Waiting at the Summercoktail of Lantessama

Long ago on a planet far from earth, a girl named Evora lived. She was beautiful and if she wanted she could have every boy in town. But there just one problem. Evora couldn't love. She didn't know what it was to be loved or how she had to send love to someone.

It all happened when she was still a young girl.
Her mother and father had died when she was just a baby, and she had to live with her old grandmother. She had become bitter over the years. She had forgotten to love. And she didn't teach Evora. Evora had to become a lady. So she had to dress up, she couldn't play outside like normal kids.
The grandmother didn't mean to be a bad guardian. She didn't see that it wasn't good for Evora.
Evora grew up without love or any warm thoughts. She didn't know how she had to do else way. It was all normal to her.
Every boy that dared to get close to her, she closed herself up. She didn't mean it like that.

She had always hated it. But she was scared to love. She didn't know where she had to begin.
Now Evora was turned 24. She felt sad and alone. Nobody knew what she was going through or what she wanted so badly. Her grandmother was very old and her time had almost come.
'Evora? Could you come and help me?'
Evora went to her room. She didn't know why, but she didn't like the room. It was so cold and dark. 'Yes grandmother?'
'I feel that I don't have much to live. Would you call the doctor?'
'Yes I will.' She turned round and walked out of the house, to the doctor.

'Yes Evora. Something wrong?'
'Yes, my grandmother called for you.'
'I'll come right away.'
They went to the house and as they entered, it sounded all so still. There wasn't anything moving. They went up the stairs and into the room of her grandmother
Her grandmother was lying in her bed, her eyes were shut and she wasn't breathing.
'It's to late fir your grandmother Evora...' the doctor said
'Oh...' She didn't feel anything. Why didn't she feel anything. She knew that it was wrong to cry, so she held her tears.
'I will send someone to take care of your grandmother.'
'Thank you.' Evora said. She smiled at the doctor. They said goodbye and he left. She looked at her grandmother. 'I'm going away. I don't belong here. I have nothing to stay for.. Goodbye grandmother. I hope you will rest well.'
She left the room, took some food and clothes and went out of the house in some woods.

Evora walked for hours. She didn't know in which direction she was walking or where she would end up. It didn't make any difference.
She went up some mountains. Her feet hurt. Those stupid shoes.. They weren't made for walking this far. She putted her shoes out and went on. Her dress was ripped, and dirty. She probably looked like a mess.
She was just wondering when she was going to find some people, when she saw a girl.
She came at Evora. 'Hello! What are you doing here?'
'Euhm. I was wondering around.'
'How did you came here?'
'Through the woods...' Evora turned around and looked at an ocean. 'How can this be?'
The girl looked at her. 'There must be a reason why you came here...' she said.
Evora looked at the girl. She found her a bit strange.
'Could you do me a favour?' The girl asked.
'I'm looking for people who would like to help me..'
'Why should I help you.'
'You don't have to be like that you know. Don't mind. I'll look for other people.'
This was the first time that she fell something. It was a strange feeling.. She couldn't tell what it was. 'Wait.. Sorry, I'll help you.' Evora smiled to the girl.
'Thanks, come along.'
Cyan, that's the girl name, talked about dragons, and flowers, and how she had mixed them together. She kinda liked Cyan. She was different from most other girls. She was a happy being, and strange. Evora listened really good to Cyan. She would love to have a dragon.
They arrived at some greenhouses. 'Enter...' Cyan said. Evora stepped in and looked at a table in the middle of the room. 'Pick an egg....'
'Can I pick any of them?'
'Yes, but only one..' Evora looked at all the eggs. Then she noticed the smallest egg. She was drowned to that egg. 'I will take that egg... Can I?'
'But of course. Here's a pot, put it in there and care for it. Then it will hatch and a little dragon will come out.' Cyan smiled. Her blue eyes glittered when she gave the egg.
Evora went out of the greenhouse with the egg and settled in at Lantessama.

 This is the pot with the egg that Evora has chosen. It is as you can see a big egg. She took care of the very big egg and every time that she talked to it or when she gave ot water, she felt a strang warm feeling in her body. She didn't know what it was. But she would soon find out!

Evora was sleeping peacfuly when she woke up of a cracking noise. She was wide awake. The egg was rokking! What did she needed to do? Everything was a hase. Cyan, I need to ask for Cyan!
SHe got out of bed, picked up the rocking egg and ran to the greenhouses. 'Cyan! Help me Cyan!' No answer. Wasn't Cyan there? What did she need to do?
'What is wrong?' a soft voice asked her. She turned around and ran to the persone. It was Lucas, Cyan's husband.
'Lucas, where is Cyan?'
'She is in the greenhouse. Where else?' He smiled at the thought of Cyan?
Evora didn't think, she ran to the greenhouse and opened the door. 'Cyan.. There is something wrong woth my egg!'
Cyan looked up from an egg. 'What's wrong?'
'Look...' Evora putted the egg on a nearby table and then looked at Cyan.
Cyan jumped in the air. 'There isn't anything wrong.. It's ready to hatch!'
Cyan hugged Evora. They had become good friends. It was really fun to be around Cyan. She helped her.
The two girls looked closly to the rocking egg. then there was a loud crack.

