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Name: Yahgero
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon Mutt
Description: Yaghero is a proud, dark green dragon with lighter coloured armour on his head, arms and legs. He has raspberry pink stripes and wings and white fur around his head, neck and tail. Yaghero hatched quite a while ago, but has not yet bonded, preferring to see the world for himself first. He is an analytical and serious character, preferring to be in control. He likes to challenge himself but is smart enough to pick those challenges he knows are within his reach.  
Place of Origin: Somewhere out there. Credits to Dray and Phe
   *Swift Movement 
   *Analytical Thinking

It had maybe been too easy a job for the proud emerald green dragon Yaghero, but he had not thought it would land him in this type of trouble. Some people were just impossible. He had offered them the solution to their problem. He had even identified the origin of the calamity. Yaghero couldn't help it that his chosen solution was seen as cruel and that him being the cause had led to people wanting to kill him. He hadn't done it on purpose and killing him would only aggravate the problem.... but tell that to the humans.  
Of course, now that he had to run -or kill everyone mad enough to be after him- that left him with very few options. Yaghero made it a point not to kill beings that could think logically. Humans were on the border of that divide as present events proved that not all of them could be trusted to reason normally. Killing them, Yaghero knew, would only further his trouble as humans seemed to always see a strong opponent as something they could overcome with greater numbers. 
So if talking didn't help, if hiding was something his pride would not allow him to do, than the only sane thing left was to leave. He wouldn't call it fleeing, not even a tactical retreat. No, he was just leaving before things got even worse and it was the smart thing to do. Alas, because he'd liked this planet. There were big game animals to hunt and plenty of forests to explore. And the humans had gotten to a level where they had enough conveniences to make everything pleasant. Luckily they had yet to develop a good way of interdimensional tracking or things might have looked worse for him.
Yaghero hopped into a portal, dimensional rift, or however else you'd like to call it and he instantly appeared elsewhere. 

To be continued when the right clutch opens up.

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Coming Soon

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