Name: Meylan
Age: 22
Looks: short blond hair and blue eyes
Favourite thing: Shopping


Meylan had always remembered living in that house, a villa surrounded by a green carpet of trees. It was just outside of town and perfect for him to go shopping. The exercise was good for him and that way, he didn't have to do anything with his brother's business. He knew it was dark and that they got a lot of money from it, but that was all and he didn't want anything more.
Inside the house, he could stand where ever he wanted. He never got to the basement. He was allowed there, but his brother's business was there.
He was happy with the fact that he could decorate the whole house and never be troubled by the friends of his brothers.
Sometimes he was jealous of Ilyas, but then again. Ilyas didn't have real friends, everybody around him was too scared to do anything against his wishes. Plus they all called him Master.
Meylan had always wanted some friends to talk too, and he felt alone most of the time. 
He couldn't get any friends, because they were all scared of Ilyas.
In thoughts, he redecorated the whole living room. It had been time to reorganise. He bought loads of stuff, little plaster statues, decorating swords, and other stuff. He loved to create a mood for every room in the house. Candles made the room more cosy, furniture in old English style... He sighed and was happy with the result. 
Yes this is it. He thought to himself.


But when he came home on a spring midday, the sun shone softly on his back and he skipped over the dirt road. He loved the little flowers that were bravely sticking their head to the sun.
But it suddenly became dark when he came into the hall. All the time he had spend were ruined. Almost everything was thrown to pieces and he screamed by the sight of it. Who could do such a thing?
Terrified, he ran to his brother.
"Ilyas! What happened?"
"We have a visitor Meylan. Some men had left her in the hallway. She had a temper..." He grinned. Meylan wondered when he had seen his brother smile the last time. It had been a long time since.
"Had?" He suddenly remembered him saying.
"Yes... well still has. She stole something from one of my men.. She's yours. She's your slave."
"I don't like slaves... Let her go."
"I can't... Then I have to cut of her hand and that would be a shame.."
Leaving his brother for what he was, Meylan went upstairs and looked at the door. What would she look like? Would she be pretty?
Sighing he unlocked and opened the door. There she was. Standing near the window in the smallest room of the house. He hadn't had time to redecorate this one.
He must have looked scared, because she said: "I won't hurt you." She was tall and slender. She was wearing some kind of leather. Her red hair was draped over her shoulders and her green eyes sparkled with a spirit he had never seen in a woman. He wouldn't use her as a slave. He would get a friend.
"I'm sorry that Ilyas didn't give you a better room." He said.
"That's ok.. I'm used to living on the road. At least I have a warm bed now."
Shocked the boy came closer and felt her head. "Are you sick?" He asked.
Hitting his hand softly away she said no. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.


Meylan took Yainja to town and showed her how to buy things. It seemed that she was used to steel everything that she had. But he didn't her to lose a hand. Her brother had shown her mercy, but would the next man show her that?
In a few months, he found out about her past, her life and even a thing that she called a bike. She explained it as a thing on two wheels that drove real fast. He thought that she was joking at first, but then she sowed him the bike that they found on one of there shopping days.
He had sat on the back and had been really scared. Never would he get on something that fast again. 
Fortunately, it was the last time the bike rode. After that, it wouldn't start anymore.
How wonderful.
Meylan gave Yainja dresses so that she could eat with them at dinner and even though everyman looked at her with some admiration, she found them silly. But kept them as a gift. More and more, she became used to the fact that she was living as a princes and the dresses started to replace the pants.
But the dagger with the dragon that she had stolen from his brother, a gift from his brother to her, always hang on her waist. 
Soon he would get them together. They were meant for each other, only they were both too stubborn to see that.