'Cyan? Whose that sweet little thingy?'
'That is your dragon. I believe it's a stickyweed. Yes' She smiled. 'Look a bleu one.'
Evora walked to the little dragon. 'Hi Celiny... how are you?'
Celiny looked up to Evora and gliddered to her and up her arm.
'I think it doesn't want to let go...' Cyan said.
Evora looked at Cyan. 'Thanks for letting me know what love is...' she whispered and then walked out of the greenhouses to the part of the Isle  where Celiny could eat.

Evora and Celiny had lived on Lantessama for over 3 years now. They got really close to one another and Evora has changed a lot. She smiles all the time and as they wonder around in the woods playing Celiny's favorite game: playing hide and seek, you could hear Evora laugh even if you were a mile away. Celiny didn't know that her tail was always stikking out from her hiding place..

Now one day Evonra and Cyan got together.
'Evora.. I need a favoure of you... Would you help my sister and Lucas?'
Lucas was Cyan's husband. He was really fun to be with. He could always make you laugh.
'What do you want Cyan?' Cyan had become a really good friend of Evora. She had helped her with training Celiny. Even at the worst time of her education!
'Whelll... they have a new idea. COKTAILS... can you believe it?' She smiled at Evora.
'That could be fun!' She wondered how they would look. Maybe they had some sort of glass shaped neck.. Or a chery on top of there head. Evora giggled. 'But why do you need me?'
'There aren't enough candidtas... Would you and Celiny come to the hatching? Maybe you don't get one, but then they may stop bothering me...' She smiled appolegising.
'Of corse I will! Come Celiny! Lets go!' Evora jumped up and went outside. Celiny followed her happy as always.
'Evora Wait!' Cyan yelled at her. 'The eggs aren't ready to hatch yet..'
'Oh then we have to wait...' It seemed that Evora and Celiny looked sad as they entered there room again.

Evora heard a loud noise and as she wondered what it was she heared Lucas scream: 'They are hatching!!!!' Evora and Celiny ran off so they wouldn't miss a thing.
There were so much eggs.. The ground was to small for all the people there. And there were already some people who had impressed. But they kept on comming and comming...
Another Vodka, this one male headed towards Evora and her Sticky Weed Celiny. It stopped in front of Evora, sat down and looked at both: "My name is Swung. Who of you likes me best."
Celiny took one look at him and said: "I can't hold liquor so that would be Evora."
"I found you at last!"
"You knew you wanted me from the start." she said.

Three more eggs sprung open and out raced 5 dragons. One light purple-pink rolled a few turns and stopped right in front of Celiny, the blue stickyweed. "Celiny!" he called, "Right were I wanted to be! My name is Oleo." the Radish said as he got up from his upside down position. Celiny helped him get all the sand from his wings before she led him to the food tables.
The two hatchlings that had erupted from the shattered egg after their siblings had danced it to pieces were finally able to go out. The green Lime made his way toward 
Evora and her entourage, adding another number to the growing group.
"I'm Twist... I don't know what a Flis Flop tastes like, but it must be good if it's got lime in it."
 he grinned and sat down beside Celiny.
Seeing that the Peach started pulling Celiny's leaves: 
"I'm hungry too!!! Give Ola food!"
Celiny uncovered some slices of pear she had been saving.
"What? No peach...*sigh* It'll have to do." The Peach attacked the fruit with a mighty leap and devoured the slices whole. "mmmm." she said afterwards, her eyes already falling shut.
Another bluis-black dragon was not that independant. She needed someone to bring her breakfast and groom her into perfection... or play hide and seek with her. Celiny was her choice.
"You like hide and seek too?" she asked the blue stickyweed,
"It's my favourite, Solang!" Celiny crooned delighted.
"Then let us play!" she cried and hit two eggs full trust causing them to clash and shatter. "Oops."
"Don't worry Solang, See! They're coming out."
The hatching was almost finished. Only one egg remained, and that one didn't seem intent on hatching. Ten minutes passed. The egg didn't even shook, nor did it have hairline cracks.
"I think that's a dud." Lucas said.
Celiny slittered toward it, gesturing Evora to follow her and said:
"Don't be so negative! It just needs waking up."

The Stickyweed tapped her tail on the egg and waited. As if touched by magic the egg shuddered and broke away. Out fell a small Cranberry dragon. The last of the clutch.
It looked up at Celiny and asked:
"Close enough. Come Stina." Evora said, happily grasping the last dragonet from the ground

Evora's Dragons

Fris Flip Flop

Cranberry Stina

Lime Twist

Vodka Swung

Celiny's Dragons

Radish Oleo

Blueberry Solang

Peach Ola