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Name: Rey Kalkin
Gender: Female
Species: Avangaean Fire(Piralan)-Dragon Mage
Description: Rey has a yellow to orange hide with large clawed feet and hands, an agile tail, cat ears, wings and a whole lot of yellow fur. Rey usually keeps her appearance somewhere in between the extremes of the spectrum she can shift into. This makes her larger than the average female but far from as big as some of the dragons around. Since she can control her body temperature she has no need for clothes, and since she can teleport she has no need for weapons. All in all she leads a carefree way of life where she enjoys what she can, knowing she can always return to a place where people know her should she not find food or shelter for the night. 
Parents: Lucas Kalkin x Audeo Rufaincul
Place of Origin: Abstract Destiny (
Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux)
   *Shapeshifting (human-dragon)
   *Temperature Control
   *Verbal Speech

Rey stepped away from the space port window. She was in her human form and quite incognito among the many other humans that were wandering around. Her long, blonde hair was tied back in a thick pony tail, her black eyes were shining. She wasn't all that curvy, but the lithe build suited her just fine, it made moving all the more easy. 
She'd always wondered what it would be like to travel aboard one of these large space vessels. But then, as a dragon mage with teleporting abilities it just seemed like such a waste of money just to get from point A to B. No-one in extended family used this particular form of travel, or at least no-one that she knew. Her father had had several children over the years and it was likely he'd sired a couple he had no knowledge of. 
Rey's life was only just getting started and she wondered what other people, dragons and species she would meet in the future. Would she be able to make it on her own or would she have to return home. She hoped it wouldn't be the latter. Her dad would be so disappointed although her mother would probably love to see her more regularly. No, Rey aimed to visit for holiday get-togethers and not more frequent. 
After some internal back-and-forth discussion, Rey finally approached the ticket booth and announced: 
"I'd like to reserve a seat on your finest deck to your furthest destination. One way."
After all, she would probably only do this once and she wanted to enjoy the trip to the fullest. It made sense to book every available option. The clerk in front of her didn't even bat an eye and made the arrangements. 
Ticket in hand, Rey made her way toward the right spaceship and glanced at her ticket to see where she was headed.

To Be Continued when the right bond is available :-)
Wanted: Shifter 

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Coming Soon

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