Natas stretched his sleepy body and opened his eyes. It seemed that he was in a strangers room. He wondered how he got their as he looked around. It was a bright room with little furniture. He got out of bed and went to a large mirror against the wall and looked in it with his deep dark eyes.
"What did you do this time?" Natas heavy voice asked to the mirror
"I… I just got lucky" A softer, almost scared voice answered. Natas saw the fright in Legna's eyes and he smiled.
"Are you being a wise-ass? You do know what happens with wise asses right?" Natas took a step closer to the mirror.
"No! Please!… Don’t… I’m sorry." Legna begged him. His eyes got bigger and started to scan the room quickly. "Plea…"
"Hush you! She’s coming…" The grin on Natas face widened.
He went back to bed and waited their for his next victim. Leaning on his elbows he smiled sweetly and waited for quite a long time.
Then eventually she entered. It was a rather small girl with light blond hair and light blue eyes. She seemed 22 years old, but it could be something else.. He was never good with years and he didn’t really care either.
"Good morning Legna…" She smiled
"Morning." Natas answered.. She didn’t know that he had taken over.. She didn't know… Inside his head he heard the soft begging of Legna’s.

He pulled her into bed when she came close enough and she shrieked softly. He kissed her on the lips and guided her hands against the wall. She let him thinking that this was some sort of game.. How wrong, silly girl…
He used the sheets of the bed to tie her against the bed. He stopped kissing her and then leaned back letting Legna's take over.
"I'm sorry.." Was the only thing he could say. Then Natas was in control again. The blue eyes of the girl had changed into fear already.
This wasn’t going to take very long. She would probably scream very loud and then he had to go quickly.. Unless… Natas looked around and spotted what he was looking for. He jumped of the bed and grabbed a stocking. He opened her mouth rather easily and pushed it in.

Soon his hands were covered in sweet warm blood and her insides became outsides. Natas overlooked his newest victim and then let Legna's see his newest work.
The screams of Legna's were as sweet music to his ears. He loved to show Legna’s his work, he always showed so much fascination.

Legna’s was banging his hands against his head and was crying and screaming. He saw that sweet young girl lying there, all covered in her own blood and her insides randomly scattered in the room.
"You see what happens when you disobey?" Natas asked Legna.

"Why?… What did she ever do to you?"
"Yes well… I can’t hurt you now can I? Then I would have to hurt myself and that would get us nowhere… You see this is the only way I can hurt you, even break you and not feel a thing myself. Now I think we have to go… Your screams were rather loud this time and I think somebody must have heard it. I will punish you for that later." An evil laugh surrounded Legna.

Natas had cleaned up all possible evidence and then had left the girls house trough the backyard. He had then run into a nearby forest and their waited. He could hear the screams from people who found the girl. Other people ran outside and either threw up or were crying.

Natas was proud of his latest work. He smiled contently. But he froze when he heard something behind him.
"I have seen your work.. Natas.. And I must say that I have never seen such creativity.."
"Who are you?" Natas asked. Instently Natas heard the cries for help in his head.
"I see that your weakness is still with you?"
"Yes…" Natas looked angry. How did he know about Legna?
"Don’t worry dear friend.. Don’t you recognise me? It's me Nomed." Nomed, an old friend of Natas, bowed.
Natas came closer and patted his friend on the shoulder. "That's been a long time. I lost track of you years ago."
"Ah well… I have made new friends over the time. If you want, I can let you see him."
"A friend of yours is a friend of mine." Natas smiled.

"This is my Chaos dragon from Lantessama. All big scardy pants if you ask my.. If you want I can give you one of your own.. You'll be unstoppable.. The only problem is, is that I'm not allowed there anymore because of my dragon here.. They think that we won't be good." Nomed grinned and winked at his old friend. "And they were right!" Nomed threw his head back and started to laugh. Natas was only looking at the dragon. It was pure evil and he knew that he wanted one too.. Only he wouldn't be in the exact same clutch as Nomed… He would enter…. The Bunny Run.

The waves collided gently with the sand, making beautiful art on the beach under a bright blue sky with not a wisp of cloud in sight. A soft breeze blew land inward and touched the eggs that had been laid last Easter. This year there had been no need for bunnies to hide the eggs, not with the ten mothers and several helpers to carry on the tradition. Knowing the time was near the females had set out with their eggs, some hiding them and leaving the eggs for candidates to find, and others remaining with their eggs.
At the last count the number of eggs had been hesitantly set to 80, but no-one knew if that number was anywhere near correct. Still, things always worked out on Lantessama and no-one had a doubt that today as well everyone would find a dragon to bond with, with some to spare to sponsor out to other planets.
Lucas was taking care of the last arrangements when a whole cluster of small dragons gathered around him. As with the flight, the mini cocktail dragons were to be used as the eyes and ears of the record keepers and as guards for the few candidates who ran into a clutch of hatching hydra, disturbing the mother. Hopefully there wouldn't be too much of that. This time Lucas' own Vodka Zast was in charge of the fair of miniature dragons and would remain high in the air to coordinate. Eris, Trix' ice would stay behind to relay information to her bond about the impressions and Cyan's Raspberry Purple would stay on Evilness' tail to make sure he wouldn't do anything to disturb the eggs. The little dragon took his job very serously, fastening himself to Evilness' tail and not letting go. Cyan had kept her eyes on him for the past months, but was still certain he was up to something even if he didn't show a sign of bad behaviour.
"Are the candidates ready?" Lucas asked Cyan.
"Trix is making sure all of them get the concept, though what is so hard about an egg hunt, I don't know." Cyan shrugged, "Whatever gets her secure, I can't stand her when she's nervous."
"Tight strung?"
Lucas asked.
"Break a twig in her vicinity and she would explode." Cyan giggled.
Finally all the candidates were let loose on the same track where the run had taken place. The females had scattered their eggs all around, many of the untended ones being bunnies who could imagine no other way of being born except to be found. 
Legna walked on the tracks and was trying to figure out what Natas had planned. He had left Legna alone for quite some time, but usually that meant what was coming was major. Legna shuddered at the thought. He stepped of the track right into a small circle of trees and undergrowth. Maybe if he'd just stay here and not come out...
"That isn't much of a solution." a voice told him.
"For one, you are weak." a second said, "He'd have no problem taking you over."
Legna looked around and for a moment he changed to Natas when he laid eyes on the two headed spilled blood hydra glider that was standing on his left.
"Are... are you going to help him?" Legna asked with dispair in his voice.
"I am for sure." the second voice, Rhigorte, said.
"I don't very much like Natas." the first one said, "I'm Cumea and I like you."
Relying on Cumea's strength, Legna felt Natas retreat a little further. But when he opened his eyes again, Righorte was looking at him in a way that told him Natas would never be gone.