to Nox. 'Nox? If it doesn't hurt to stop thinking would you like to feed me then?' Nox jumped up. He hadn't seen the dragon and he feld scared at first. But Ceanus gave him a warm and fuzzy feeling.
'Come Ceanus.' As they walked out of the cave; Nox couldn't help it but he saw a vision of a fight against Die. He couldn't see who would win though...