Illusion is a candidate at Darkling Dawn Weyr

They say that everybody has a gift.. I have a gift too. Or at least I have something that isn't normal. If you were wondering what that gift is... My gift or as I call it, my damnation, is that I can see peoples true meanings, personality... I see in stead of a normal human standing in front of me, some picture.
I once had a teacher who was pictured as the Medusa. Not a pretty picture if you have that teacher every day..
Another time it saved me from a man. He was pictured as a skeleton. I first thought that this man was going to die, but I was wrong. He was a killer and he was planning to kill me. But that didn't work and that was the only time that I was glad that I had this gift.

My name is Maya. But I prefer to be called Illusion. I thought of the name because nobody can trick me with lies. No illusions, only the truth..
You can imagine that growing up was difficult for me.. As a child I could see what someone was planning to do.. I was scared of some people, which was understandable... When a child of 5 years old sees a large snake....

Illusion looked up from her diary. It was her roommate that entered the room. Illusion hid her diary.
'Hello Lucy.' Illusion smiled.
'Hey Maya! What were you doing?'
'Nothing much. I was just planning on going to study...' Illusion looked at lucy. Lucy was a nice girl who said what she thought, and with that Illusion didn't see a mean picture of her roommate. That was the only reason why Illusion had a roommate. If she hadn't found Lucy she would have simply rent a room for herself, but this way was much cheaper and better too.
'I'm off to the library.. Are you coming?'
'No I think I'll stay here...' Lucy shrugged and left the room again. Leaving Illusion alone. She went back writing in her diary.

... Never will I look back at my childhood as fun, or pleasant. I hated it every second. And I still do.
I grew up without friends, I have never had a boyfriend. The only friend that I have ever had was Lucy. She is my only light in this dark life. The only person that hasn't turned into something evil... I think that you can't even imagine what that is like.. Nobody knows what I really feel deep inside. I think that is good that I don't need my parents anymore, that I can live on my own, because even they sometimes turn evil.
It is one thing to see people that you don't know turn into evil beings; but it is another to see your parents turn into something like that.

Even I can't describe the things I've seen. Monsters, things that don't have names... I could scream of pain, of terror.. But still nobody would hear me and if they did.. They wouldn't understand me.

Illusion looked up from her diary. A tear rolled over her face. She hated her life so much.. But she couldn't end it... That would be stupid to do. She went on writing.

I have tried to end my miserable life.. I have even sat with a knife on my wrist. Only one step closer and I had been death.. But something held me back, it didn't want me death.. I still haven't figured out what it was that kept me from killing myself...

Illusion decided that she would go to the park. She needed to get outside and breath the fresh air.

When she walked through the park she noticed that there was nobody. Not even some wind. A shiver went down her back. She looked around and as she did, she noticed that it wasn't the park where she normally walked.
She didn't mind that there were no people, but she didn't like that there were no birds singing, or even a little bit of wind to make the trees speak. Only a soft singing. Illusion was drawn to the singing and she followed it, like she was under a spell.
She came near a pond. It was something that would make every human still even if it only was for just one moment. There was a weeping willow on the other end, his branches touched the water. And it was like a soft singing came from that tree. She could only come near the singing if she swam to it.
She went in the water and when she was in the deepest part of the pond, something grabbed her. Illusion tried to swim away, but it was to strong.. She was pulled under the surface.

Illusion was still trying to get away from the pulling force. But she hadn't seen anything monster-like.. It was something good that pulled her beneath the water.. What could be good and killing her at the same time?
She couldn't breath anymore.. She was slowly suffocating and then it became dark.

'Hello? Are you another candidate?'
'What are you talking about?' Illusion looked to a man. His blue eyes were worried.
'Aren't you a candidate? But there is still one egg left! And it is close to hatching!' The man now was almost panicking.
'What are you talking about?' Illusion was confused.
'Come with me child. You will have to do.' He pulled Illusion up from the sand where she was lying and he pushed her into a direction.
When she came near a cave, she felt that pulling force again. And the singing too.
The singing came of large animals on the side of the cave. And when she followed the pulling force, she came to the eggs. Was she the last candidate as the man had asked her? Everything had changed in just a moment of time... She didn't got any time to think or to put her thoughts in the right order because the eggs were wobbling and some showed cracks..

There were a lot of people who impressed before her. She didn't mind because the one egg that she had eye for was wobbling intensly and then suddenly a little green head popped out.
My name is Basteth. What do I look like to you, Mara?' Illusion said that Basteth looked like a little green dragon with lots of love. Nobody had heared her answer to Basteth but Basteth and Illusion self.
They left off for some food. Normaly every candidate had to join the fest afther the impression, but she and Basteth wondered around the weyr.


Illusion now lived at the weyr and she didn't see any other strange mosnters anymore. She was safe with her dragon and the protection of it.
She even smilled all the time. She missed her friend though. But she knew that she would never see her again and she also knew that she would never know Illusion's secret...

'Illusion? Can you come? My skin needs oiling again...' Basteth said and Illusion heard that the poor dragon was very irritated. Illusion ran to Basteth and took care of her skin. She was growing very quickly now and she needed care almost every minute..



Basteth is fully grown now. Illusion is very proud of her and she loves to fly with her. They are training hard and having lots and lots of fun!
'Illusion... I like that dragon over there...' Basteth had said one day.
Lets see what that will give us in the futher...


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