Christian and Lissandra

Christian was a wealthy  young man of  20 years old and a fair lady killer, his wavy blond hair and baby blue eyes completed the looks. He trained every day and you noticed that with his muscled arms and wide thorax. His beard around his mouth made him even more irresistible.
The trick that he used was to take a brainless girl to his training and then take her up to the barn near there land. Then the next morning he would be gone when she woke up.
The training was mainly swinging his sword and dagger, crashing against dummies and with one of the stable boys.


Lissandra was a girl of 18 years old, living alone outside of town in a small house in the woods. She had to be married to a man that she had never seen before. She was a born fighter, and therefor ran away from home. That was about 2 years ago and since then she lived here. It was very hard and she had to learn to defend herself. She had found some old treepronged daggers which she cleaned up and then started to learn to fight with.
For hunting she used a net, for fishing she used a spear. Her daggers were used to fight of any bandits or trespassers
it had taken almost a year to finish the daggers. But it was worth it. She had put her heart in it and that was why she could fight with it.

She had wandered around near the town, and she had seen a blond boy, almost every day with another girl. She knew the man was bad news, but she couldn’t get enough of him. His well taned body, the way he moved, his smile to the girls..


It was a late summer day when Christian first noticed a girl near the woods. She dove away in the green, but he had seen her fiery red hair. But maybe it was a trick of his mind. He didn’t know, and now he had to focus on this brain-dead girl.
But he couldn’t, his mind always drifted to the mystery girl. He pardoned himself against the girl and she almost cried. He kissed her passionately and even than he had to admit that he wanted to kiss the nimf with her red hair.
The girl giggled and still he didn’t feel satisfied. He silently made a promis to himself that he wouldn't rest bofore he had taken the inocence out of the woodnimf. 


Like every night, Lissandra waited for her not so prince charming. And every night at the same time she saw a glimpse of him. But she didn’t dare to come any closer.
She was dreaming of how it would be in his arms, when she noticed him staring at her. She dived in the bushes, not knowing if he had seen her or not. She was worrying and trying to think positive. But she was too afraid that he had seen her and ruin her life for good. But still if she thought about him, she had a warm feeling and she hated it too. She didn't want to be like this over a guy. She wanted to be free, she wanted to live her life as she wanted it too. Never would she ever settle and have a mans children!
She was walking in circles in her home, she stopped before her daggers, grabbed them and walked outside.
Outside she felt the cold wind blow around her. She clutched her daggers tightly against her and went into the woods, not knowing where she would end up.
She just had to free her mind of the thought that sneaked up on her.


That day Christian had seen the glimpse of his newest target, he went to sleep with her in his thoughts and the next morning he woke up with her slender body and red hair. Even in his dreams he wasn’t safe from her charms. Every time he thought of her, and that was almost the whole day, he had a strange feeling inside that he couldn’t exactly put his finger on.
When he was dressed and ready to go, he didn’t go to town as he always did, he went to the woods.
When he had been younger, he had always played in them when his mother didn’t know. He loved to travel, and even now he still knew the way. It was strange, like he was guided to the little house he had called his place when he was about 10 years.


Lissandra woke up by the sunlight the next morning. She had practiced till late in the evening and hadn’t gone home to sleep. She had spend the night, almost not sleeping; cause when she closed her eyes, she saw him. She had watched the stars and also the sun waking up. She had a rather bad temper when she started the way home.
Mumbling to herself and hitting every leave that dared to get close to her, she got home and saw that there was somebody inside. Instantly her body droped the sleepy feeling and every  muscle in her body was tensed.


Christian had found the house with not so much difficulty and had entered it and noticed immediately that there had been living somebody. The first thought that flashed through his head was the girl. He was still looking around, not knowing he was doing something wrong and just out of curiosity, when he felt something cold pricking in his back. He slowly turned around…


Lissandra came near her house when she noticed that the door was open. She sneaked inside the little house that had only one room, positioned one of her daggers and went carefully inside, not making any noise.
She wanted to spike the man on her dagger, but she controlled herself and just pricked it in his neck. But as he turned around she saw that it was that man that had invaded her thoughts. Hate boiled up inside her..


That girl… Christian thought. His luck was improving; not that it had been bad or something… Grinning, he looked at her and thought of how her slender body would look withouth the raggs that she was wairing now. The sight wouldn't be all that bad.

