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People were running on the Isle. Eggs had been announced to hatch at the nekrat bay. Then, when most people had started to speed toward the joyous event, more dragon's voices rose. It were the twin voices of Kirawinktra and Naywinktra whose clutches were also showing signs of live. 
For a moment there was a stagnation of movement. Which hatching should be attended? Which clutch would be the most spectacular? Almost as one did the crowd turn to the regular hatching sands. Nerats hatched under water anyway.
Kirawinktra had her eggs shielded by her glossy purple wing membranes, while Kaywinktra seemed to be more open and happy to see her children bond. Milineth and 'Xeth, along with Arajaxth and Ciqatanth, sat close to the twin purples as the eggs rocked under their watchful eyes.
It was near the end of the hatchings on Kaywinktra and Kirawinktra's eggs when Avalonath too raised her voice and announced that her three eggs were hatching. Her eggs rocked and tossed and soon a wet muzzle pierced through the shell of one of them.
The next egg of Avalonath smashed to the ground spilling not one, but two dragonets to the floor. One was a very small bright female rain, the next a small opal male. Both of them were small even by Lantessaman standards, but they were healthy and all the more agile.
The male was the first to move
. He dashed toward the dragons, leaving his sister sitting on the sand.
Meanwhile, Urusth's twin was still sitting on the sand, not making a move toward the candidates, though they tried getting her attention. It wasn't until a school of dragonders burst in that the hatchling finally got to her feet, albeit just to reach out toward them.
"Aren't these supposed to be locked up?" Trix asked Donriven sitting beside her.
"Herein tries to keep them locked in," Donriven answered, "but he also states that they are intelligent little critters. they seem to have a love for escaping he can't really get out of them."
"I hope they don't cause too much of a commotion."
 Trix shrugged, "I can miss the paperwork."
"You love the paperwork."
 Donriven replied with an ironic grin.
"You know me too well."
Their attention returned to the hatchling female who seemed to be the center of activity. A humming sound suddenly filled the cave and slowly words started forming from the hum.
"We are yours, Yorthopa." the buzz said, "We long to be free. Take us away."
"Why aren't you free?" the rain asked.
"We cannot leave without a dragon. Be ours as we are yours..."
"Where would we go?"
"Everywhere..." the dragonders whispered, after which they got too excited to make out much of the humming buzz. "Take us." seemed to come back a lot of times, but whatever else was said got lost in the murmur.
"I too want to be free." the rain said, "I will go with you." she smiled, "I'll have adventures." with that said, the tiny blue dragoness nearly skipped away from the sands.

Name: Yorthopa
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Description: A very small and bright dragoness, Yorthopa is hardly big enough to take a rider. Maybe because of this, she didn't bond to a human but in stead chose to stay with the dragonders, the little sentient fish that live in one of the more hidden caves on Lantessama Isle. They need a dragon's mental energy to survive and go to great lengths to be near them. Surprisingly these dragonders have quite a lot of mental energy, being able to form little bubbles of water around them which they levitate and move to go where they want to be. 
Place of Origin: Lantessama Isle

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