Bunbun is a Candidate at Lantessama Isle 

'My name is Bunbun. Yes I know it is the quietest name that you have ever heard... I think it is so too. But we aren't here to tell me how my name is.. No, we are here to tell Trix of Lantessama Isle how I got here on this lovely island. I will start after you have seen me!'

Yes I know I'm cute!

It was a hot sunny day and I was playing with the trumpet. When my little eye saw THE MOST MANLY norn that I have ever seen. He was the prettiest of them all. And as you maybe know... Pretty goes with pretty...
Here is a picture of my pretty Michael... *Sigh* Isn't he pretty?

And my plan worked! I was looking closely in his eyes..
Don't believe me??? Wait I have proof:

And it had almost worked... But there was a horrible beast! The worst enemy of all the norns together.. Even worse than a bad hair day! You guessed right... a GRENDEL

See how awful it is:

Don't be fooled by the 'sweet' smile of this animal.. No, it really is something horrible. It hits you for pleasure! And if that isn't bad enough; it eats our eggs. Our little baby's.. Don't think it is so pretty anymore now do you!

Back to how I came here, on this lovely Isle.
Well... As you may have guessed. I was scared of the grendel. I thought Michael would protect me, he being a very strong and handsome norn, but he didn't. He ran off in terror, leaving me alone!!
So I ran away from it too. I didn't want to be twapped or eaten...

I ran and I ran, as fast as these short legs would carry me. And I got where I wasn't allowed to go.. I came at the submarine.. The Hand had always pushed me away when I got there, and it had even twapped me once when I was a bad Bunbun... But I don't want to talk about that. Besides, I think that The Hand didn't want to twap me, me being cute and all....
I took all of my courage and I stepped in. The grendel was to late and he couldn't swim (lucky for me) and she stood there holding her hand high up, waiting to twap me! I couldn't get back there.. So I pushed some buttons.. Yes even the red one.. and that is how I got here..

And Now Bunbun is very alone.. Intensely even... So... *looking with my big brown eyes to Trix and Cyan* Could I impress a dragon? Those sweet Easter dragons.. (I love those big fluffy ears) I think that he will protect me against evil beasts..


'Look Look!' *jumps up and down* 'I've impressed a dragon! It's the sweetest of them all!' Wanna see?


She's so pretty. I'll tell you what has happened when I impressed my dearest Poofy.
It all began one hot summerday on Lantessama isle. There were a lot of candidates.. Non of them as sweet as me of course, but still nice norns. Lucas, a very handsome; but not as handsome as Michael; came to wake me up. He loves Cyan. She's nice too. But she is more interesseted in plants than in Bunnies. I don't understand.. Plants are only to eat... But anyway..
Cyan and Lucas are a cute couple. But I wasn't talking about that eighter...
Everybody had found an egg. (the easterbunnie had hiden them all) and then I saw an egg. It was about my sise. I went to it and I grabbed hold of it. I didn't want to let go. Even when a little pink (my favorite colour) popped out. She said that she needed room to hatch... But I didn't want to let go. I didn't trust those norns that good..
So my sweet Poofy came out of her shell and fell on my. 'Oof' I said and then crawled from under Poofy. Poofy was a happy bunnie.. From the moment it came from it shell till now. *smiles sweetly to sleeping Poofy* But still...  
"I'm Poofy. Will you be my rider?"  She said. And I wanted it so I said SHURE.
But than Poofy got scared.. She wanted to hide behind me.. But she could only hide her haid. I asked what was wrong and then she said: 
I'm afraid of these grendels."  And I wanted her to be safe so I said that we were to stay here then.. But.. Can we stay? Pretty please?

'Poofy!' Bunbun screamed. 'Where are you hiding?'
'I'm not telling... You will need to find me..' Poofy answered. Her voice was so happy that bunbun giggled. They were playing hide and seek on Lantesama Isle. She loved Poofy and she feld at home with that oversised meany.
'I see you Poofy! Your behind that bush!'
Poofy had hidden herself behind a bush where even Bunbun couldn't hide. Poofy's body was hidden, but her ears weren't. It was a funny sight. A bush with two pink bunnyears.
Poofy wasn't used to the fact that she was bigger now than when she came out of her egg...


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