This story takes place in a little town far from civilisation. Outside of town lived a young woman who's future husband had been burned on the stakes. He was assumed to be a wizard of Satan. The villagers thought that he was that because of his looks. He had white hair, red eyes and a very pale skin.
The young woman and he had met in the woods. It was love at first sight, but as they grew closer together, the villagers found out about this man of Satan.
He had sacrificed his life for that of his loved one and their unborn baby.
The young woman was left alone now in her pregnancy, waiting until their child would come.
But on the night her water broke and she called for help, she knew something was wrong.

As her contractions grew more painful, she started to fear the life of her baby.
She screamed of pain and begged for help.
Soon the midwife said, soon she would be able to hold her child in her arms.
It helped a little against the pain, but still she felt like the pain was tearing her in two.

Then there was the last contraction and as her scream faded, a new scream entered the world. It was the cry of her baby. She wanted to hold it, she stretched her arms out to it, but the midwife turned away with the child in her arms.
'Let me see my child!' She screamed 'Give him to me!'
But had no effect. The midwife was looking to the baby in horror. Then she looked at the young woman.
'Daughter of Satan...' She whispered. Then repeated it over and over again, the sentence growing louder and louder..
The young mother screamed to see her baby, but the midwife ran outside and called for a priest.

The young mother was crying when he entered her house. He kneeled beside her and asked her a lot of questions. She didn't listen, the only thing that she could think about was her little baby, all alone.

The little baby was crying loudly now. The midwife held him as far as she could from her body. Then she saw the woods and knew that soon she was pure again.
In the woods, she left the little boy on some moss and then turned round to go back to the village.
But what she didn't see in her haste was the glistering eyes of an outcast. He had been chased after as some wild animal.
He came towards the crying baby and picked the little boy up in the utter most care then wrapped him in his cloak.
"Hush little one... I'll call you Bran, after Bran the Blessed."

The next day he went into the village with his cloak pulled far over his eyes. He wanted to get there before they would burn the mother of Bran. But as he entered the village he knew he was too late.. He looked up and saw her, standing against a wooden log. The platform was already burning. But it seemed that she didn't feel the pain. She was crying though..
He send her a vision of Bran from the future to make sure she would have a sparkle of hope. She looked up and straight towards the man. Her lips formed some words, He believed that those words meant thank you. It had been so long since he had spoken the words of these people here...
As soon as she had smiled of the image he started to mummer some unknown words. Her head fell lifeless downwards when he had finished.
He turned away from the girl and walked outside the village.

The little boy Bran grew up and found his way to Lantessama Isle for the Easter Run, sadly this part of the story has been lost.

The waves collided gently with the sand, making beautiful art on the beach under a bright blue sky with not a wisp of cloud in sight. A soft breeze blew land inward and touched the eggs that had been laid last Easter. This year there had been no need for bunnies to hide the eggs, not with the ten mothers and several helpers to carry on the tradition. Knowing the time was near the females had set out with their eggs, some hiding them and leaving the eggs for candidates to find, and others remaining with their eggs.
At the last count the number of eggs had been hesitantly set to 80, but no-one knew if that number was anywhere near correct. Still, things always worked out on Lantessama and no-one had a doubt that today as well everyone would find a dragon to bond with, with some to spare to sponsor out to other planets.
Lucas was taking care of the last arrangements when a whole cluster of small dragons gathered around him. As with the flight, the mini cocktail dragons were to be used as the eyes and ears of the record keepers and as guards for the few candidates who ran into a clutch of hatching hydra, disturbing the mother. Hopefully there wouldn't be too much of that. This time Lucas' own Vodka Zast was in charge of the fair of miniature dragons and would remain high in the air to coordinate. Eris, Trix' ice would stay behind to relay information to her bond about the impressions and Cyan's Raspberry Purple would stay on Evilness' tail to make sure he wouldn't do anything to disturb the eggs. The little dragon took his job very serously, fastening himself to Evilness' tail and not letting go. Cyan had kept her eyes on him for the past months, but was still certain he was up to something even if he didn't show a sign of bad behaviour.
"Are the candidates ready?" Lucas asked Cyan.
"Trix is making sure all of them get the concept, though what is so hard about an egg hunt, I don't know." Cyan shrugged, "Whatever gets her secure, I can't stand her when she's nervous."
"Tight strung?"
Lucas asked.
"Break a twig in her vicinity and she would explode." Cyan giggled.
Finally all the candidates were let loose on the same track where the run had taken place. The females had scattered their eggs all around, many of the untended ones being bunnies who could imagine no other way of being born except to be found. 
Gudrun, the baby sticky weed from Lantessama knew where the eggs were. In fact, she had helped hide them from plain sight with the other dragons. She hadn’t been able to do much, but she had helped Girth with adding extra camouflage. Gudrun was still proud of her work, after all she had made herself a nice hideout as well to alert Girth of who was coming. And now the first, aside from Evilness who had been stalking Girth’s nest for hours, candidates was approaching.
"He is male." The plant said, "Tavorian is his name if I remember right."
"Is he going to find us?"
"It looks like it. Is there an egg hatching?"
"One of them is wobbling rather fiercly." Girth nodded, "He will have to do."
The egg burst open as Tavorian entered the small burrow in the earth. A bit surprised he looked at the baby pink female that had fallen into his arms. She was rather chubby, with small leaflike wings and bunny ears. Clearly this egg was fathered by Evilness.
"I like you!" the baby plant runner proclaimed and licked Tavorian’s nose.
The chocolate thief arched away, wiping away the wetness on his face. "Now give me chocolate!" the baby plant runner started chanting in an irritating fashion. Shortly after the chant changed to say: "Kindness is hungry" revealing the name of the hatchling. Tavorian only growled and gave the hatchling half of his candy bar (the rest of it he had already eaten) and promised her he'd get more, grinning evilly which made Kindness startle.
"Ehm, Gudrun." Girth said, "We have a problem."
Gudrun turned and saw a yellow cherubun look up at her.
"There were two babies in that egg."
"Will you take care of me?" the male yellow baby asked, "You would make me happy."
"But, I can barely take care of myself…"
"I don’t need much, maybe I can help you!" the yellow bunny called out optimistic, "I’m Happiness."
"You wouldn’t say." Gudrun answered.
Right after the first twin, another egg broke and a baby purple female crawled out. She was well rounded as had the other two been, but with real bunny ears and short fluffy wings. This lovely bunny was certainly sired by Eith and not by Evilness. With her heart-shaped tail she looked around and crooned happily when Bran appeared around the corner.
"You're mine!" she called, "I'm Prei!"