She saw the disgusting grin on his face and she really had to control herself not to spike him.
“What are you doing in my house?” She asked as cold as she could. Inside she was shivering and every little muscle in her body was tensed.
”I was just looking…” He said with his low and full voice.
His voice was like music to her, but she wouldn’t admit to it. He would leave her right after he had had her.
“How dare you!” She couldn’t help her voice from going to shrieking.
“Easy love… And why don’t you put your little toys away?”
She was raging inside and was about to kill him, even though she was feeling that she was blushing.
”Why don’t we try my toys with yours…” She whispered. She couldn’t speak aloud because of the rage and she said it slowly, controlling her voice as good as she could. Still a little trembe..
“I don’t fight with  girls…” And he said ‘girls’ degrading.
In her rage, she swung her dagger, hitting him and fresh red blood dripped from his strong arm. She could see that she had surprised him and now it was her time to grin. But only the grin turned into a mad laugh, bubbling from deep within her body.

He hadn’t seen it coming, and now he had to take her challenge to rescue his reputation. Even though he would fight not at his best.


They went outside and out of the woods. Looking at each other with mingled feelings. She was willing to kill him, but also kiss him. And he was about to leave her because she was making it so hard for him, but then again.. She was a challenge.. And he loved challenges.
When they arrived at Christians practice ground, they both got into a corner. She with her threepronged daggers and he with his sword and dagger.
He crossed his arms and she bended her knees a bit and leaned forward. And that was the beginning of the fight…

What they didn’t know was that because of their fight, powers of the unknown began to stir; making them shift from one place to another.
Christian was the first to notice. Whit a few cuts and bruises, he had backed away, seeing the new place.
Lissandra, still in her rage, not feeling her cuts, wanted to attack again. But with a nifty trick, Christian laid her on the ground and sat on her so that she couldn’t move. Making sure that her daggers were far away from her hands.
She was a little dangerous with her little toys.
“Are you willing to listen?” He asked her, looking in her green eyes. He interpreted the silence as a yes. She even stoped strugling
”Now as you might notice…” He got up, giving her a helping hand. She refused it, badly hurt in her ego, and got up. Sighing, Christian said: “Look around..”
Although Lissandra didn’t want to obey, she did look around. And it was then that she spotted the new site. And its population too. There was something slithering just beside her leg. She screamed and jumped in the arms of Christian.
“Hum…” Christian said. “Now that you are here, I would like to know your name.”
Lissandra, still a bit frightened of the serpent like thing with massif claws, said her name without thinking.
“Well Lissandra.. I’m Christian..” He kissed her on her cheek. She slapped him back.
“I was just being polite… I could just as easily drop you.” Making her see that she was still in his arms. She had to admit she liked it. Even her cheek was still tingling from his lips.
“Is it gone?” She asked, her voice shaking a lot.
“yes dearest.” He said sweetly. “Shall we explore this new place?” Putting her down gently, he started off towards the West.
Lissandra, too scared that the animal would come back, followed him. If there was something that she hated, it were slim things that slithered around.. and then the claws...


“Admit it Christian.. We’re lost!” Lissandra said almost in panic.
”You know.. For living in the woods, you’re not much help. Plus stop screaming in my ear!”
”I scream if I want to, where I want to!”
Christian tuned around, his blue eyes looked like they could shoot fire. She liked that look. He was about to say something, but she kissed him on the lips.
Instantly they fell down on the ground…


… The next morning, Lissandra woke up and was angry at herself for not being strong enough. How could she do that? She was smarter than that! Because of her thinking, she didn’t see that beside her was lying Christian, sleeping peacefully.
She looked down to his face. The thought of leaving him flashed through her mind, but then she wasn’t better than Christian.
She nestled right beside Christian, and in his sleep, he put her arm around her. She fell back to sleep, content.

Christian woke up next. He looked down and smiled at the sight of a sleeping Lissandra.
He didn’t even want to go away. He wanted to stay this way, here with her in his arms.
She was no good for him. She made him settle down…
He kissed her gently on her forehead and she woke up.
”You decided to stay?” She smiled
”Of course love..” He hugged her gently. “Now what about exploring a bit further?”
”Ok, we can’t stay here for ever..” She said. She got up and then saw the flickering eyes of  the same creature as the previous day.
”Christian…” She whispered under her breath, slowly backing away.
”Don’t call him.. I thought you were ssstronger that that..” The creature said to her.
Lissandra screamed her longs out. The thing could speak.
“Oh why don’t you shut up!” The creature said. “My name is Wickedness and I want you to help me.. I saw you fight with him.. Girl Power”
Christian had heard the scream (it was hard to miss, even for a deaf person) and joined Lissandra. His strong arm around her made her a bit stronger.
”Help you?” She asked, and did that thing really yelled girl power?
”yesss… You are going to participate at the hatching here and smuggle me in.”
”Really?” Christian asked
Wickedness ignored him and looked at Lissandra.
”Hatching?” She asked
”Yes… Of dragons.. It’s a special clutch today.. Any My father will fail.. I know that already. He's male... I’ll show you the way.”
Wickedness slithered away and Lissandra and Christian followed.
After some time, they came to a cave.
”Sign in.” Wickedness pointed and hid away.
A girl came to them and guided them towards a room. There they lived until the hatching began.


