Monstertje stands at The Bipedra of Cy Dragonstake


There was a loud crack all over the space ship. Every norn was quiet for a moment. Then they went on kissing and being just as perfect norns would do; hugging, kissing, giving food to others, ...
Norns are furry do-gooders that really can't handle any bad thing. There life is practically filled with kissing and hugging. there worst enemy is the Grendel, and what they didn't know was that a little green girl grendel had come to this world.  They were scared of them, although not the little ones. No you could bring them to the right path by giving them love and well... just by breaking there whole world down..

"Grndl Grish Ghhrraaaaaa..." she said. No-one knows the language of the grendels, only there voice is enough to be scared. Low and just really really scary..
Monstertje, that is how she wanted to be called, was wondering around the ship. She was thinking of killing those norns. Who wouldn't hate those big, fluffy, loving Creatures?
Living in the jungle-part of the ship was rather fun, all those trees and plants to kill and not to mention the great darkness and shadow those trees and other things gave, but Monstertje knew that she had more to do than to hang around the jungle of the space ship.

Monstertje was wondering around the ship; talking to herself. She hadn't had any friends in the jungle, and she didn't really care all that much. Although it had been more fun to chair her torturing funs with a buddy...
"Monsewtje grah narg" She said. Then she saw something big, stone-like thingy. What could it be? Monstertje took all of her courage and went to take a look. She had only one question in her mind, it was a question that would change her life for ever.. that question was... Should  I push it or shouldn't I push it?
What would be the big change? Maybe there would come a new, handsome, red - eyed male grendel for her only. She decided that she was going to push it.

She heard a strange sound. She had never heard it before. Inside her, she felt a funny tingling.
When the sound stopped, she didn't feel different and there was no other grendel in sight... "Monstertje grish protein."
What was that? Monstertje could speak the language of the norns. That could come in handy some time... She rubbed her little claw - hands together and waggled around some more. She practiced that language some more and after a few hours (the language wasn't hard at all) she had become a master in it.
'Monstertje maybe get Norn egg' she said. She was hungry and didn't find anything to eat. She wondered around, looking for an egg and there in the synthetic light of the ship, she saw her diner.
A nice blue egg with stars on it. Typical... she thought. Always happy coloured eggs for happy, irritating norns.
She sneaked close to it and when she almost got it, a norn screamed for help and before she knew it, a whole bunch of norns came to her and began twapping (hitting in norn language) her. When she finally found an opening, she ran out and hide herself from those norns. She was only a baby, and could not jet fight in a proper way. And she had been outnumbered. She was hurt really bad, and was hungry, and stayed in her shelter in the jungle for a couple of weeks.


Monstertje waggled from her hiding place and when she stood up, she noticed that she had become bigger. A lot bigger than before. She was now bigger than those *** norns. She smiled and that smile became an evil laugh. Every bird in the neighbourhood stopped there singing and went to another place where they wouldn't be disturbed by a mad laugh.

She walked around and noticed that the norns were everywhere. They have outgrown her. There needed to be some safety measures.. Where were those darn eggs? She wanted to eat a good meal. and there.. A whole bunch of them. Yes at least 8 eggs together. 'Mwhahahahaha' she laughed.
She sneaked at them and began to eat them. They were so yummy! But then she was picked up by the hand. The master of the space ship, bringer of food and it could kill you if it wanted it... She had seen grendels being thrown into a large vestal, and never returned. And for that even norns were sometimes treated that way.
Monstertje tried to bite The Hand, but her neck wasn't long enough. She hadn't done anything wrong. She was about to start to speak when she was put into a strange device. And when The Hand pushed some buttons, Monstertje knew what it was planning to do.. It was planning to warp her away from this world, far away and she hoped that she wouldn't be killed like the others...
"Don't push the ....." She couldn't finish her sentence. She was sucked into a big black hole. She tried to fight it, but it was to strong, even for a grendel. She closed her eyes because she thought she was going to die.

When Monstertje opened her eyes, she looked around and thought that she was in grendel heaven. There wasn't any sunlight and there were no norns! Monstertje got up and looked around, there wasn't any grass growing here. It was all dust. it seemed that there wasn't any rain for the past few years. Or it could just be very hot here. She didn't know..
She looked around and then in a deeper shadow then the rest of the place, she saw something move.
She was enchanted by its darkness and when she looked closer, she heard it breath. What a lovely sound. So evil and magical at the same time.
"Maybe Monstertje take a look?" she said to herself.
Dragons, as the adult grendel had learned, had left there eggs here. Wondering if they would be yummy, she wobbled slowly to them.
'Hold it!" Some strong arms picked her up and brought her a very light place that she later learned to be outside.
"Monstertje hungry!" Monstertje said rather angry. She never liked it if somebody got into her way when she was going to eat.
"Those eggs aren't for eating. Little dragons are growing inside them, and then, when they are fully grown, they will come out of there eggs and bond."
"Monstertje knows that dragon-babies are growing in them. It gives an extra flavour." Monstertje grinned her (if you can call it a mouth) mouth open, showing rows of pointy teeth. 
"You know what? Why don't I give you other sorts of eggs, and you can bond one of the dragons, if it thinks higly enough of you."
"Monstertje likes!" The little green beast hopped around from one paw to the other. 
Dinner and a show Monstertje thought when she was finally eating, really small, but tasty eggs.

Grendels, norns and the space ship all belong to Creatures inc.
The background, pictures, line and the tree on top are also from Creatures inc.
The story itself was invented by me