Bumping into faith

Wondering on the streets on a cold night, Direnga walked slowly to nowhere. Wondering why she had walked out of her warm house, or why she didn't want to stay here in this long forgotten town, she bumped into a pretty bike. She knew it was a VX 800. Her dad had owned just the same bike. She had once driven it, but when her father died of an accident with that bike, she had never rebuild it. But now, seeing the same black bike, her fingers aced, and she stepped closer.
Maybe being a thief wasn't that awfull. And she would place it back after taking it for a ride, or at least that was what she promissed the owner secretly. The keys weren't on the ignition, but that didn't matter, Direnga knew how to start without a key. (pretty neat trick é?)

Feeling the air through her hair again, and the machien between her legs, she felt happy again sincce a long time. Her mother had left her, after her father had died. She never really liked her mother, but she leaving Direnga was a shock to her. Although she never really looked for her mother, she missed the woman.
She drove over highways, and on some god forsaken roads, and she didn't even once thought of stopping. When she fell without of gass, she cursed for a while. How could she been that stupid? Pulling the bike along, she walked slowly to a gass-station, and there filled the tank. 
"Young girl?" She hated it when people called her young girl. She was 19 years old, and seen as an adult in some parts of the world. Turning around, she looked in a friendly old face.
"What?" She asked, a bit angryer than she had ment to.
"Are you going to Angun? You can't go looking like that. COme in, come in..." Guistering she followed the old woman. Direnga wondered who was this Angun fellow, and what the hell was wrong with her looks? 
The old woman was babling on and on, and Direnga wasn't really listening. But then the old woman, named Anda, showed her the dress she had to wair. A long, light blue dress, with little sparkling stones and a matching hairtey. Direnga's mouth fell open.
"What the ..." 
"Now now, Don't say such bad words. Put this on."
"Because I think you would be perfect for Angun. Plus when he picks you, you can say good things about me to the family. It would be great for us both."
"Right.." Direnga said sarcasticly.
"Put it on, Direnga. And stop complaining. You're already late."
"Did I give you my name? I didn't think so.." Direnga asked the old woman. But the old woman had disapeared. Pulling on the dress, she ran/stumbled outside and looked around.
"Sir, do you know Anda?" She asked. But the man looked at her if she was from another world. So apperently not. Turning away, she got bac on her bike. Why was she actually wairing that dress? Thinking of Anda, she started her bike and drove to that strange place.

When she got to the house, or rather mantion, she looked up and thought that she was dreaming, and she was the princess. Looking around with big eyes, she was happy that she had listened to somebody's advice for one time in her life.
Inside, lots of girls were babling very loudly. Looking annoyed, she tried to find a place where it was less noisy. And when she found that place, she also found a very handsome young man. He looked ratherunhappy, but his medium brown hair, and his hazle eyes made you forget about his feelings. 
"Hello.. I though I would be the only one here. Sorry. I'll leave.." Absently she bowed and wanted to turn around, but his strong hand made her stop.
"Please. I didn't want you to leave. I have to go in a second, but for now, I would be happy with your company." He said.
She felt her knees getting weak. What a gentleman. Grinning stupidly, she went to sit beside him in the rather small hidingplace.
Recovering, and saving the last bit of selfrespect, she asked him: "What's your name?"
"Angun." he looked even more sad. Direnga knew that she had to remember that name from somewhere, but she didn't know where. But then when he was called away, she remembered. This was the host of the feast. As the feast went on, she stayed there for at least a few hours more, gathering her thoughts.
But then, a hand reaching out to her asked her to dance. "Will you dance with me kind lady?" It was Angun. Her heart racing, her knees trembling, she took his hand and started to dance.
"I thought you already left." Angun whispered in her ear.
"I never run from life." She whispered back.
"And can I know your name? It's rather unmanered not to tell."
"Oh... Sorry... My name is Direnga. Nice to meet you."
"Likewhise. I think you're the first girl that didn't knew my name."
"Really? Are you that famouse?"
He laughed a rather low laugh, the kind that made you laugh as well. Grinning, he looked at her, but then the light in his eyes died again, and he grew silent.
"What's wrong?" She asked him.
"My parents are forcing me to get married to a wealthy girl."
"Then you have a problem.. I'm not wealthy at all.." She said. It was the first thing that she thought of, and she regretted it from the moment it passed her lips.
"That's a big problem.." He gasped.
Angry, she pulled away. "How dear you say something like that!" She screamed. Not caring that everybody looked at her. 
"I didn't mean it like that." He said.
"What did you mean then? That poor girls aren't worthy? Or maybe that I should have never been here? Well I'll solve that for you!" Grabbing her skirt, she walked angry outside. Somewhere, deep inside hersle, she wanted him to follow her, but he didn't. And she wasn't going to wait. 
Starting her bike, she drove for miles and miles. Angry for herself for feeling so helplessly so suddenly, and knowing that he had been right when he said that he needed a wealthy girl. But still...

