Evilness' Mascot Lair

Cyan was enjoying a nice green apple when she noticed something in the greenhouse moved. Cyan wondered what it could be.. After all nobody came in the greenhouse without of her notice. She did everything by herself there. She knew that it couldn’t be Lucas. He was making something new. He had been thinking of it all week even in his sleep! It was the newest of the newest.. Something that has never been seen before.. She wanted to know what it was; but then she had to hear a lecture for the next 2 hours or so.. and she didn’t ant that. She would see it when there was a hatching. That wouldn’t take to long… She had seen the eggs. All hard and ready to brake.
She sighed because she had to come out of the sun and see in the greenhouse. She was going to take her apple with her!


As she opened the door of the greenhouse she noticed that the door was still locked.. ‘How strange…’ Cyan’s Sherlock Holms instinct came to the surface and she sneaked inside. She immediately stepped on some shells. A dragon hatched? She knew that some eggs were almost ready. But how was this possible? She knew how far the eggs were and when they were going to hatched. She pushed the door wide open and as she entered the greenhouse something jumped on her. They both fell.


Cyan screamed because she was startled. ‘What the hell???’ She said as she looked into the black eyes of a venustrap. ‘Zaranyth? Ask this plant…’ She used plant because she was a bit angry at it. ‘Why it has hatched to soon.’
‘I’m not a plant! I’m a dragon and I will call myself…. EVILNESS!’
‘How the hell is it possible that you can speak?!’ Cyan was still angry at the Venustrap.
‘Simple.. I’m highly evolved! Or as you will all say: Mutated.’
‘We have to find you a rider.. Before it’s to late..’
‘Rider? You’re kidding me.. I don’t want a rider! Me? A rider? I’m to good for that!’
‘I need some air..’ Cyan went outside and Evilness came along.
‘Why are you running from me?’
‘Believe me.. I’m not running from you! I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you…’ Cyan said. She noticed that she was actually enjoying this.. If more flowerdragons would  talk… That would make it more interesting..
‘You could give me what I want…’ Evilness said.
‘I don’t want to know’
‘But…’ He was interrupted by Trix.
‘Cyan! Come quick! The Summer Clutch is hatching!’
 Cyan turned towards Evilness ‘Promise me that you WILL Not go after me. That you will stay here.’
Cyan didn’t wait for an answer. She knew that it would cause only more trouble. She left him where he was and ran towards the cave.
’But I want an army!’ She could hear him yell to her. But she didn’t pay any attention. She wanted to know what this new invention was.


Evilness didn’t stay long at the same place. He sneaked behind Cyan and the rest and softly went into the cave, making sure nobody had seen him. A success. Because he was this intelligent; he could come here unnoticed. He could barley keep himself from laughing very very evil.
He watched as the eggs popped open and  s
AW them bond to al sorts of different things. Persons, dragons, They would even bond to a rock if they could.. But hey.. Nobody is as perfect as Evilness!

This is evilness planning a war!

there were a lot of impressions and nobody saw evilness lurking from behind a rock.
No-one noticed the small golden-orange dragon making her way to the entrance. No-one except the Venus Fly Trap Evilness waiting outside.
"Welcome soldier." he said.
"Private Tia Maria Zia reporting for duty, Sir!" she whispered winking at the great game she was going to play with her chosen one.
Some time passed.
A dark shadow covered the cavern as an unseen hand added a 'Great Pumpkin Punch' to the list. The dragons in the egg needn't know more.
The shadow lifted, not to the relief of everyone since a certain small Venus Fly Trap Evilness would have loved a fire. From behind him however two more dragons popped up. Unnoticed since their egg had been near the wall, covered almost entirely in the shadow.
"Don't worry master Evilness." said the dark sparkling male Coca Cola. "My name is Sprit and I know a thing or two about starting fires."
"It just takes a lot of cool to do it unnoticed and unsuspected, Sir!" the whiter male said. "Ice Cream Spoon ready to take orders sir."
"Ahh..." Evilness said, "My black indulgence is complete. Let us go and wreak havoc onto Lantessama!!" Evilness started.


"Evilness?" Cyan wondered, tuning in on the loud sounds at the entrance. "Get out of here! And don't let me see you sneaking back in! I know a thing or two about fires too!"
Not entirely disapointed Evilness left the cavern. He'd get his 15 minutes of fame soon enough.
"We'll need to get the Isle fireproof and guarded against that lot." Cyan said to Trix who made a note of it. A very urgent note underlined with three stripes and exclamation marks around it.

There was another hatching on Lantessama Isle. On of a green dragon. There weren't any good dragons for evilness but still that was the perfect time to test his crew. Unfortunatly people got the fire out and his crew had to run away.

