Snow was falling down besides Myrcka window. She was staring outside, her eyes seeing nothing specific. She sighed loudly and blinked with her eyes. Outside was a white carpet reaching far to the horizon. She sighed again and covered her shoulders with the thick blanket. She wanted to stretch her legs; but that would be cold.
Myrcka was different then other people of Moric Manië. She had dark hair in staid of the normal grey, a darker skin than the others and she was always cold.
She had been mocked by people her own age; she isn’t proper marriage material as her brother would say. People of Moric Sneeuw were old in there believes. If a daughter was born; they would be married the day after there birth. Boys were usually 5 or 6 when there parents searched a wife for him.
Her parents had two children a boy and a girl. She was the oldest of the 2 and, as she had heard her father say to his friends, a mutant to the family.
’Myrcka marp klar’ It was her mother and she wasn’t happy. Myrcka got up feeling the cold surrounding her body. She shivered and whispered ‘Mray Dricl..’
She got down with a blanket covering her shoulders. Her mother was in the kitchen making dinner. Her dad wasn’t home; her brother was looking at her with an irritating glitter in his eyes. "Dramm trallim , rlii mirmps..’ He whispered. It seemed her mother didn’t hear it, but even if she had heard it she wouldn’t do anything about it. She looked angry at her brother. She would love to hit him or make him pay for what he does to her every day.
She sat down and waited patiently until her mother was done. It was the same every day.. She never said anything to any-one.
her mother turned towards her after 10 minutes and gave Myrcka some soup. Myrcka hugged the bold thankfully with her hands.


She finished her dinner and was about to go her room when her father crashed through the door. ‘Myrcka!’ her father smelled like he had drunk to much. ‘Mrap ara’l de zrah te krin de imp rah dryi!’ He could barely stand on his feet.
Myrcka felt the tears in her eyes. She felt so tired, sick of everything.. Why was she different? She didn’t want to cry..
In a moment of rage she stood up and ran to her father. She was blinded by this rage, he had said it one to many time. She pushed him on the ground and kicked him as hard as she could. After the 3th time she had kicked her father she heard the screaming of her mother. She looked up to her mother, confused. Her mother was screaming and waving her hands. Myrcka didn’t hear what she was screaming. She looked at her brother. He was just sitting there staring at Myrcka with his mouth open. She looked back at her mother. Myrcka concentrated on what her mother was screaming. ‘Brak!’ her mother screamed ‘BRAK!’ Her mother was coming towards her to hit her but Myrcka turned away from her mother and ran outside.


Thoughts were running through her brain, seeing what had happened this morning. Her father, her mother… Everything
The snow made a cracking noise under her light feet. She knew where she could turn to.. Imis – Nys. They would know what to do with her.
She looked around when she came to the docks. There was nobody around. She pushed a boat into the sea. Mist suddenly came round her. He looked around in surprise. How could that be? Oh well… She would come somewhere…


She felt that the mist made herself warmer. She was peering to see something, anything..

There was something dooming up in the mist. It became clearer when she got closer. It was an island with mountains, trees and plains. It wasn’t Imis – Nys.. But that didn’t matter. It wasn’t Moric Sneeuw either.
She came ashore and looked around. All the people were all getting together and smiling they went into a large cave. She looked around. Nobody had noticed her. Her curiosity was to much to just sit and wait until somebody saw her. She sneaked to the cave and went inside.

A large cave with a large creature on hot warm sands, eggs rocking violently and people around this place. The tension in this cave was very high. Myrcka felt it.


Myrcka couldn't explain what was happening.. There were dragons in the egg. Large dragons, smaller ones. All sorts of eggs. And all so pretty. Myrcka was now between persons who would smile and leave with another dragon. It didn't matter if she would be caught. 
There was this one girl, who appeared at the end of this amazing spectacle. She could barely stand and you could see that she was hurt. Myrcka felt sorry for her and made a mental note to visit her later. 
There was still one egg left. And Myrcka was still looking at it. She squinted and finally gasped as a speck of grey caught her eye. A tail! The girl leapt forward and helped the last dragon, her dragon surely, hatch.
"Myrcka." a voice said.
"Yes?" she asked not entirely sure what would happen next.
"This is where I state my name." the dragoness said helpfully.
"It's Crystalliss." the Winter dragon said, "Do you like it?"
"It's beautiful."

'How is my little Friend?' Myrcka asked her dragon. She had learned Lantessama and its language. It didn't matter to her dragon, but it was for the better if she could ask people for something. 
'I have a little itchy spot on the back...' Myrcka ran to her dragon and scratched it. She could feel her dragon relaxing. 
'Lana was wondering if she could talk to you..' Crystalliss said. Myrcka and Lana were becoming good friends. Lana needed somebody to talk to and that had been Myrcka from the start. 
Myrcka had gotten in some trouble because she had just entered the cave. But they were happy non of the dragons were bondless. And now she and Crystalliss were welcome to stay as long as they wanted.
'Is everything better now?' Myrcka asked.
'Yes you go to Lana.. I'll take my afternoon nape.' Myrcka smiled at the dragon and then went to Lana.

They talked for more then 3 hours. Myrcka was interrupted by Crystalliss. 
'I'm hungry Myrcka!!' 
'I'll come right away.' Myrcka answered in her mind. 'Crystalliss is hungry. Shall we go and feed those hungry dragons?' 
Lana got up and together they went to the feeding grounds. 

'And now dive!' Myrcka said in her mind to Crystalliss. Crystalliss had learned to fly and she loved it! They did a lot of tricks and together they were flying almost every day. 
Sometimes Lana would come together with Zirxon. But she didn't fly that much as Myrcka... 
Myrcka was thinking of going back to Hylmarnisk and find out if she could still go to Imis - Nys. She would ask Lana to come with her. Then she wasn't alone anymore. 
Myrcka was wondering how it would be in Moric Manië. but then she told herself not to think of that place anymore.. She would never go there again!

Myrcka landed and saw Lana. She had been looking at them from the ground. 
'Zirxon was sleeping.. I couldn't come.' She said as Myrcka came closer.
'That doesn't matter.. Say Lana.. I was wondering if you would like to come with me to Hylmarnisk..'
'I thought you never wanted to go home again..'
'I'm not going home.. I'm going somewhere else. Imis - Nys. 2 islands in the ocean where only women live.'
'And you would like me to come with you?' 
'Yes!' Myrcka smiled at Lana. She could see that Lana wanted to go.

They said goodbye to Trix and Cyan and as Myrcka remembered the great ocean of Hylmarnisk they left.



Lantessama Isle