Daervin was a boy with blond hear and light bleu eyes. He was 20 years old and worked as a fisherman at the harbour. He helped his parents with the job. They were both very nice. They would do anything for there only child.

He himself thought that fishing was a horrible thing for the fishes. He loved the dolphins and being on water. He disliked the fact that he had to catch the beautiful life.
When he had some time to spare, he would sail to a disserted island and sit on the beach, till it became dark. He would look at the sea, how it would silently move.
He had always liked the sea. He loved that the sea could be so peaceful, almost listening to all that moved on land one moment and an other moment destroying boats.

‘Mom, I’m going out again. I think there are some good fishes to catch today..’
‘But there’s a storm coming..’ His mother looked worried at him.
‘Don’t worry mother, I’ll be back before it begins.’
He gave his mother a kiss and left. He took some fruit with him and prepared the sails. He take a look at the sky and he felt the wind, it was already getting stronger than this morning.
He thought of getting back, but didn’t. He didn’t know why... He just felt better going on the sea than staying at home.
Because of the wind, he mad a good speed. He went further than he wanted to go.
He cached some fishes and always said some sort of sorry. He should really get another job. Maybe he could go to the dolphin-trainers. That would be better for him, then he wouldn’t have to kill any poor animals.
He liked that idea. If he got back, the sky was dark of clouds and the wind blew rain in his face, he would go to them.
He decided that it became to hard to handle the storm and headed back home.

‘I should have been there by now.’ Daervin said to himself.
‘I didn’t go wrong did I? No don’t think so..’
But what he didn’t knew was that he had drifted away from his normal course. He was somewhere where he had never been before. He felt scared, but he pushed the fear away from his thoughts. He had to be clear of mind to get back in one peace.
The sea had turned in a monster. The sea threw him in the air and than he landed hard back on the sea. The rain fell heavily down now, and that wind. It howled, like there were spirits that screamed in his ear.
He shivered.. It was so cold. He looked at the sea. He still loved it, strangely. He loved to see it like this. It was the first time he was in a storm and he wondered how he had stayed so calm during it. A normal person would have panicked already.

But there was such a heavy wave, he fell of it and couldn’t climb back in. He was sucked under the water and spined around like a little toy of the sea. He wasn’t scared, no, he felt so mighty. He knew that the sea was powerful, but this was beyond his wildest dreams. The power, it had no mercy. He needed to breath. He tried to go above, but he couldn’t.. He tried, his need for air became more. He needed it so bad. He tried and tried, but he couldn’t get up. It became dark before his eyes.

Daervin opened his eyes. The sun shined, no cloud in the sky, he saw some palm trees on the beach, it was all so peaceful here. ‘Is this heaven?’
‘Not really. You’re at Beach Shards Weyr.’ A voice said to him
‘I’m sure that you’re an angel..’ Daervin looked at the girl that stood over him.
‘Come on, try to stand up. How did you come here?’
He tries to site up. The world turns, but he didn’t let it see to the girl. 
‘I don’t remember.. I was fishing.. Then there was a terrible storm...’
The girl looked at him.
 ‘You must be hungry..’
He looked at the girl. She gave him a hand and helped him up. He was glad that she helped
‘Thank you.’ He mumbled.
‘Have you ever seen a dragon?’
‘Yes, but only in the air...’
‘Then this is your chance. There is a hatching in Calyeni.’
‘A hatching?’
‘Yes, and I think that they are looking for another candidate to.’
‘Could you bring me there? I would love to see those dragons.’
‘I was going there to watch. Come on, follow me!’ She left. He almost needed to ran after her in the beginning, he was still a bit groggy after that storm. But after a while he could walk past her as a normal person, not almost running.

The girl talked the whole way to the Weyr. Didn’t she stop at all? It didn’t even matter that he answered or not. She was probably to exited.
‘There it is!' She pointed at the south. She started to run. He tried to follow. But she was to quick. He didn’t like that. Beaten by a girl... He looked at her. Then he walked at the weyr.

He entered and he saw a lot of dragons. Green dragons, blue, gold, ....
‘Where can I go to become a candidate?’
‘It doesn’t work like that.’ A tall man answered. He looked down at Daervin. The man had dark hear and brown, almost black eyes.
‘But How then?’
‘I’ll ask if you can be a candidate.’ He left without saying an other word and didn’t gave Daervin a chance to answer or say thanks.

Daervin stood there for a while, looking at the dragons and all the people that were all going in one direction. When he started to think the man had forgotten about him he came back.
‘If you want, you can be a candidate. They was one more space left. Your lucky.’
‘This isn’t the first time I was lucky.’ Daervin answered, thinking of the storm.
‘Follow me, so that you can prepare yourself.’
He followed the tall man and after he changed his clothes, he entered the hatching grounds. The eggs were already rocking.

It took some time, but then it was Dearvins time to be bonded. It was a huge brown and everybody turned quiet for a moment. It was the most beautiful dragon that Dearvin had ever seen and it seemed that it was going to bond with him. But there was another male candidate next to him. What if the brown was looking at him?
But then Dearvin heard  
Mordinaíïth saying: I may not be able to sail with you, but we can always try to save the fish, Daervin. I am Mordinaiith.” Dearvin was happy. He smilled at the dragon and they both left to get some food for his Brown.
He knew that having a brown would be so much more fun than sailing. He didn't care about his boat or other things. He just carred about his Brown being taken care of propperly.


Daervin impressed at Calyeni Caverns