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Name: Udraakir Levruil
Nickname: Draak
Gender: Male
Place of Origin:
Abstract Destiny
Parents: Dracar x Qiskeney
Species: 1/2 Dragonheart, 1/4 Dracanian, 1/4 Danachian
Description: Udraakir's hide is bright green. He has golden brown armour on his legs, shoulders and belly. His tail has four retractable blades that are normally carried closed in that spadelike shape, and they have dislocatable jaws and retracting fangs like a snake (but no venom). He has tw long horns protruding from his brow, and a ridge of smaller horns on his jaw. A horned ridge with webbed sails runs from the top of his head down his neck. His wings are large and fade from green to red. Peacock markings adorn them. 
Adult Size: 8' to 10' at the shoulder
   *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
   *Teleportation, The ability to go anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized.
   *Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.
   *Chameleon, The ability to manipulate the colors, patterns, and textures on one's hide. 
    They especially excel at camouflaging themselves among rocks and other natural environments.
   *Exhale Fire, The ability to expel twin streams of fire from the nostrils.
   *Heart-Sharing, "Half my heart to make you whole." 
    In dire circumstances, the dragon can split their heart and share it with another. 
    From this point onwards the two are irrevocably linked, will feel each other's pain, and the death of one will result in the death of the other.
Peculiarities: These dragons cannot initiate a bond outside of the Heart-Sharing ability, but can be the target of another's bond.
Personality: Draak is a gentle dragon who has a tendency to despair. He fears giving away his heart but longs for that lifetime commitment and sharing of feelings and thoughts. Since his species cannot initiate a bond at hatching, he has been searching high and low -and everywhere else- to look for someone worthy. All these heavy feelings have scared away valiant knights and brave maidens. Draak has now set his sights to bonding another dragon as a last ditch effort to bond. 


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