Summercoctail: DARK INDULGENCE

Ice Cream Spoon
  -  Coca Cola Sprit  -  Tia Maria Zia

Evilness' army was formed at Lantessama Summer Clutch

The waves collided gently with the sand, making beautiful art on the beach under a bright blue sky with not a wisp of cloud in sight. A soft breeze blew land inward and touched the eggs that had been laid last Easter. This year there had been no need for bunnies to hide the eggs, not with the ten mothers and several helpers to carry on the tradition. Knowing the time was near the females had set out with their eggs, some hiding them and leaving the eggs for candidates to find, and others remaining with their eggs.
At the last count the number of eggs had been hesitantly set to 80, but no-one knew if that number was anywhere near correct. Still, things always worked out on Lantessama and no-one had a doubt that today as well everyone would find a dragon to bond with, with some to spare to sponsor out to other planets.
Lucas was taking care of the last arrangements when a whole cluster of small dragons gathered around him. As with the flight, the mini cocktail dragons were to be used as the eyes and ears of the record keepers and as guards for the few candidates who ran into a clutch of hatching hydra, disturbing the mother. Hopefully there wouldn't be too much of that. This time Lucas' own Vodka Zast was in charge of the fair of miniature dragons and would remain high in the air to coordinate. Eris, Trix' ice would stay behind to relay information to her bond about the impressions and Cyan's Raspberry Purple would stay on Evilness' tail to make sure he wouldn't do anything to disturb the eggs. The little dragon took his job very serously, fastening himself to Evilness' tail and not letting go. Cyan had kept her eyes on him for the past months, but was still certain he was up to something even if he didn't show a sign of bad behaviour.
"Are the candidates ready?" Lucas asked Cyan.
"Trix is making sure all of them get the concept, though what is so hard about an egg hunt, I don't know." Cyan shrugged, "Whatever gets her secure, I can't stand her when she's nervous."
"Tight strung?"
Lucas asked.
"Break a twig in her vicinity and she would explode." Cyan giggled.
Finally all the candidates were let loose on the same track where the run had taken place. The females had scattered their eggs all around, many of the untended ones being bunnies who could imagine no other way of being born except to be found.
Night had finally come and Cyan was out in the new darkness to pick up Gudrun and Evilness and escort them back to Lantessama. She was making her way through the meadows and low bramble bushes when two bright green eyes suddenly lighted in front of her.
"You finally come." Evilness said.
"Indeed, how are your babies?"
"Not entirely what I suspected, but I can mate again."

For a moment Cyan felt sorry for Evilness, after all, he only wanted to be loved even for the wrong reasons. She shook her head and told herself she was getting soft. Evilness would take advantage of her within seconds if he knew what she was thinking.
She pulled back the bushes and saw Girth sitting, looking at one last egg. It would be the only egg that hadn’t hatched. Cyan bowed her head and stroked the dragon’s nose, trying to comfort her.
"Maybe this egg wasn’t meant to be." She said.
"That’s not it." Girth said.
"Huh?" Cyan asked.
"It’s hatching." Gudrun said, her small leaves rustling close to the egg, her own yellow plant runner, laying sleeping beside it. "It’s not used to a shell." She remarked.
Carefully pealing shards away, Cyan and Girth got the hatchling on the ground. The soft green female was more serpentine than any of Girth’s other children and she showed more signs of Evilness’ parentage. Resting her claws on the ground she growled at anyone trying to get close.
Evilness, only now caught up with Cyan, pushed aside Gudrun and looked at his child. Noticing her great potential he sissed happily and added: "I have a son!"
"Ehem." The green plant runner caught attention, "I’m a woman."
"A daughter?" Evilness said as if he had failed.
Raking her claws against his skin, the baby green made her point clear, she wouldn’t be as nice as her siblings, she meant business: "My name is Wickedness."
Cyan looked around and asked: "Do you want to go somewhere."
"No, I’ll stay right here."
"Can I bond her? Can I bond her? Can I, Can I?" Evilness pleaded her, nearly choking Cyan with his body, "Pleasssssse!"
"Not a chance!" Cyan said, getting Evilness from her body, "Wickedness will stay in my care." There just was nothing else she could think of at the time. At least Cyan knew she would be able to keep a close eye on the hatchling and how Evilness would influence her… though Wickedness didn’t seem to really even notice her father.
"Let’s go!" Wickedness urged, dragging her claws over the ground.
Picking up Gudrun in her pot and waking Yellow Happiness, Cyan smiled at the baby Sticky weed: "You aren’t alone anymore I heard."
Smiling, Gudrun closed her eyes and fell asleep whispering: "Not alone."