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The last rays of the sun had faded, the first light of the stars only started shining when movement was detected in the hatching cavern. Kale, rider of Fire Tairim, stirred and called in Draca, his lover and rider of the dragon that had fathered the clutch. 
"It has begun." he called, finding Draca soaring in the air along the side of Ryuen.
"Finally!" she called out, "I can't wait to see the hatchlings Ryuen has been bragging about."
"You and me both."
he answered back.
"Love, could you take care of the light while I alert the Laedryses?" he asked Tairim.
"Certainly." The fire dragon said and within seconds the cavern was bathing in the soft light of a thousand flames, hanging in the sky, some softly twirling, others colliding, melting together and then departing again. The sight was quite breathtaking.
"I should have found out sooner that if we came to Lantessama you would be magic." Kale said, "I don't mind having a weird-looking human around, in fact I'm not normal either, But this has some great potential."
"Men, always wanting to take advantage of you."
Tairim mumbled.
"Women, always saying we want to take advantage and then using us to get more magic dragons to guard Lantessama, which, looking to me, is doing fine."
"It was a publicity stunt, dear." Draca said from the entrance of the cavern.
Kale looked at his dragon with a look that said: 'See!'
"But it worked out splendidly." Draca added, "We haven't had this much candidates in ages."
Shortly after, candidates started to file in, looking up at the candles with various feelings. While they tried to find a good place, either in shadow or in the light, the spectators took place in the benches, discussing the possibility of seasons in the clutch.
The rumour of the nature of this clutch had spread fast, Draca couldn't help to notice. More than a few people from the neighbouring village, and even from the older Syldan Planet had chosen to make the visit to see the hatching.
When everyone was seated and even the few late-comers had ceased to sneak in, the first egg cracked open. Gasps arose from the audience and Draca looked smugly at Kale when a true season emerged from her egg. The hide of the Winter Season was delicately white, with just hints of blue at the edges of her wings and limbs. The light of the flames almost seemed to set her hide on fire, like burning oil catching flame.
Three eggs hatched next in a matter of a seconds. The hatchlings that walked the sand were at different corners of the cavern and had no problem bonding all at the same time. The third male wandered for a moment close to the candidates, but finally turned back to the eggs and waited at the edge of the cavern. He was a winter in colour, white with blue streaks chasing each other on his body. When gently asked why he didn't bond by his father Ryuen, the hatchling answered:
chosen hasn't arrived yet. My name is Rhazoon."

With a shrug Draca turned her attention to the eggs again and waited for the next egg to hatch. There were still 5 eggs on the sands, all of which were rocking gently. Two eggs that had started moving more violently when Juanor had bonded, crashed together and broke into pieces. The hatchlings fell into each other's arms in a mix of yellow and green. A loud hiss from the side however raised the heads of the two female hatchlings.
"You are mine, not hers." The bondless winter said, "Rhyanna, come with me."
"You do feel familiar." The smallest spring answered as she jumped on top of her sister. "But are you sure it is you who I want?"
"Who else would you take." Rhazoon asked seemingly unfazed, though there was a worried edge at the sound of his voice.
"Her for instance." The spring pointed to her sister.
"Hey! Don't I get a say in this?" the other dragoness asked.
"Don't you want to bond me Exhubith?" Rhyanna asked.
"Not really. I'm more of a free spirit." The larger spring said matter-of-factly. "Besides, I am not going to fight him."
"Good choice." Rhazoon glared, "You don't want to anger me." 
"Of course not. Well, where should I go?" Exhubith asked her father.
"Serpent's Reach asked for a dragon." Ryuen said, "Sound good?"
When the three unbonded had left the sands, only two more eggs remained on the sands. 

Name: Spring Rhyanna (f) and Winter Rhazoon (m)
Species: Dragon (Season)
Place of Origin: Lantessama Isle


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