Isabel and Ivan are standing at Tyaza Citadel

Do you take Isabel to be your wife?' The priest asked at the nervous boy next to the girl.
'Yes I do.' It took a while before he said it, but when he did, he said it like nothing could change his mind. He loved Isabel. He had met her at the harbour. She was lost, and had asked him how she had to get home. He looked in her eyes and drowned in those big blue eyes. They got to know each other better and now they were standing here.

'And do you take Ivan to be your husband?' The priest could see that she was very scared.
'Of course I do.'
Isabel had seen Ivan a few times, and she had never had the guts to ask anything about him. But one day, she was wondering around at the harbour and lost her way back. She was forced to ask him the way. And she hadn't regret it. They talked a lot after that and it turned out that they had a lot in comment.

'You may now kiss the bride.' He said. Isabel and Ivan turned to each other and they kissed.  They walked outside hand in hand and looked at the sea.
The whole town was build on the shore. The only work that you could do there was fishing or sailing to other continents for export or import.

Isabel looked at Ivan. He was staring at the sea. 'I love you.' He said and turned to look at her. He looked at her eyes. He just loved to look at them. He leaned down and kissed her. 'Let's go home.' he said. He started to walk and Isabel followed. They were still holding each others hands when they reached their home. 'I need to carry you over the doorstep. It's for good luck.'
'Do you think that we need luck?'
'You can't have to much luck.' He pulled her closer to him and picked her up.
'I couldn't believe that there is more luck than this...' She whispered in his ear.
They walked inside, into the bedroom.
He laid her on the bed and walked to the other end.

They had been married for almost a year.
Ivan worked as an export-import sailor. He could be away for a long time, but then he stayed home with Isabel and took good care of her. They didn't have a lot of money, but they came round just fine.
She didn't have to work. She mostly sat down in front of there house and there she would look at the sea. Wondering how it would be with Ivan.
And if she would see a ship entering the harbour, she would run to it and hug Ivan till he couldn't breath, and she had to let go. She loved him so much. They were maid for each other.

Now there was one day when Ivan needed to sail away. Her brother, Adiemus, sailed with Ivan.
'You have to take good care of him, you hear me.' Isabel said. 'You are one of the finest sailors...'
'Don't worry my little sister. I'll protect him with my life.' Adiemus gave her a hug and went on board. Ivan looked at Isabel. 'I will come back. You don't have to worry.' She looked back in his eyes. She didn't feel safe though. Something was going to happen. But what? She kissed him. 'You have to come back, you hear me..' Then she pushed him on board.
He had been away for almost 2 weeks when there was a terrible storm.
Isabel woke up that night and ran out. She saw the lightning on the dark sky. She felt the rain on her face. It was cold out there, but she didn't want to go back inside. She saw a boat. Was it Ivan's boat? She looked closer. She couldn't see it in the heavy rain. She started to run. She needed to know if he was safe. She needed to know that he would be alright. She ran as fast as she could.
When she was at the harbour, she looked at the boat. Other people were standing beside her. Other women were looking at the boat to. Young women were crying. Isabel couldn't cry. She was to worried to look at the other girls. He couldn't be death, It just couldn't be.

