Masked Dragons

All Hollow's Eve was scraping quietly and sinisterly at the door of the Lantessaman Sky when the last preparations for the large Balle Masquée were being finished. The first stars were already shining in the sky when Lucas finally put down the knife he'd used for carving pumpkins. He looked around pleased and declared the place ready for the festivities. It was 6.30 pm and within an half hour the guests would be entering the ball.
The large blue male with flower-shaped wings and sharp twisted outcrops on his tail waited patiently for his clutchmate to bond. Then he ran, rather fast and careless, toward the Laedryses.
"I would really... I mean really like to see some of the universe before I bond, k? I had thought of some exotic place. Somewhere that'd really be my thing. And wait, I already know where I want to go because I see that's what you want to ask me...."
Speechless Lucas gave up and just waited for the waterfall of sound to end. he managed to pick up the words 'Icarus' and 'Dawn Castle' before the Air Winged literally bolted off.

Three more eggs hatched and the first of them get away and slither of the sands was a white serpentine male Water dragon. Standing on awkward paws, his skin contrasted brightly with his ridge of black and orange fins. With some ruckus and a lot of bumping, grabbing and skidding, he reached the Laedryses and - to their relief - indicated he'd rather go offworld to stumble further into the world. He indicated Dawn Castle and waited there, playing with some leftover cocktail dragons.

While the clock started to count down to midnight, counting the tolls in the night air, the last of the dragons, a very large, very beautiful Earth Serpent dragoness in the darkest shades of green stood tall. Leaves and vines sprung up all over her body, obscuring her face.
"I see none here that would need me." she said, "I shall head for Dawn Castle with your approval."
The clock had two rings left to sound when she stopped speaking. Silence fell over the party as the countdown completed and yet another Halloween hatching had ended in time (ok not in real life),  before the party first really burst lose.

Dragons adopted at Lantessama Isle
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