Evellyncame from home from a long day working. She kicked of her shoes and took some tea. She sighed and drank some of her lynden tea. It was her favorite flavor and she could always calm down with the lynden tea..
Her house was rather small, but large enough for a single persone to live in. She had moved away from her parents when she was 21. That was about 4 years ago. Since then her parents had died and she had gotten all their money.
he didn't really have to work, but she loved to get out of the house.
She had finished her tea and went to the basement. At first it seemed normal, but then she turned on a hidden switch an entered her dungeon.
The former owner had opened her eyes and she had continued his work. Only she luered men into her arms and then...

She grabbed a steel caine and wnet straight to her latest victime. She ratled the cain against the steal cage. The captive crawled away as fast as he could to the other side, away from her. Soon he would be able to get out of the cage and against the wall. She smiled wickedly and went on.
At the second stop, she used the caine to beat up a man that was hanging by his hands from the ceiling. Old and new wounds started to bleed. While she was beating him she cackled evil.
When he finaly screamed, she left the man and the caine and went on to the ultimate satisfaction...

There was one single light hanging down from the ceiling. In the bundle of light sat the last man. He was stronger than the others.. There was something special about him. He was a wisard and could use his powers against her if he could make eye contact. She had luered him into her home and then knocked him uncontios.
'Hello sweety..' Her soft voice said.
The man's head jerked up and looked around frighted. His voice was trembling when he asked "How long?'
'Very long..' She giggled. She was now behind him and she went into the light. She blew in his neck so that he knew where she was.
She had broken his spirit. He started to cry as a little boy. She turned around him and sat on his lap.
'Poor baby...' She whispers. But as soon as she said that she knew he had fooled her. But she was too late to do anything. Befor she knew it, she was somewhere else..
It almost seemed peaceful on this isle. She had landed near the sea and then saw a snake like creature.
She wanted to kick it, but it slithered around her and looked her in the eye.
'What were you trying? Weakling?'
'Kicking you... Worm!'
'I'm no worm.. I'll show you!' The snake wanted to attack, but then..
'EVILNESS! Stop it!' a blond girl screamed. Evellyn sighed.. yet another blond...  they should be all vanquished...
'Don't bully candidates. Follow me ...'
'Evellyn.' Evellyn said grumpy.
'Follow me Evellyn.'

The waves collided gently with the sand, making beautiful art on the beach under a bright blue sky with not a wisp of cloud in sight. A soft breeze blew land inward and touched the eggs that had been laid last Easter. This year there had been no need for bunnies to hide the eggs, not with the ten mothers and several helpers to carry on the tradition. Knowing the time was near the females had set out with their eggs, some hiding them and leaving the eggs for candidates to find, and others remaining with their eggs.
At the last count the number of eggs had been hesitantly set to 80, but no-one knew if that number was anywhere near correct. Still, things always worked out on Lantessama and no-one had a doubt that today as well everyone would find a dragon to bond with, with some to spare to sponsor out to other planets.
Lucas was taking care of the last arrangements when a whole cluster of small dragons gathered around him. As with the flight, the mini cocktail dragons were to be used as the eyes and ears of the record keepers and as guards for the few candidates who ran into a clutch of hatching hydra, disturbing the mother. Hopefully there wouldn't be too much of that. This time Lucas' own Vodka Zast was in charge of the fair of miniature dragons and would remain high in the air to coordinate. Eris, Trix' ice would stay behind to relay information to her bond about the impressions and Cyan's Raspberry Purple would stay on Evilness' tail to make sure he wouldn't do anything to disturb the eggs. The little dragon took his job very serously, fastening himself to Evilness' tail and not letting go. Cyan had kept her eyes on him for the past months, but was still certain he was up to something even if he didn't show a sign of bad behaviour.
"Are the candidates ready?" Lucas asked Cyan.
"Trix is making sure all of them get the concept, though what is so hard about an egg hunt, I don't know." Cyan shrugged, "Whatever gets her secure, I can't stand her when she's nervous."
"Tight strung?"
Lucas asked.
"Break a twig in her vicinity and she would explode." Cyan giggled.
Finally all the candidates were let loose on the same track where the run had taken place. The females had scattered their eggs all around, many of the untended ones being bunnies who could imagine no other way of being born except to be found. 
Evellyn ran through the rain screaming and cursing whoever she could think of. The rain had caught her by surprise and though she liked her dungeons damp, this was overdoing.
"Why do you run?" a voice asked, "It is only rain."
A screen seemed to form above, strangely dark transparent with two bright orange eyes.
"I'm DarkFire Luzarion." the shadow bunny said, "How are you Evellyn?"