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Name: Veralynn Landwerlen
Gender: Female
Colour Yellow, green, brown, grey
Species: Half Makanan Asandus
Parents: Green Dragon Vyly x Makanan Asandus Aedelian Landwerlen
Place of Origin: Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux
Description: A lime yellow dragonness with grey feathers and zebra stripes, a green mane and brown scaled armour. 
Personality: Secretive, insecure and crafty. 
     *Avengaean Functional Magic 
     *Psionics (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation) 
     *Shapeshifting (Asandus-Human Spectrum) 
     *Verbal Speech

Veralynn hid in her invisibility. She really didn't like meeting new people. Going new places was slightly better as long as she didn't need to converse. It was so easy to hear what others were thinking with her telepathy and the prospect of hearing the unedited opinion of strangers was frightening. 
If she could have gotten out of this assignment she would have. But one simply did not say no to the Laedrys. It had been chance really that Veralynn had arrived at Lantessama. Shy and young she'd been too inexperienced to wander around without being noticed. Luckily the dragons and people had been pretty friendly. Some had come on strong, but others had noticed and had protected her.
Veralynn had resided on the isle since then and had become pretty at ease with her life. There was plenty of uninhabited space after all. One just had to avoid IceLand and the group of young IceLanders who liked to camp on the main continent. The rest of that large landmass was pretty much open for her to relax in solitude. But she had to return to her home at times or the Laedrys would send out a search party. It had happened once before and Veralynn did not want to risk a second offence. 
Of course, she was here on a completely different planet. Maybe she could just disappear. Would the Laedrys send out someone to look for her this far out? Veralynn considered it and decided the Laedrys would. Probably Draca and Ryuen. And they came on strong too. Veralyn wouldn't chance it. 
But why exactly was she here? Nobody had briefed her. Maybe because she'd vanished as soon as she'd gotten the coordinates of where she had to be. But it did make her task harder...

To be continued for the right bond
looking for: shifter

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