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Name: Fraspym
Gender:  Male
Species: Mutt
ParentsGadilinion x Aphid
Place of OriginThe Refugium
Description: coloured a warm red-pink with a peach-coloured belly and rozettes. Fraspym has green feathers and horns/spikes. He has feathered arms, a full set of wings and a smaller set at the end of his tail.
Size: Medium-small, between 5' and 9' at the shoulder
Personality: Rash, Artful and Witty
   *Acidic Blood
   *Bioluminescence (spots)
   *Empathic Control (Mild)
   *Increased Survivability
   *Night Vision
   *Shadow Stealth
   *Teleportation (Surprise Based)
   *Ultraviolet Vision
   *Wind Magic

Coming Soon

will be continued for the right bond.

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