About the Dragon


Getting to know Lykingthoskydsth
"Kawaii!" A bronze large dragon screamed in the cold morning sky of Chindor Castle. The dragon had come to the world of Icarus to see the hatching of strange dragons with fur and duo wings. But as Lykingthoskydsth saw it, more loving to give to them. Lykingthoskydsth has always had a small weakness for hatchlings, no wonder his lair is looking like this (points at the picture above). 
Although he knows that he can never have a hatchling in the way he wants, he can't help but scream KAWAII every time he sees little eggs lying on the hatching sands. 
Now that very hatchling had paired up with an aspirant (as they called candidates on Icarus), there was nothing left for him to see on this world, and made plans to leave it and go to the next hatching.

Lykingthoskydsth was born on April Fools Day.  And from the moment that he knew how to fly, he visited every hatching that he could get in too. Today wasn't any different. He had heard of a new clutch at Lantessama; a special clutch for the summer. He just had to think of all the bright colours and small dragons, and he was off.

Entering the summer clutch of Lanta
Travelling as fast as light, he came on the world called Lantessama. There he walked silently into the hatching grounds. (he had a special sense that brought him directly to these grounds) 
There they were.. Lots and lots of small eggs, and even smaller eggs mixed together. He had never seen such small eggs, and instantly fell in love with the eggs. Although he knew he couldn't touch any of the eggs, he couldn't help but feel the warmth on his paw. And before he could stop himself, he touched one of them. And was that a small answer to his paw? a soft kick? 
Lykingthoskydsth felt how the words came from the deepest place in his body, towards his mouth, and screamed KAWAII! But because of those words, attention was drawn to him.
"What are you doing here?" A tanned girl with pearly white teeth asked him.
"I just wanted to see the eggs.." Lykingthoskydsth answered softly. Feeling sorry for the fact he had screamed and by that making the conversation with the small one very short.
"You aren't signed up jet are you?" The tanned girl with blond hair said to the large bronze dragon.
"N... No, Can I?" He had never though of impressing a small hatchling himself. Although he knew it would grow, he would love it just the same, with all his heart, and protect it against everything it was scared of.
"Of course! Follow me." The girl turned around and walked slowly to the exit.
"I'll be back sweaty.." The dragon whispered quickly and turned his tail around the eggs and squeezed it softly. A small thump from inside the eggs made it clear that the hatchling was waiting impatiently.

Hatching and growing
The soft summer breeze gently caressed the trees on tree peak isle, lingered for a moment before dieing down and letting the sun take up her reign again. Cyan let her face bask in the light for a moment before she left her greenhouse and headed for the fazzle garden.
The usually lively garden filled with it's living flowers was bustling with life even more today. Cyan scanned the waiting crowds and headed over for Lucas who was too busy with the last preparations to notice a bomb exploding next to him, let alone her walking in calmly.
"Are you sure you're ok with the eggs hatching here?" she asked. 
It had been her suggestion to leave the holiday cavern once and have the summer hatching outside. Maybe last year's run had influenced her, she couldn't be sure, but somehow summer festivals should be celebrated outside in stead of in a cool shady cavern. She shrugged, besides, butterflies looked great with flowers.
"You were right about the fazzles, they do seem to be interested in these eggs." Lucas said, "If only they'd keep away from the eggs. I don't want any impressing a dragon."
"They won't."
Cyan reassured him, "They just want to look at all the pretty colours that are going to hatch." Cyan sighed, "That's one thing they have in common with Trix, the brighter the colours, the prettier she thinks they are. Have you seen what she has done to the records room? That's just too much yellow." Cyan shuddered.
Lucas smiled, "There's nothing we can do about that, so don't get worked up about it. Today at least you're outside among the greenery you love."
"That's true." Cyan sighed, "Zaranyth, how long?"
"They are getting close to hatching." the sun dragoness spoke back to her rider, "It's fun getting to see a holiday hatching again."
Certainly, the holiday cavern would have been cramped again with the candidates that had signed up for this year's clutch. There were two dragons, neither of them the general small size of Lantessaman dragons who would have certainly felt cramped inside the tiny underground cavern. With them inside there would hardly be room for the humans, elves, faes, imp and butterfly shifter to also find a comfortable place to follow the hatching from, let alone enough airspace. 
Out in the open, everyone had plenty of room and none of the candidates had to worry about not being able to see the eggs that were laid out in a casual pattern. In between the smaller and larger eggs, fazzles were indeed crawling, walking or dangling, as if they thought the meadow wasn't colourful enough for these eggs. Flowers in all colours seemed to have sprouted overnight and them moving only made the whole feel more like a magical forest. Maybe the summer imp Ha was responsible for the sudden bloom in flowers, or for the eggs' sudden eagerness to hatch. Maybe it was the elves, or just bad timing. Either way, it didn't seem like Lucas would be able to finish his decorations before the first egg cracked it's shell. 
Pulling Lucas' pants, Cyan whispered: "Get down, it's starting." as the first of the eggs made a sudden lunge. Being a center egg, it's movements caused quite a stir. It had been one of the bigger eggs, making it's shattering strength enough to knock over several smaller ones that had been around it. The first-born purple-orange female butterfly blinked as she was suddenly surrounded with a flock of rainbow-coloured flit-sized butterfly dragons.
Lykingthoskydsth stood a bit lonely at the far edge of the meadow, hidden partly by the shadows from the first trees of the forest. Though some had approached him at first, his love for cute things was easily misunderstood. He could not help himself but to look longingly at all the hatchlings that were on the meadow and all the eggs that still held promise. But what hatchling would approach him knowing that the larger they got, the less cute they would be, and thus the less desirable in Ly's eyes.
"I think you're pretty cute too." a soft voice hesitantly spoke, "I like your bells."
Ly brought his front paws up to his head, catching a yellow male butterflyt. While the small body felt warm in his clutches, Ly could not stop the bells and horns going of in his heart and mind.
"You are so cute, Haruka." he whispered.
Two more butterflyts, females, one orange, one pink, flew closer. But before Ly could look at them, Haruka squirmed free and fended them off. 
"Away! He's mine."
"Don't you want more friends?" Ly asked, all the other flyts had gone of in pairs, well aside from that one that had been dragged by the pink beauty.
"I don't want you thinking of others." the yellow sobbed, "Only think of me."
Leaving the unlikely couple to talk things over for themselves, the other two butterflyts flew around aimlessly. They had not been too interested in the big dragon, but they had wanted to make friends with their brother. 

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