Getting caught

It was early the next morning when her bike fell without gaseline again. Kicking the bike, and then falling on her knees crying, she was picked up by strong hands.
"Your coming with us." A low and scary voice said to her. She tried to fight back, but the long drive had made her tired, and she was too weak. Softly crying, she was trown into the trunk of a car, and she felt that they were driving quickly. It weren't the cops. Perhaps the owner of the bike found her and wanted to punish her? She didn't really care anyway.

When the trunk opened, she was blined by the strong sunlight. But when her eyes got used to it, she saw her attacker. It didn't really seem as the owner of the bike. He was more a bad guy, but not bike bad guy. It was hard to explaine, but then again, he was big enough for her to feel frightened.
"Come here." 
Squiking, she tried to jump away, but he got her dress and ripped it. That stupid dress.. Was she still wearing it? She should have never gone there!
"Sit down here!" She was thrown on a chair, and her legs were to weak to stand on. Had they really entered a building? She hadn't noticed. Shacking her head to get rid of the pain and slowness of her mind, she felt a thrubbing pain on her left side of her head. She tried to touch it, but her hand couldn't reach it. And she couldn't move her feet. Frigtened that she was parilised, she moved wildly. It were only ropes that made it impossible to move. But then it went all dark in front of her eyes, and she fainted.

Since that day, she fainted and woke several times a day, or at least, she thought it were days. Maybe hourse. Or perhaps weeks.. She lost all track of time.
But when she was getting better, less headacks and less fainting, she started to look around and tried to get away.
On one of those attempts, somebody entered the old, or at least she thought old, building.
"What have you done to my son?"
"Wha..?" Direnga didn't know what was happening.
"You dirty seductress. Who did send you? Where is he?"
"Who? Damn you? You kidnap me and you dare to call me names?" She was too angry to be frigtened, and the well learned language of the woman didn't really scare her all that much. She was rewarded with some heavy beating.
"Don't talk to me like that! Where is Argun?"
"I don't know. I wasn't good enough for him.."
"What are you talking about? He followed you outside, and that was the last I ever saw of my son. We need him for our business." 
"Perhaps he left you because you would never listen to him?" Again a right amed hit on her left cheek. Direnga screamed out of pain. She felt that blood flowing slowly from a cut on her cheek.
"Don't talk about our son like that!"
"I've known him for one night, and even I could see that you only use him" Now she was quick enough to avoid the first hit, but then again, she was still tied on the chair. She fell down with chair and everything, hurting her arm badly. Direnga fainted again.

That was the last that she ever heard of the hysteric woman. She was left alone, and she knew that she was getting mad with every hour that passed. She was hungry and cold. The pain controled her hours that she was awake. Slipping away from this wolrd, she tried to stay awake. But she knew that she was going to dye, and soon too...

