Cyan wondered around at the hatching grounds to see where all the candidates where. She had said to Trix that she would take care of the newcomers.
There was one new candidate.. She was a bit strange.. One with a huge straw hat and very strange sunglasses (even when the sun wasn't shining). Cyan first didn't want to talk to the woman with to much make up and jewellery. All very unreal and all. It seemed that she was all alone and Cyan could think why.
'Are you the boss here?' She asked. Even her voice was too face to be real. Cyan wondered if anything was real on this woman. But Cyan said friendly: 'No I'm not of this one.. I'm from the Flo..'
'Oh I see. I want to talk to the man in charge. I knew you', she said "you" like Cyan was disgusting, 'couldn't be the one in charge here.'
Zaranyth wanted to get up from her sunny place. but Cyan looked at her warning, so she curled up again and went to sleep knowing that Cyan could handle it fair enough. It was also a good excuse that Zaranyth didn't have to get up and stretch and do all the necessary things before helping Cyan.
'Is that your dragon?' She asked and before she knew the answer she went to the dragon and poked it really hard. 'Get up you! Do some tricks!'
Now Zaranyth was angry. Who dared to poke her?? But Cyan was there just before Zaranyth was well stretched and snatched the woman away.
'Don't EVER do that!' Cyan yelled at her. 'Are you gone mad?' Before Cyan could yell some more Trix came.
'What's wrong?' Trix asked Cyan.
'This woman...' It seemed that Cyan was thinking of many names for the woman but didn't say anything 'Poked my little Zaranyth! And she wants to talk to the man' Cyan said it the same way the woman had said "you" a bit earlier 'In charge.'
'Welcome. I'm sorry, but there is no man in charge; just me and my sister here. I see you met Cyan...' Trix hesitated when she heard the little sound Cyan made and then continued: 'I'm Trix. Why are you here?'
'I wanted a good cocktail.. And they said I could find it here...' She sighed and looked around. 'But I don't think I'll get any good drinks in this dump.. Who lives here?'
'We do.' Cyan snarled. 'I have to go.' She turned away without waiting for a goodbye. It seemed that Cyan wasn't calming down. As they followed Cyan they saw that she went to Zaranyth to see if she was alright and then they took off (after a lot of stretching).

'What is your name? And how did you get here?'
'My name is Monique... And I don't know how I got here... I was just lying on the beach with my cocktail.. when a man came to me.. He looked at me and asked me if I knew anything about cocktails. I said: Yes of course! I know how to handle them. I can take at least 5 of them.. And then the man asked me if I wanted to have a cocktail.. I said yes of course and then your little sister here bothered me..'
'And who was that man?'
Monique pointed at S'yl. 'Come with me Monick.'
'No you have to pronounce it otherwise.. like this.. Monique..'
'Ok.. just follow me..' Trix turned away and went to S'yl.
'Is it true S'yl that you brought this woman? Why?' It sounded a bit desperate; but only a good sister could have noticed it.
'Why yes.. I did. She said she was good with Cocktail Dragons... She will be perfect.'
'There is been a misunderstanding... I'm sorry Monique.. If you want we can take you back and buy you that cocktail you wanted?'
'No way! I want me a cocktail dragon! Are they as cute as that golden?'
'Of course!' a man replied. It was Lucas.
'Oh... and who do we have here?' Monique looked over her glasses to Lucas.
'Hi!' Lucas took the hand that Monique had waved in front of his face and shook it. 'How are you today?'
Monique didn't say anything. She was too shocked by the treatment Lucas had given her.
'Lucas honey... Come with me..' It was Cyan again. She had landed with Zaranyth and didn't like the fact that this Monique thing was after her husband too.. Lucas followed Cyan to check up the eggs. Lucas came after a minute back yelling that he had seen a crack in one of the eggs. Every candidate for the Cocktail dragons started to run at the cave. Even Monique. They all stood around the eggs.. And then the first egg cracked open. reviling a pretty colourer dragon.

There were many eggs and even more dragons who came out of the eggs. Monique could use that drink now. Three more dragons hatched out of two eggs. Another Strawberry saw the light with gazing eyes. She wandered around, making sure everyone saw her and then ran as fat as she could toward Monique. "Hi Monique!" she crooned, "My name is Beatra. Will you show me the beach?"
"Of course I will. Besides, the beach is where we'll be staying for the after-party tongiht."
The dragons kept on comming. Every now and then Monique thought she would bond again.. But that didn't happen. But then another egg hatched. It contained a milk.

The female white Milk turned a few rounds before she finally saw who she had been looking for. She saw Monique, strangely not the oldest candidate though she might have been if this had been a normal hatching.
Monique gracefully nipped from her Country Rose and waited for the milk to come to her. She had finally made herself comfortable on the chaise longue she had carried in from the beach. A small table next to her had some more cocktails on them as some other candidates had placed theirs on it. The Milk hopped onto the chaise longue and chittered, extending her wings before she said: 
"I'm Shake. Milk flavoured" and winked.
The two males, not impressed, made for their candidates in a more traditional fassion. The Orange, an outgoing, easygoing chap soon found his bond in Gelena and announced his name was Perin. While the other, a brownish orange Tequila found his way on Monique's chaise longue.
"Shoo!" he said to the Strawberry... 
"You've had her long enough, now I, Avond, need her."