The ship came closer. Then she noticed that the ship was in a lot of troubles. She recognised the boat. Ivan and Adiemus were on it. 'Oh no.... The boat is going to sink.'  she thought. She would die if she knew that they were both death. That couldn't happen. No they are still alive.
She didn't know how long she stayed there, but at some point the boat went under and didn't come back up.
'No!' Isabel screamed. She couldn't believe it. They were still alive. It couldn't be different. They were still alive. They had to be...
Why doesn't anybody do something? She began to walk to the sea. First slow, but faster and faster. Till someone hold her. 'You can't do anything about it. The storm is to heavy...' It was the priest.
'Why...' Isabel pulled her arm away and tried to get past the priest.
'You don't know if they're death... We will see tomorrow. I will go with you. Come Isabel.'
She didn't say anything. She followed the priest to there home. She looked at every object standing in the house. Everything made her think about Ivan.
'Go get some rest' the calm voice of the priest reached her thoughts. She went up the stairs and fell on the bed. She couldn't sleep. She couldn't close her eyes. Ivan and Adiemus needed her. She had to go to them. It took a long time, but eventually she fell asleep.
'Was it all a bad dream?'  She thought. But then she remembered everything. It couldn't' be a dream.
She again ran out of the house, ignoring the priest that had slept on the couch. She ran to the beach and when she got near it, she saw a body. She ran closer and closer. She recognised it... It was Adiemus.
'Adiemus!' Isabel screamed. She was exhausted. But she couldn't stop running. When she reached Adiemus, she fell on her knees next to Adiemus. 'Adiemus..' she whispered. She looked at her brother. He was there lying on the beach, His eyes suddenly opened. 'Isabel..... I'm.... sorry.... There was nothing I could do...' He said softly. His eyes were troubled. She looked at him. Tears running over her face. Then she said: 'I will help you.' 'Help me!!' she screamed but there was no reaction. She didn't want to leave her brother here, alone. She had lost Ivan. She didn't want to lose them both.
'Somebody?!' She screamed again. Still nothing. 'Everything is going to be alright Adiemus. Hang in there..'
'Pleas listen to me..... Forgive me. So that I can be safe to die.'
'You aren't  going to die!' 'No...' she cried.
'Please... Little sister of mine..... I'm so tired....'
'You aren't going to die. Stay here. I need you!'
Adiemus closed his eyes and breathed slowly. He breathed even slower now. Till he didn't breath at all... 'What have I done?' Isabel whispered. She held her brother close to her body and wiggled up and down... She looked at the sky and then she screamed: 'I forgive you, I forgive you....' She screamed until the villagers came to her. They saw her. They didn't knew what to do. They wanted to help, but didn't know how. Then the priest came.
'Isabel?' He kneeled beside her. His hand reached to the shoulder of the crying woman on the sands. She pulled away.
'Isabel, You have to let him go. He will be safe... Come back inside. You'll get a cold if you don't change clothes.'
Isabel didn't say anything. She didn't want to leave her brother alone. Everything was a haze. She didn't know what to do. It hurt so badly. She looked in the warm eyes of the priest. He smiled at her. She could see herself in his eyes. Was that me? she thought. As a reaction of that look, she let go of her brother and before she could hug him back, he was taken away by some strong men. 'No....' she cried. She fell in the arms of the priest.
He picked her up and walked to her home. He laid her on the bed. He looked at her. She was still numbed by the shock. She didn't move. He wondered why she disserved this. She had always been a sweet girl. Ivan and Adiemus didn't disserve it either.

After weeks of crying and staying locked in her house she got out of bed. Only the priest dared to enter the house. Only he was brave enough to encounter the pain Isabel was feeling.
He walked in the house and was surprised when he saw her standing in the kitchen. 'Isabel?'
'I'm making some diner. You disserve it.'
He couldn't say anything. Was she over the pain? Or was she trying to forget it? He walked to her and tried to look at her. Her face was pail and her eyes red from crying. She had changed. The warm look in her eyes had disappeared, he found that sad. He always loved that look of her..
'That is lovely. But you shouldn't have. It's to much troubles...'
He smiled at her, but she didn't smile. She hadn't smiled since that storm....
She didn't know how to feel, most of the time she didn't feel anything anymore. She felt so empty, and she needed to lose that feeling. It hurt her.
'Maybe we could go for a walk. After diner?' Isabel asked.
'Yes, it's good that you come out of this house.'

