Cyan's Lantessama Dragons

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Laedrys Trix watched as she saw the candidates enter the sands. Oddly all worthy that had been found were girls this time. Of course the mother of the clutch, Kyrenath might have had a say in that. Like her rider she stayed well away from long-lasting relationships, only finding pleasure in the occasional fling now and again.
The two fathers of the clutch were waiting patiently at the edge of the hatching sands. They had been fetching food for the pregnant/guarding dragoness and were now dismissed of their duties. Kyrenath had announced her eggs were moving.
Trix could feel the expectation as electricity in the air. She had at times tried to count the eggs, but Kyrenath had kept them close to her, burying several for days. She had counted as many as 15 and as little as 6. 
Trix shifted her attention to the candidates. The 8 girls stood in a oblong form around the mother and her eggs, smiling at each other and crossing fingers. Trix let her eyes pass each one, the eggs seemed to be in no hurry to hatch.
Away from the shadows, also in the light of the lanterns stood Myrcka, a girl who Sovyl had found wandering around in the high north of a previously uncharted world. Trix got chills when she saw the girl, tall, blond and blue-eyed in a mere cotton dress so close to autumn. Maybe the pleasant warmth of Tri-Peak was getting to her after all.
One by one the eggs hatched and the candidates bonded. Until finally two eggs remained, but only one candidate. Even Kyrenath know seemed to scuttle around a bit worried. She looked at her eggs though she couldn't change basic math just by wishing it. A soft fog flowed into the cavern. Trix looked outside assuming the fog originated there. But outside the view was clear. Trix looked back and suddenly a small shiver lifted the fog. A girl -what else?- lay on the ground, her arms clutched around an egg.
"Finally!" Kyrenath exclaimed, "I had expected you sooner."
But the girl only had eye for the egg in her arms. The violently rocking egg. She lifted the egg slightly from the ground. The bottom of the shell gave in and a small dawn dragon fell through.
"Lana?" he asked.
"Is it really you?" she asked looking dazzled.
"It is me... Zirxon." the dragon said.
Shaking the girl was led out by a very helpful Cyan and Maira who tried to explain hours of classes in one single conversation to let her know what had happened.
Only one egg remained, almost forgotten by the spectacular entrance of Lana. Almost forgotten for the last candidate, the pale Myrcka was still looking at it. She squinted and finally gasped as a speck of grey caught her eye. A tail! The girl leapt forward and helped the last dragon, her dragon surely, hatch.
"Myrcka." a voice said.
"Yes?" she asked not entirely sure what would happen next.
"This is where I state my name." the dragoness said helpfully.
"It's Crystalliss." the Winter dragon said, "Do you like it?"
"It's beautiful."

Myrcka and Winter Horned Crystallis (f)


Name, Gender Myrcka (f)
Species Human
Enjoys Cold, snowflakes.

Lana and Dawn-Snow Zirxon (m)


Name, Gender Lana (f)
Species Human
Enjoys Foggy mornings and impressionist paintings


Trix took her seat on one of the benches in the front middle section. She looked around in the hatching cavern and smiled. With all the commotion of the Halloween clutch gone it was good to see a regular mid day hatching again. The two green dragonesses had announced that morning their eggs would hatch a few hours in the future. Leisurely visitors had strolled in over the morning, chatting and laughing. 
At this moment, just past noon the first eggs started to shift. A slow pseudo-movement at first, but it was enough. The dragons flew to their perches and started humming. Two proud father dragons stood at the entrance of the cave to get a better view while their mates lay on the sands with the best view of all. And so it should be.
In all aspects this hatching seemed to be a normal one, but many knew it wouldn't be. Many visitors had come just to see whether the glowing genes could be inherited or if they would disappear. All things considered this clutch wouldn't be the right one to decide that from, Duivelth had led his catch into the Elsewhere. It was almost certain that there would be some glowing dragonets in there. 
Trix watched as the candidates were led in, 7 there were for 7 eggs, 4 males and 3 females.
The first Trix spotted was the partly crow-woman Kraia. It was hard not to notice her with her black wings and feathered body. The next candidate she saw entering the cave was Wes, a young earthling who had been found by Maira outside a video arcade, whatever that was. Right behind him stepped in a duo of earthling males. One of them trying to get rid of the other. They had been the last to sign up for this clutch, and only at the last minute. Dirk caught John by the arm, fondling it like it was a puppy or something. Disgusted the other man pulled his arm free and started a conversation with the crow woman which succeeded in making Dirk really jealous.
The remaining three entered, Jahkonu, proud and confident as this young kin had always been. Khana, who had also seen her companion Mecate bond at the Halloween clutch was carrying the smaller Nia, helping her cross the hot sands a bit faster than she could on her own.
The candidates were now quiet, watching the eggs. Even Dirk had given up chasing John for a few minutes, enthralled by what was going to happen. Soft cracking echoed trough the caves and the dragons started singing louder, their music reaching a climax.
The first of Thulessa's eggs split after that, revealing a dragon as green as it's mother. the small hatchling flapped his wings and stepped carefully out of his egg. When it stopped to sit and rest a while it got a rather disturbed look from it's mother.
"My son," Thulessa said, "Please hurry up!"
"Ok, ok mother." he said, "I think I'll pick you." stopping in front of Dirk.
"You would pick me, Xistern?" asked Dirk surprised.
"You know my name, don't you?" the foliage dragonet winked and then pushed his bond outside.
A larger egg cracked, and a glowing, dark red head the bottom of the egg! The egg shards fell away, and the upside down hatchling screeched as he fell over onto his back. 
"John! Little help here?"
John ran over to the blood male and helped the hatchling to right himself, grinning to himself as he did so. 
"Thanks, my name's Asisi."
 The blood said as he nuzzled his rider affectionately.
John just scratched the glowing head and lead the blood off the hatching sands.