Leaving Home

One a warm sunny day, when they were walking in the garden of the villa, Yainja and Meylan were talking and laughing so hard, that they hadn't noticed the shadow just now.
But when they did, their mouth fell open and they looked at the landing of a wonderful creature. A dragon.
"Hello." The rider of the dragon said.
"Hi!" Yainja and Meylan said together.
Then Ilyas jumped through the bushes screaming her name. She looked surprised. Meylan pinched her arm to make sure that she would get the fact Ilyas wanted to protect her.
Unfortunally, Ilyas wanted to attack the rider and hadn't seen the dragon. Although it was hard to miss. The dragon sticked his head between his rider and his attacker and hit Ilyas with his paw. Yainja ran towards him and fell on her knees beside him.
"Are you alright?" She whispered when she took his head in her lap. Meylan stayed aside, knowing that he mustn't interfere. 
"What the hell is that!" Ilyas asked in his way that Meylan knew as scared.
"A dragon." The rider said. "And I was just going to ask if these two were willing to come with me when you bumped into my dragon. Man are you blind? We need more people for the newest clutches on Lantessama."
Smiling to Meylan, Yainja made clear that she wanted to go. But what about Ilyas. The rider looked at Ilyas, he was getting up going as far away as he could from Yainja.
"Oh... He can come too if he behaves."


Kindraimanth was not a friendly dragon under the best of circumstances, but when she had been rudely awakened in the middle of the night, she was downright cranky. 
The rainbow purple dragoness growled as a faint glow woke her up. Then she blinked, as she saw two slightly irritated looking hatchling sitting just beyond her muzzle. The glow was coming from one of the hatchlings; he was a bright, fiery yellow-orange colour, and his striped firestorm wings glowed with a faint light. His brother was a less spectacular opal, what Kindraimanth knew as a white
"You'd think she would have the good grace to alert the rest of the Isle before we hatched. She is our mother, after all." The first dragon said crankily.
His opal brother snorted and came to their mother's defense. "Oh, come on, T'jaroth. Kin't ya see 'at she was sleepin'? T'was probly yer fancy glowin' lights 'at woke 'er up'n the firs' place."  He said with a strange accent.
The first dragon glanced at his brother drolly.
"I told you already, my name is Tijaruoth. Get it? TI-JA-RU-OTH!" The opal blissfully ignored him.
"'Ell? Aren' ya gonna call th'candidates?" He questioned Kindraimanth.
She lifted her head, and her warning bugle echoed through the hatching sands and throughout the rest of Lantessama. Slowly, the candidates began to walk into the sands. Tijaruoth was the first to find his bond, and he ran straight up to Meylan, chattering excitedly. "Meylan! Hey, Meylan, I'm your dragon. I'm Tijaruoth. What? Oh! I'm a Rain of Fire! Cool, huh?" Meylan agreed with his new bond as they walked off to eat.

Sadly the individual stories of Ilyas and Yainja were lost, but they bonded at the next clutch and here are their dragons:

Because Rayant Fiacha's bond and Earth Quail’s were still sleeping, she called them by waking up the whole isle with a thundering bugle that echoed from the mountains..
When the sleepy bonds, too slow to Fiacha and Quail's liking, came with their sleepy heads, the eggs were already showing some cracks. One even showed the colour of the little dragoness inside. It was like the little egg and it's treasure inside were burning brightly. 
With his arms crossed, Ilyas looked secretly to Yainja. He who had recently been a master, was now just a sick puppy. He wondered how this would all end. A dragon? He hoped that that would wake him from this nightmare.
"Perhaps you don’t want to wake up."
Looking around, startled, Ilyas turned towards a brown skinned dragon with red streaks in it.
"Perhaps. But can you help me, Roodborstje?"
"Only if you want to be saved."
"Then I think I won’t be saved after all." Turning towards Yainja, he kissed her and then he left with his new boned dragon, leaving behind a very stunned Yainja. Her heart was still pounding from the wonderful kiss just a moment ago, so she also didn’t see the dragon that was waiting patiently before her.
Touching her lips, her attention turned to the hatching again.
"Oh I’m sorry.." She said when she saw the little black eyes of a white and black coloured dragon.
"That’s ok. In our line of business, one has to be patient."
"They sure do." The female thief smiled at her dragoness.