After diner they went to the beach. The sun would do her some good he thought. They walked for hours. He could see that she was looking at the see, in the hope that they would find Ivan. His body didn't wash ashore. He knew she couldn't rest before she had found him. She stopped.
'Aldebarn? Do you see that?' Isabel eyes glittered. He looked surprised at her. Than followed her hand. There he saw a glow of something. It looked like Ivan. 'Yes my dear, I see him.' The glow moved towards them and when he came where they were standing, he reached for Isabel's hand. 'I need to go with him Aldebarn...'
The priest didn't know what he had to do. Should he stop her and kill her last ray of hope? or should he let her go, leave the world?
Isabel took a step forward, than Aldebarn said: 'Stop... Are you sure?'
'I'm rather death then live without Ivan... I can't live like this.' She smiled at him. 'I'm going to miss you...'
'Isabel...' He though of saying that she had to stay here. But then changed his mind. 'You have my blessings...' He gave her a kiss on the forehead and then he let her go. She stepped right at the sea. She didn't stop when her head went under.
He felt alone. Wasn't there a way to know if she would find Ivan?

Isabel followed the glow. She went under water. She needed air. She tried to get up, but the hand held her under. She was still, looked at the eyes of the glow and followed him further. Her last thoughts were that she would finally feel happy again, then it went black before her eyes.

She woke up again. She opened her eyes and looked in the face of Ivan. He hugged her. 'I've missed you so much...' He whispered in her ear. His voice sounded shaky. She looked at him, he was crying.
'I love you... I've missed you so much' He said again.
Isabel couldn't say anything. She was to happy. She was crying also. Then after about five minutes, she said: 'Don't you ever leave me again...'

After hours of catching up, he told her how he got here.
'I was thrown out of the boat after a wave crashed against it. I fell in the water. I saw Adiemus, he yelled at me, and tried to dive after me, but he was stopped by the other members. They needed him to get back.. It must have broken his heart...
I was sucked under, and could get back to the surface a few times. But then there was a wave, It was meters high. I couldn't get up for air. I thought that I was going to drown. But then something saved me. It brought me here.
I had to stay in bed for a few days. And I was always thinking of you. I was heartbroken. I couldn't get back to you. But then I got to the sands and looked over the see. I did this every day, than I saw you. I reached for you and you came.' He kissed her.
'I won't ever leave you again...' he said.

'What is this place?' Isabel asked.
'I'll show you...' He took her hand and guided her to some warm sands. 'There are the eggs, there is the cove itself and there is where you have to become a candidate'
'Easy... I can't follow..'
'Sorry, I'm just so happy I found you again' He kissed her.
'I'm happy to.. Where could I sign in?'
'There.' They went to the sands and there Isabel signed in and looked closely to the eggs. They were near hatching.
She felt the tension and happiness..
Has it only been one day that she felt happy again?

Isabel looked as the eggs were rocking. She thought that time was going really slow, too slow. There were other people, not Ivan or her, who had impressed and now another egg had hatched. This egg consealed a little ocean-green dragon. The dragon came to her direction, but Isabel was scared to get her hopes up, although she almost knew that the dragon was in fact comming her way. The dragon stopped for a moment and looked closely to all of the girls. But as the dragon looked around and spotted Isabel, the dragon moved and nudging the leggs of Isabel with her nose. The dragon said something that only Isabel could hear. The dragon said: Enjoying being happy? Are you even happier now... Now that you have Ivan and your very own Ocean-Green Roebeth?.
Isabel couldn't be any more happy. She wanted to say yes, but she couldn't. Her lips moved but there was no sound... but the smile said all that needed to be said and the pair quickly left the Sands, Isobel giving her spouse an encouraging smile as she passed Ivan. He was glad that she smiled at him.


Time passed and lots of other candidates impressed, but Ivan didn't
Ivan was starting to worry about the number of eggs left, thru he and Isabel were espoused, but if her dragon rose and he didn't have one to chase hers with... she could end up in the bed of another man - and for obvious reasons he didn't like the idea of that - especially so soon after getting her back again.

He needed have worried though, the blue that had hatched had long ago decided on which candidate he wanted but Ivan didn't see to have noticed the fact yet though - and with a sigh the blue bounded forwards and knocked his chosen to the Sands. Teach you to pay attention to your life mate he greeted cheerily.  I'm Laynth, just in case your at all interested.