'Can I do something for you my Lady?'
'You're free to go..' A young woman with long black hair , lying on a bed with a lot of pillows said. The servant girl left the room. 
Another girl was brushing her hair. The girl made sure that the hair was beautiful.  A man came running in towards the woman.
'My Lady Dressanas... I have news..' He kneeled before Dressanas.
'Leave us.' Dressanas asked the girl who was brushing her hair. The girl ran away in fear of her. 'What did you have to say?' She looked at the man. He was still catching his breath. She stood up and walked to him. 'What was it that you wanted to tell me Justin?' Her voice was tranquil and sweet.
'My love... We will get caught..' She kissed him with great passion.
'We can't get caught..  That is not how love works..'
'But you are a queen, doomed to marry somebody of high class and I'm just a simple knight. Not worthy..' He looked sad at her.
'My love...'

'Wake up you! Get out of my sight!' an old man yelled to Dressanas. She moved away from the man. She knew that moving away from him was the best idea. Better than trying to convince the man that she wasn't ill, or dirty as he thought every homeless would be.
She bowed her head and her thick, black hair fell over her eyes, so that she didn't had to see the other people looking at her, some with compassion others with some sort of discussed look in there eyes. She didn't know which she hated the most; the ones that looked like they cared but they actually didn't or the ones that let her know what they real thought of her..
She sat down again, far from the man that woke her up, thinking of her dream. She sighed, she longed for the same love, power and wealth as in her dream. Not to think of the man. She had been alone for some time, since her dog had died.. Nobody would helped her when he was very ill, she hated the day. It was from that day on that she knew how people really were. If they didn't get anything in return, they simply wouldn't do you a favour.
A tear rolled over her cheek. No she couldn't cry now, not in public, not where people would see her and feel more sorry for her than they already did. She knew what she hated most. The persons that pretended.
She wondered what had become of her parents. She had left them because her mother drank to much and her father beaded her half to death... The first night that she had left home was the hardest, but then she met Shinook, her dog. And he pulled her through. Now she was alone again and only her dreams gave her warmth. She had to get away from this world. There was nothing left to live for.. No she couldn't think like that. She stood up, trying to leave that thought behind and went to her favourite spot; the park.

She walked on her bare feats, there were wounds on them from all the wondering around. They hurt, but not as much as her heart. She started to run, she didn't want to think anymore.

It was dark when she entered the park. That was good she thought, because nobody would be taking a walk or something like that. But than she heard voices..
'How many do you want?' It was one of the men who talked. He had a low voice, he was well build too, Dressanas knew that she wouldn't want any troubles with him...
'Lets say a lot..' The other man said. His voice was higher than a normal guy would talk, but it was to low for a woman's voice.
'Don't play games with me Mayer...' the low man said. Dressanas was shocked.. She inhaled to loud. The high-voiced man looked to Dressanas and he made a sign to the other low-voiced man. He started to ran towards her. She turned round and ran to the subway station. Maybe she would be safe there..

She ran as fast as she could. Why did this have to happen to her? She asked herself. But she couldn't think of a question now... The low-voiced man was coming behind her and he was catching up on her. Her feet hurt to much.. She couldn't run anymore. But than she saw the station. She almost fell when she ran down the stairs. She grabbed the wall and ran in the station. She jumped over the bars. She thought that the man would stop there, but he didn't.. He jumped after her and while she was looking to the man, she fell down the other stairs and on the rails of the train. She bumped her head.
When she knew that she was in danger, she tried to get up and crawl to the side. But the low-voiced man stood there grinning, making sure that she wouldn't survive.
Still she tried to grab the platform and jump up. The man always pushed her back onto the rails. When she was about to give up, she felt that the ground was beginning to shake. There was train coming! With her last power, she jumped up and ran to the man. She pulled his feet, so that he fell on the ground and she jumped on the platform. She was safe now.. It flashed through her head. But while she was catching her breath, the low-voiced man stood up again and jumped to her, she fell under him and then it became black before her eyes. Although she still felt what was happening to her.
She felt the man pulling her up and throwing her on the rails. Than she felt nothing anymore.

'How are we feeling ourselves today?' A soft voice asked Dressanas.
'Where am I?' her voice was soft and shaky.
'Your on Lantessama isle.'
'How did I get here?'
'We were just planning to ask you the same thing...' Dressanas opened her eyes and saw a girl looking at her with the same compassion as the other people did.
'Don't feel sorry for me.. There is no need to..' Dressanas' voice was getting better now.
'I'm not... It is a wonder that you pulled through.. With such a head injury...'
Dressanas couldn't answer anymore questions, she was falling back to sleep.

Months passed and Dressanas became stronger and she began to believe the people around her, it had been difficult to gain her thrust. They had helped her and they were nice to her. There was no difference, It was a lovely place and she loved it too.
She would never leave here. That was for sure.
'Dressanas.. I know that you aren't feeling well jet, but how would you like to see your first hatching?' It was one of the boys. He loved to spend time with Dressanas and he loved to listen to her story's about her hometown. He couldn't believe that there was a place that horrible.
'I'm strong enough you know.' She smiled at the boy and they left together. He supported her as well as he could.

When she first met a dragon, she hadn't believed it. She thought it was a hallucination, made by one of the medicines of the healer here. But it was real.
She still couldn't believe it after a few months. But she was getting to know the place around here and with that the dragons.
Her attention was drawn to the eggs. They were wobbling very hard, and the first egg hatched...

Dressanas was looking intensly to the eggs. She was feeling something so intense and she wondered if everybody had the same feeling. She felt something that pulled her to the eggs. She had the feeling that she had to stand with the candidates in sted of with the visitors...
Then suddenly a creamy wing came out of the eggs. It was the first to hatch. The rest that followed was a purple. Everybody looked at it. It wasn't normale for a cream dragon to only have the wings of a cream and the rest purple..  Dressanas felt that it was irritated by the sand that stuck on her skin.
"You, Dressanas, get over here."  Dresssanas was shocked. She wasn't supposed to impress... She hoped they wouldn't get mad at her. Then she almost ran to the dragon.
'What do you need Sempra?'
"You silly." the dragoness answered, "this one spot behind my wings it impossible to reach and it is driving me crazy with itch!" Dressanas scratched and helped her newfound bond out of the cavern into the warm afternoon.
There she waited on the leadrysses. Cyan walked up to her and she smilled. So they weren't mad at them. She felt relieved.
'How does your dragon feel?' Cyan asked.
'She's fine! Really. I hope I didn't cause any troubles...' Dressanas looked at the ground. She feld happy about impressing a cream. But she was a bit disterbed that she was happy. SHe wasn't supposed to feel happy about this mistake.
'No not at all! It's good that you impressed. There was one egg to many... Now every dragon could bond.' Cyan had a warm smile. Dressanas was a bit more comftrable about the situation. But still.
'Don't worry Dressanas. We would have asked you for the next clutch, but that isn't nessacery now. I have to go now... There are other aspirants to attend to.' And she left.
Dressanas looked at Sempra and how she ate some new catched food.


The next few years were rather hectic for Dressanas. Being afraid of hights made it unpossible for Sempra to fly, or else very low to the ground, and still that was very boring for our little purple dragon with cream wings. But after 10.000 tries, Dressanas gave up and screamed her lungs out so that the dragon could go all the way for once, and when they landed, Dressanas told her dragon that she wouldn't do it ever again. But the next day, she was up in the air again, together with her dragoness, and having loads of fun.
Now that Sempra was fully grown, she could fly longer, faster, and better, and Dressanas forgot that she had ever been so scared of flying.