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Name: Witklif Keistrand R'taou
Nickname: Wikaou
Gender: Male
Species: Y’ughai Mutt
Parents: Kitty x Emphiron R’taou
Place of Origin: Mirus Fortress (FlammaAgua Redux)
Description: A pale centaur dragon with long grey horns, large ears and yellow eyes with slit pupils. His six limbs are clawed. Large parts of his body are covered in lush peach and silver fur. He has two fluffy tails and large, teal-coloured wingsails. 
Size: Small to Medium-Small
Personality: Relaxed, confident and impossible to make nervous, Wikaou is cool and collected and very much into summer pastimes. He enjoys swimming, sunning and just about anything involving water sports. 
   *Verbal Speech
   *Water Manipulation
   *Weather Control

Witklif Keistrand R'taou - usually called Wikao by friends and family, Witklif by acquaintances and Mr. R'taou by strangers - was strolling down the beach. On his left side a white cliff stretched to the sky, on his right side the sea retreated from the land. Wikao was heading north. Yesterday he'd travelled south. Maybe tomorrow he'd go for a swim. Wikao was pretty certain he'd never climb the cliff wall. Having wings pretty much meant that climbing was not an interesting pastime to the Centaur dragon. 
Wikao's life mostly centred around doing some light exercise in the morning, eating lunch and then doing some fun things. Evenings were reserved for flying and mornings for swimming. Sometimes other dragons or people joined him and then he might play a few games. other times he was on his own, enjoying the quiet time to think. 
Wikao knew that it wasn't exactly true but no-one seemed to call him a liar when he proclaimed that he was bound to this land and would never leave. Some dragons would look for a bond, others yearned for treasure. But those things didn't motivate Wikao and they never would. Maybe one day family would take an important place in his heart.  

will be continued for the right bond.
Needs someone to show up :D

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