John and (Glowing) Blood Asisi (ý)


Name, Gender John (m)
Species Human (earth)
Enjoys Women?

Dirk and Foliage Xistern (m)


Name, Gender Dirk
Species Human (earth)
Enjoys John?


Trix watched the Sands Cavern fill with people. Arayath had announced that her eggs were hatching only 15 minutes ago. And indeed the eggs were rocking fast and vigorous. In fact they were rocking harder than they should have.
Trix looked out. The outside of the cavern was dark. Evening had fallen a couple of hours ago and if the dark wasn't enough it was also raining. All in all the cavern seemed to be the only real place in the world. It felt like the world just ended outside. 
Drenched candidates entered, 10 in all, and only three would most likely bond today. Many of them seemed like they had rather passed for this clutch... but some of them seemed keen enough, like the two flitters Stone and Starwind that were already flying above the eggs, their companions sitting on the benches cheering for them.
There was a large group of Pernese and earthlings chatting a bit, and rubbing their eyes. There were the twins Sirila and Iralis, Nuramor and Nuara, Syve and Julie. A little behind this group, in the shadows was Sekally intent on not impressing. 
The last of the candidates, Estroth, was perched above with the rest of the dragons, as if she wouldn't really be participating in this hatching.
"Her bond isn't in those eggs." Frynoth told Trix.
"Handy to know..."
"We are privileged a bit."
Trix shook her head at that understatement and watched the candidates as the first egg broke. A cloud of dust flew up and obscured the hatchling from the eyes of the humans. However the dragons heard the thoughts of the twins and crooned harder, encouraging the two males to step into the light. Finally they did. The first was a dark sunset with black wings covered with blue wisps and some small glints at the edges. The second, also male was silver-black with more glints and specks of white. A third egg hatched into a brilliant sunset-coloured dragon.
Now there was only one more egg laying on the sands. Flying above it where the two flits. The egg finally cracked in half. Two shadows rolled across the sands in opposite directions. They rolled out of the light into the shadows. 
The candidates suddenly became a bit more excited. Two more dragons that were ready to impress. They were shifting and whispering, as were the people on the benches. Not one of the twin dragons seemed intent on leaving their shadowy hideaway.
Finally the little white-gold flit called Starwind chattered loudly and a small dragon walked out of the shadows. The dragoness walked slowly, hesitatingly into the light.
"Ziryath?" the voice of the flitter echoed through the minds of everyone in the cavern.
"Yes... it's me." The midnight-winged dawn told her. "Last hope..."
"What does that mean?"
"You will figure it out in the end." The tiny dragoness said mysteriously.
Meanwhile strange sounds were coming from the other shadowy corner. Suddenly the young depressed woman Sekally lunged from the shadows. She was running away from something. The dragon?
Complete chaos broke out when a light brighter than anything else in the cavern burst out of the shadows behind her. The candidates turned away, sheltering their eyes from the sudden light.

the loud voice of the hatchling sounded through the cave.
"I can't impress!!!" the young woman yelled back.

"But I need you! And you need me."
"I don't need anybody!"
"If you would just look into my eyes..."
"I won't!"
But the dragoness wasn't that easily thwarted. The light faded for a second but then she stood in front of Sekally, burning as brightly as before.

She said in a voice that would allow no disobedience.
Sekally finally gave in and opened her eyes.
The light glowed even brighter, for a moment washing away all colours.

"I am blinding hope Naderenya." 
She said.
"Blinding hope?"

"Yes, what my sister last hope Ziryath pierces, I tear open. No matter how small it is, I will wedge my way in and do my work."
"Your work?"
"How do you feel, mine?"
"I... I feel ok."
The dragoness bowed her head and then made a strange gesture with her left front paw. 

"Will you h
elp me?"

"I will."
Trix wasn't the only one who looked rather baffled when the last couple left the sands. The way the young woman had acted, Trix had assumed that she would have to sand several times before even a foliage would look at her, caring as they were. But this, no-one had been expecting.
She looked outside and realised it had stopped raining. A soft light came from the beach. So the world was still out there. Maybe the light had just been drawn inward for Naderenya's hatching... 
Trix came down from her bench and joined the party. It was best not to think too long about such things. These thoughts led nowhere.

Sekally and Blinding Hope Naderenya (f)


Name, Gender Sekally (f)
Species Human
Enjoys At the moment of hatching she couldn't enjoy a thing. 


About halfway the hatching, Qauil looked with fatherly pride to their small babies. He could not help but to feel bigger just by seeing what wonderful offspring he and his mate had produced. He looked aside to Fiacha. She too was watching with slightly wet eyes. Quail nuzzled Fiacha and slightly purring, the next hatchling entered the world.
It was a cheerful dragon, with lots of colours like a rainbow. It skipped around, or rather stumbled around her brothers and sisters. She finally stopped at the feet of a large silver dragon. At first it seemed that the dragon was looking over her. But then he playfully pushed a paw out and she flung to his neck.
"Watch out that you donít hurt yourself." He said with a low voice to the dragoness.
"Oh but I am strong and Iíll never be defeated!" She jumped towards him, but he stepped aside and she fell to the ground. Quail showed his teeth and Fiacha made clear she didnít like this at all by shrieking.
The silver dragon bowed for both parents, and then helped his new mate Gaai on her feet again.

Dragonbonded Spectral Gaai (f)


Name, Gender Stilleth (m)
Species Silver Dragon (found no record of him though)
Enjoys ?

All Shadowlings adopted at Lantessama Isle