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Name: Gobizieth
Gender: Male
Parents: Melitu x Varvikas
Place of Origin: The Refugium
Species: Sever Skai Wyvern
Description: Gobizieth is a indigo blue wyvern with a long, spaded tail and venomous spikes running from head to tailtip. He has a furry hide, highlighted with bright yellow spots. He is bipedal, using his wings for balance while running/walking. 
Personality: Gobizieth is a moody dragon, wyvern. He hates being told he's lacking arms, he's certain a lot of the others around Lantessama are just mutants with extra, unnecessary limbs. So he cannot fly with his wings, he can lift himself with telekinesis and that is how most of the other winged lizards turned to the sky, so let not tell you anything different. Being a bit of a rebel and misanthrope, Gobizieth of course has very few friends. And that suits him just fine. Gobizieth usually evades others by using his limited visibility. Only those glitters are way to cheerful... but they're a necessary evil so he bears them valiantly (ad grumpily). 
Size: Medium
     * Teleportation (surprise based, appears in a burst of glitter)
     * Telepathy
     * Telekinesis
     * Verbal Speech
     * Empathy
          - Mild Empathic Control (able to increase cheer and energy in an individual)
     * Venomous (Spines, Teeth and Claws)
          - Breath Weapon (Acid)
          - Acidic Blood
     * Increased Survivability (able to withstand vacuums and lack of oxygen for long periods)
          - Limited invisibility (the ability to become invisible when remaining stationary, reappears in a cloud of glitter)
          - Tremorsense (the ability to sense vibrations from other beings up to 5 miles away)

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