The 4 Elements

In water lies the begin
Of everything from within
Knowledge and intuition
Truth as well as fiction

The wind of ages
Over desert plains rages
Spreading the words
Of wise forgotten lords

The silent dust
Of the earth’s crust
Whispers about rich valleys
Hidden between the trees

All is fire
Burning with desire
Passion takes over the mind
Logic is denied

Divided over Countries
A distant voice carries
Messenger of Faith
Telling of alliances made

Paired up
Backed up
But not yet complete
The elements are ready to meet

These 4 elements combined
Make a pentagram entwined
A power so strong
It can do good as well as wrong

4 elements work swift
and accept the gift
Grant the wishes of my heart
Before we ever have to part

I’m going to talk about a place far away from Pern. It’s a world with 4 different continents. In each of them lives a boy or girl that’s a bit weird. How they became different is a question that can’t be answered.
They can all transform and have another look than normal people. How they use there gifts will become clear in the story.

Sadly, this story is lost to the void of the internet. But the pages with hatchings got saved!



Arius changed into an eagle and took Flow on his back. They looked for something. It was a very beautiful planet. There were a lot of trees and green meadows. There wasn't a cloud on the sky. Flow felt happy, now she was certain that her mother wasn't going to find her anymore. She could dedicate her to her life and make it better, much better than in the past.

Arius was thinking of his grandmother. Is it going to be true? Is he going to be a dragon rider.. Or how did she called it?' He couldn't wait. All of his dreams would come true.

 They flew a while till they saw a cave. There were a lot of people going there. They could ask what was happening, where they were and other questions. Flow pointed at it and they landed there. Arius changed and together they walked in the cave. They were curious, afraid.. But they couldn't stop. They had to know what was going on inside. When they went inside they saw a lot of eggs. 
‘What is that?’ flow whispered
‘I don’t know.’
Maybe we should ask it to somebody.'
'Excuse me...'
Yes?' A tall man, well build, He had dark hear and his eyes were dark brown. stood still and looked at them. 'What can I do for you?'
'We were wondering if you could answer a couple of questions..'
He nodded.
'First of all, where are we?'
'Your at Pern.. Don't you know? This is Darkling Dawn Weyr. Welcome'
'Thanks... What is happening?'
'The eggs are hatching. There are persons who can be impressed by dragons..'
'Why don't you stand with the others. Maybe you get lucky..'
He showed them the way and told briefly what was going to happen.

It was 4 in the morning when both of them woke up by the queen dragon. The eggs were hatching!
It had seem forever to wait, it was finally come to the hatching!
Wake up Arius.... It's time!'
'Lets go.. We mustn't miss a thing!'

They went to the hatching sands, hand in hand, and there they saw the other candidates.
The had to be separated. Men had to stand on one side, girls on the other.
Flow didn't like this much. She liked to be around Arius, he made her feel safe. But the fact that they could be impress a dragon was also a warming thought.

The first egg hatched.. It was a dark blue dragon. Arius looked at it, but he had picked an other candidate. Was his dream coming through? Was he going to impress a dragon. He hoped so.
An other dragon hatched. This time it was a light blue dragon. The dragon 
creeled before racing towards the male candidates. He slipped halfway there, crying out as he tumbled down.
Flow saw that it was Arius that went to the dragon and helped him up.

Arius went to the dragon. 'Are you alright Marduth?'
They looked at each other for a moment. than Marduth said: 'Yes, I am now, Arius. I'm hungry, though.' Arius grinned as he led the blue dragon off of the sands.

Flow looked at them. She was happy for Arius. She knew how he had liked to impress a dragon, and how nervous he had been. She smiled and looked back at the rocking eggs.

Now 2 eggs cracked open. Two green dragons came out. The one was a bit larger then the other dragon. Flow noticed that the largest walked to her. Was it really happening?
The green dragon stopped before Flow. Flow felt relieved when she heard a voice inside her head.
Will you turn into a ship fish for me, Flow?'  Flow laughed.
"They're called dolphins where I come from, Anahitath"
Come, lets go outside so you can eat. And I promise that I will change. But first you have to be a bit older...'
She could see the disappointment.. 
'The day will come really soon, I promise.'
'I hope it will'
They walked out of the hatching grounds, to Arius and his dragon.
'Hey sweety..' Arius said when Flow stood beside him.
'Hello!' She kissed him. 'I'm so happy...' She whispered in his ear when she hugged him.
'Me to...' He thought of his grandmother. He still didn't know how she had done all of this.
'Where is your grandmother?'
'Far away from here. On another planet. But I'm sure that she's looking at us right now.'
Marduth didn't say anything anymore. He was eating.



A few months passed and Marduth and Anahitath have grown. They are weyrlings now, happy dragons that are learning to fly. Marduth is a bit clumsy... but still a great dragon.
Flow and Arius have grown more to each other and got married. They flew away on there dragons for vacation and got back after a few weeks.




The next couple of months.
Flow and Arius dicided to go back and look for Flam and Gaea. They missed, and wondered what had happened with them. Flow and Arius rided with there dragons past different landscapes. They landed in villages and asked what had happened with them.
Then one day they talked to a man and he could help Arius and Flow. They followed his direction and then they saw Flam. He was walking with another strange dragon. His dragon didn't look like Anahitath or Marduth. 
'I find that dragon strange flow...'  'You don't need to be scared Anahitath.' Flow looked at Flam.
He noticed them and saw that they also had dragons.
'Gaea is still waiting for a dragon to hatch. Your dragons are so big.'
'Yours is going to grow to you know.' Arius said.

They talked till Gaea came out with another dragon, looking like flam's dragon. When Gaea saw Flow she ran to her and hugged her. 'It's been a long time hasn't it?'
'Yes very..'
It took them a long time to catsh up, but when they did; they prommised to get in touch more often.


Arius and Flow impressed at Darkling Dawn Weyr




'Where should we go first?
‘There is a man. Lets see if he can help us’
They went to him. He had short blond hear and had light blue eyes. He was looking at them.
‘Me and my dragon were talking about you two. It seems that you’re going to be good candidates for the showing.’
'Could you first tell us more about this place? Where are we?'
'Your at Azon. I live in Sanrix Azon. That's the place where you live when you have a dragon.'
‘We have never seen a dragon...'
‘You haven't? You're not from this place, now are you?'
they nod.
'Where did you came from?'
'Do you have to know?'
'No I don't suppose so..'
Gaea smiled, 

They talked about Azon and it's history.
‘Do you have a place to stay?’
‘No, we haven't thought about that..'
‘If you want, you can stay at the weyr. You could be good candidates for dragonriders.’
'Are you going to ride with me?'
'I can't.... It could be something happened to you, and I don't want that.'
'Oh, I'll tell you where to go then. I'll be waiting for you there.' The man looked weird at Gaea
'We'll be there.'

They waited till the dragonrider disappeared and then they went on there way to Sanrix. The road was well build. They were talking about what was going to happen. It was all so different and new. They liked the new experience. And didn't wandered how they had to go back.
They had nothing anymore, except each other.

They arrived at Sanrix, got a room and learned a lot about dragons and what there purpose is. Flam and Gaea would love to be candidates for the impression.
It wasn't long before they had to go and see the eggs hatch.

Hatching will be inserted here when Cyan gets back from holiday :)

red maned Fazizin of Flam and green Sikion of Gaea

Flam and Gaea impressed at Sanrix Azon