But then ,in a haze, she felt that she was picked up by a man that she had never seen before. He got her in his arms and carried her outside. The light hurt her eyes, but she couldn't cry anymore. She felt water on her bursted lips, and in a last act of survivale, she grabbed the mans arms and shivered. 
Many hours later, she was recovered enough to see the slender man with mistical grey eyes and blond hair, and strangly enough his dragon too. She could remember a soft, but rather pushy voice that had made her stay on this world. It had been the dragon. She had only heared it in stories, but never thought in her wildest dreams that they were real.
Ignace had explained to her that they came from another world. The rest was rather blury, but she knew enough that she could trust the man and his dragon. 
"What are you going to do now?" Ignace asked her kindly.
"Is there any chance that I can come with you? There is nothing here for me.." With pain in her heart she thought of Angun. She had loved him from the first moment she had seen him. But now she didn't know if he was death, or perhaps stranded somewhere. Or maybe his mother had found him.
"Of course you can come with us. Are you strong enough?"
"I won't get any stronger for a long time I'm affraid."
"I'll carry you. And then Tepiek here will fly us both to my home world."
"Thank you." She tried to smile, but moving hurt. But it wasn't his faulght, so she said nothing about the pain.

Entering another world

It had been cold for a few seconds, and then they landed on a beautifull place. She would never ride a bike again ,but that didn't matter. This world was still pure, untouched by human hands, or at least not so much.
"This is Dragon Tears. Welcome." He said. 
"It's beautifull.." She whispered.
"We have another surprise.."
"Saving my life was enough Ignace.." 
"No it isn't. Tepiek can feel that your heart could never be healed unless Angun and you are back together."
"You mean..." She couldn't speak anymore. Tears flowed over her sheeks, stining her wounds.
"There he is." Ignace pointed.  small man from this high in the sky, was waving at them, and when they landed, he ran to her and picked her in his strong arms.
"Forgive me Direnga.." He whispered.
She still couldn't say anything. She kissed him, and then fainted.

"Is she going to be alright?" Direnga could hear the worry in Angun's voice.
"She's waking up. Hey!" Direnga could just see him push the hippy like girl out of the way. Then his strong arms surrounded her, and she whispered "I forgive you."

Months passed, and she was finally strong enough to travel away from the island, and to Angun. He was standing in a clutch of gosth dragons, as they called it here at their home. She had been calling Dragon Tears her home, ever since she arrived with Ignace.
Angun had been wonerfull. He would have even called the whole hatching off, but she said that he had to. She would go to a hatching place somewhere, she didn't know where. But she knew it would be together with Angun and his dragon.

Hatching of Jenda

The first young dragoness was soon joined by two more females and a male. All of them were coloured in the greys of the mountains, ranging from a pale white-grey to a dark, almost black slate colouring. But on closer look, two of them had a faint sheen on their hair and wings.
It was one of these that made her move first. The black-purple mountain female looked up, straight in the eyes of Direnga. The young girl was still somewhat shaken from her time away from the world and her feelings about Angun, who had caused all of her troubles were ambivalent, but her feelings now did not leave room for doubt.
“Jenda?” she asked.
”That’s my name.” The dragoness said, “So, where will we end up?”
”I don’t know…”
“Doesn’t really matter,” she shrugged, “I’m happy now.”

Growing up

Jenda loved to fly around her mountains as she called it, and she loved to drop down in mid air and then back up when only 5 cm away from the ground. 
Direnga didn't like that much, and the first time Jenda droped down, Direnga screamed her lungs out.

"Yes honey?"
"Where is Kyron? I need him?"
"He's probably out with Angun. Why?" Direnga feld her dragon move uncomftrably. 
"I need Kyron Direnga... NOW." Direnga got out of bed and ran towards her dragon. Her dragon had never ever raised her voice even once. And now, Direnga was shocked. She felt a rather strange sturring in her tummy, and then she got it.
"Angun!" She called. Hoping he would hear her. Jenda was ready to fly...


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