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Name: Ttuocao Na’carrah
Gender: Male
Species: Hathydra
Parents: 15-headed Silver hathydra Nairyg Na'carrah x Winter Solstice Hathian Mutt Tnalexan
Origin: Abstract Destiny (Clutch 23)

     *Sex: Male
     *Adult Height: 21’ at the shoulder
     *Colour: Green
     *Headcount: Two
Personality: Quietly forceful, and Enthusiastic. When someone speaks of the power behind the throne, they are speaking of Ttuocao. He is devilishly intelligent and eager to whisper into the ears of anyone willing to listen if he believes it will get him something. He does not like to be in the spotlight himself, but attaches himself to people with charisma and importance so as to be carried along on their ride to the top. He can get easily over-excited as he finds any social mood very infectious.
   *Air Magic
   *Breath Weapon (Acid)
   *Verbal Speech

Like the rest of the candidates that had passed Nairyg’s interview, some of her siblings were spaced well around the Bay perimeter, and everyone was as distant from her nested eggs as possibly could be. Nairyg and Tnalexan would be the first faces all of their children would see. The candidates were, functionally, a last resort. Only of the hatchlings’ own volition, should they feel that persistent call of a bond force them from their parents’ sides, would they “ideally” even know the candidates were present.
When the crackling sounds of breaking shells began, it was a comfortably familiar sound. Nairyg and Lex crooned towards their children’s efforts, the sound quietly picked up by some of the other draconic attendees, and another generation entered the world.
There was a distinct physical variance in Nairyg’s children to be seen as they began to arrive. Some were gangling little things, their wrinkly baby bodies wobbling awkwardly from the remnants of their shells upon long, fragile legs. Others were chubby little butterballs, rolling into the moss and sometimes struggling to even get their stubby legs to make contact with the ground without one of their parents giving them a helpful snout-nudge over. Some had egg-wet clumps of fur upon their heads and tails, others did not. Some had tiny wings upon their backs, years away from being anything close to a flightworthy size, and some only had the elongated, backswept toe that would eventually be (one presumed) Hathian wing-spurs.
Uniformly, however, they all had the infant curls of golden Hathian horns around their eyes — and they each had a single gem in the middle of their foreheads, too, set in a similar plate of keratin. He saw gems in opal-black, and others in opal-white. Females and males, as hydra blood displayed it, and yet not via hydra crowns. Schroeder mused on this as he looked upon them, identifying them as something much more delicate, less obtrusive than the heavy structure that weighted Nairyg’s ruling head.
Perhaps…diadems? He added a memo to the luminous screen of his datapad, saving the possible terminology for later.
A pair of greens — one light-bellied, the other dark — were the first to truly free themselves from their shells, perhaps aided by the way their eggs had rocked against each other. In the softness of the hatching bay moss, there was nothing to aid their efforts but each other, and they creeled with exhaustion as they squirmed into the world proper.
Nairyg’s crowned head came down to regard them closely, her fourteen others crooning at the softest volume such large maws could manage. Tnalexan was no less fascinated, proud, curious — all of these things, as the pair collapsed against each other and seemed very content not to move after that. Shell-breaking was hard work!
::They’re beautiful,:: Lex murmured.
“Twezao…and Ttuocao,” their mother decided, pulling carefully from a mental list of names she and her mate had assembled beforehand, but that she had been stiffly unwilling to assign in advance.
“And they’re staying right here,” Nairyg declared with certainty as the pair made good on a post-hatching doze, a few of her lesser heads shooting cold, violet glares towards the candidates.

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