Is a candidate at Keltic Spirit Glade

Hana lived in the city of Lyria. She was born there 20 years ago and had black hair and light purple eyes. Hana was trained to be a fisherman's wife. She didn't like the fact that some day, not so long from now, she would have to marry some stranger of this city and do as she was told.
She liked to make her own dissections and look after herself. What would some man tell her what she had to do at home!
But then again.. She couldn't escape, that would make her mother very sad, and she loved her too much to do that.

'Mom? I'm going outside!'
'Ok honey..' Her mother replied.
When she was outside she went to the beach. She loved the water and maybe she would see a water dragon..
 After a few minutes of wondering around at the shores, she saw a Dolphin Dragon. Why couldn't anyone save her from this life? Like every legend...
She sat down and looked at the dragon. It was a pretty one.. It could dive really fast, and it was playful. So innocent.. Hana sighed. 
As she looked at the dragon she noticed that there was a man sitting on the dragon. Isn't that dangerous? Oh Hana would have done everything to sit there on that dragon in staid of that man..
She looked at the dragon that just came back to surface. And like something pulled the man's eyes to Hana he looked at her, he was curios.
He said something to his dragon and the dragon swam to Hana..
Hana panicked.. She quickly stood up and ran away, back to her home.

Why did I do that? She asked herself.. Why hadn't she wait for him? Maybe he had offered her to take a swim.. Why didn't she wait? She could hit herself. Now it was sure that she would have to marry a complete stranger! She was quietly crying while she was doing her daily tasks.
I don't have to sit here crying! It's my own fault.. I should have waited for that man! She scrubbed the floor even harder.

After she had done the floor she had to do the windows. They were dirty because of all the salt. She loved the soft breeze playing with her hair. She still couldn't stop thinking of that man who was playing with his dragon.. She had finished one of the windows when she saw a reflection of the man. Am I going crazy? it flashed through her mind. But she wasn't. It was that same man, coming towards her.
What am I going to do now? she thought. He hasn't seen me jet.. I can still get away.. She jumped away from the window, spilling a lot of water and ran inside. Her mother was away now together with her father. He just came back from fishing. She was alone... How could she escape? She looked around. But there was no way out, only one door and then he might see her..
She stood there in the middle of the room when she heard a nock on the door. I have to open the door.. I simply can't ignore knocking on the door..
She pulled all of her courage together and opened the door.

'Hello!' he said, his soft low voice was as if he took her on his dragon and that they swam away... 'My name is Gymnon..' He smiled at her. Hana tried to say something, it didn't matter what.. But she couldn't
'Hello' She said softly. Her through was dry. 'Do you wish to come inside?' She stepped away from the door and he entered. He was almost a head bigger then herself and he needed to duk to get through the door. Hana couldn't resent to smile at that silly sight.
He smiled back.. So he had a sense of humour... He's so pretty... But I can't... I can't fall in love with him.. Oh, the heck with how people will react! I want my life to be exiting and at least have somebody I love next to me..
'Do you want anything to drink sir?'
'Please say Gymnon, I'm not that old..' He smiled again at her. 'I would love some water, thank you' Did he feel the same way? She turned away and felt his eyes on her back.
'Here you go..' She felt that she was blushing.
'I haven't heard your name jet..'
'Oh sorry...' She blushed even harder 'My name is Hana.' She hesitated.. Did she dare to ask...
'I have a question for you Gymnon, but I'm not sure if I can ask you this..'
'Please do Hana..' He smiled in a way she felt comfortable.
'I was wondering what you are doing here...'
'That's no question you should not ask. I'm here because my dragon and I saw you some time ago.. That was you right?'
'Yes it was.. Sorry for running away..'
'That's nothing! It was fun searching for you. Now I have a question for you...'
'Would you like to come with me? My dragon saw you first and said you would make a wonderful candidate..' Now he was blushing.
'I would love to! But I can't... I don't know how my parents would react..'
'I will ask them. I am the lieutenant, and I can ask for any person I think is best...' He smiled.
Great... I fell in love with somebody who is to high for me... She smiled back at him, but she didn't feel happy.. She loved him and it could never work out...
'I will come back for you tonight.' He finished his drink and went outside. Leaving Hana alone again. What was she to do? She didn't know how her parents were going to react and it seemed that Gymnon wasn't going to take a step back. He would leave with her... She finished her tasks quickly and then went to bed.. She felt miserable...


That evening her parents came home and Gymnon came almost at the same time. He was very polite and asked if Hana could become a candidate. At first her parents didn't like that idea. But somehow Gymnon could convince them. After that conversation everything went so fast.. She had to pack her things and then she left her parents.. She wouldn't see them as much as she was used to, but with the care of a dragon...

'Hana? You have to come with me now and listen to what I say... I will teach you how you will have to be to impress a dragon, And which dragons there are. You'll get a room and I will be there for you all the time.. So if you need anything, feel free to ask me. It doesn't matter how late it is.' He was blushing.. Maybe he felt the same way about her as she did about him..