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Name: Kreenoth
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Description: A handsome dragon with a hide that fades from dark blue to black, blue wings and blue-green eyes. He has two straight white horns and a ridge that extends from his forehead down to the base of his neck. Personality wise Kreenoth is trusting and kind. He can be a bit of a prankster but it's all in good fun. Kreenoth certainly doesn't want for anyone to get hurt.
Place of Origin: Nexus Forum Giveaway (Darkling Dawn)

Kreenoth entered the Rapture and was immediately energised by the movement that was all around him. People, dragons and all kinds of other sentients were milling around doing odd jobs to prepare the large ballroom for the event. Somewhere close scientists were busy experimenting while the 16 pairs of dragons guarded their eggs. Kreenoth didn't see any he recognised but hoping to bond one later he would go and get acquainted with the parents when things calmed down a bit.
Seeing all the black and white, Kreenoth suddenly understood why the Laedrys had asked him to attend. Clearly there was some kind of dress-code and that explained the small white bow she'd lend him to wear around his neck. He'd kinda deliberately dropped the little strangling device somewhere along the way in the elsewhere though and there was no way to get it back. Those who didn't like blue would just have to focus on the black. Although, he could use some of those cosmetics the human women used to lighten his dashing wings if they so requested it. 
Thinking on it, that didn't seem all that comfortable either. Kreenoth just decided to keep his wings folded tightly. People usually didn't mess with dragons anyway. The feeling of being slightly out of line was nice and he would enjoy the subterfuge.   

Kreenoth is a candidate at the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball
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