Grinning pumpkins lighted the small heart of the holiday cave. Their moving light made more shadow than it illuminated the grey walls, but a large gathering of eggs could be easily seen around the center fire. Outside the cave laughter sounded and more than once the small rapid patter of children's feet could be heard outside. 
A soft slither was barely noticeable, but two round yellow eyes  were all the more visible as a soft green plant dragon entered the special sands area. Wickedness had carefully made her way via the top of the regular hatching sands, avoiding the light of Purelith's mate Einzelth. 
Fading into the background, seemingly just another lantern hanging from the wall, Wickedness watched as Donriven and Lucas entered the caves. They couldn't see her, if she was thrown out now all would have been for naught.
"I don't like it one bit." Donriven said to Lucas, "Why do I have to give out weapons?"
"You aren't using these anymore."
Lucas said absentmindedly, still putting up the last decorations - late as usual. "Trix told me they haven't been used in years.
"They're collector's items."
Donriven said glowering.
"They'll probably be returned as the hatchlings grow. It's not my fault the 'Bring your own Weapon' part wasn't included on the invitations."
"Not mine either. I was busy with the shadows."
Donriven said.
"Well I had to make half the female population happy by installing that espresso machine. Really, it could have ended up in riots if I hadn't."
"Just go call the candidates."
Donriven shrugged as one of the eggs started to show signs of hatching. "It's too late to change now." looking at his collection of weapons, stalled aesthetically against the back wall, he sighed. He'd better get these back eventually.


The Candidates entered the cavern, The flames inside the pumpkin lanterns casting light and shadow on their faces, obscuring them until Wickedness could not make out their features. She did however see two equally interested eyes on the opposite wall of the cave. So daddy had made his way into the holiday cave as well. This could get interesting.
The eggs in the center of the cave started wobbling and silence descended onto the candidates. It seemed as if everyone was holding their breath. Wickedness herself arched forward. It was always uncertain what would hatch from these genetically altered eggs. That had been clear to her from the moment she had heard about this clutch. She could barely be called adult, but that wouldn't stop her from trying to bond.
The first of the eggs suddenly burst open, causing a rain of dust and ash to fly from the burning fire. Where the egg had been Wickedness now saw a small beige dragon on the sands. Getting to his knees and hands he looked oddly like a human toddler, crawling with equal grace - knocking over eggs wherever he passed them - toward Donriven's weapon stand.
"What are you going to take from me?" Donriven asked, being elbowed by Lucas to be nice.
The hatchling looked at the weapons with big eyes and finally reached for the net and pitch fork that hung at the very top. Falling more than a metre short the hatchling let out a groan of displeasure before he started crying piteously.
"Alright, alright." Donriven said, giving the hatchling his desired weapons, "You better be quiet now."
Squealing happily, the hatchling pranced around with his new found toys, ready to poke an eye out of every human stupid enough to approach him. With one last look at the candidates, the hatchling finally headed for Lissandra, her own gladiator equipment resting neglected in her room.
"What's your name little one?" she asked.
Stunned Lissandra got up, cradling the hatchling, had everyone heard him speak out loud? From the surprised looks on the other's faces they had.  
Wickedness too looked surprised, her fiery eyes widening for a second. Speaking out loud? How unpractical!
and then sat down beside him.
The hatching continued and the candidates impressed one by one. Then a momentary silence fell over the hatching grounds again, broken only by some coughs and shuffling from restless candidates. Wickedness, looking from her perch carefully observed her father. His three summer cocktail flits - the critters were not worth being called dragons - had appeared and were now buzzing around his head. She giggled. How long would it take before Cyan saw him?
An egg broke on the sands, making her lose her concentration before she could aid Evilness' detection. Turning back to the center she watched a beige dragon with black hair fall from her egg. The hatchling stumbled to her feet, twisting and turning to get through the eggs without making one fall. Finally she reached Donriven in the back, taking the two threepronged daggers. one for each paw.
The little female then turned to the candidates, grinning at a few of the males, acting like a real vixen. Walking with more pride than anything this little should have, she found herself watched by many eyes - and liking it. Wickedness groaned in her perch. she was soooo cliché, and yet, she liked it. She almost hoped this hatchling would be hers, but she knew she would not be able to live with her.
And indeed the hatchling stopped in front of Christian, a real Lady's man. Placing her weapons on the ground before the youth, the hatchling said: "Nefnum's my name, and pleasure's my aim."
Christian just grinned.