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Name: Udraakir Levruil
Nickname: Draak
Combined Named: Laz-Udraakir
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Abstract Destiny
Parents: Dracar x Qiskeney
Species: 1/2 Dragonheart, 1/4 Dracanian, 1/4 Danachian
Description: Udraakir's hide is bright green. He has golden brown armour on his legs, shoulders and belly. His tail has four retractable blades that are normally carried closed in that spadelike shape, and they have dislocatable jaws and retracting fangs like a snake (but no venom). He has tw long horns protruding from his brow, and a ridge of smaller horns on his jaw. A horned ridge with webbed sails runs from the top of his head down his neck. His wings are large and fade from green to red. Peacock markings adorn them. 
Adult Size: 8' to 10' at the shoulder
   *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
   *Teleportation, The ability to go anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized.
   *Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.
   *Chameleon, The ability to manipulate the colors, patterns, and textures on one's hide. 
    They especially excel at camouflaging themselves among rocks and other natural environments.
   *Exhale Fire, The ability to expel twin streams of fire from the nostrils.
   *Heart-Sharing, "Half my heart to make you whole." 
    In dire circumstances, the dragon can split their heart and share it with another. 
    From this point onwards the two are irrevocably linked, will feel each other's pain, and the death of one will result in the death of the other.
Peculiarities: These dragons cannot initiate a bond outside of the Heart-Sharing ability, but can be the target of another's bond.
Personality: Draak is a gentle dragon who has a tendency to despair. He fears giving away his heart but longs for that lifetime commitment and sharing of feelings and thoughts. Since his species cannot initiate a bond at hatching, he has been searching high and low -and everywhere else- to look for someone worthy. All these heavy feelings have scared away valiant knights and brave maidens. Draak has now set his sights to bonding another dragon as a last ditch effort to bond. 

Udraakir held his breath and faded into the surroundings. His half sister Ryua had landed not too far away and she was clearly looking for him. If there was one thing he couldn't handle right now, it was her better-than-you-I'm-absolute-perfection attitude. She was obnoxious and overbearing and he just wanted her to go away. At the rate he was going, he'd never find that special someone to share his life with. 
So Udraakir retreated a bit deeper into the bushes and tried to ignore his sister. Closing his eyes and wallowing in his sadness seemed to do tha trick. Well at least until she started shouting...
"Go ahead and sulk!" Ryua yelled in her mind, "You're a chicken!"
She must be broadcasting this across the entire continent by the sound of it. Udraakir cringed, but resisted.  
"See if I care if you want to waste your time!" she tried.
She was wasting his time. And hers too. He wasn't going to respond. 
"And just when you might get an opportunity to bond too!!!!"
Almost involuntarily, Udraakir poked his head out of the bushes just beside his half-sister. 
"Really?" Udraakir asked eagerly. 
"The Laedrys asked us to meet her. You know as well as I do that can only mean one thing. She wants us to attend a hatching in her stead."
"That does indeed seem to be a recurring theme." 
"So what are you waiting for? Let's go!"

Udraakir and Ryua arrived on Techotl. The planet was pretty unusual with most of the activity taking place in the trees. For the Nexus official visitors however, platforms had been constructed so they could rest without having to cling to trees. Both dragon siblings looked around nervously and waited for someone to guide them to the right place. 

Before them, row upon row of bleachers stepped down across the most elaborate and expansive structure hung in the trees of Techotl. The platform extended across multiple branches and touched several trees, each one adding to the support structure. At the center of the platform, opening up like a gargantuan iris, lay a tightly woven net covered in soft, well trampled grasses and leaves. The threads of the net were easily as thick as a manís torso, but fitted so tightly together that they cast a black shadow beneath them. The grasses and leaves served as padding only. The lightest that could be found, for atop the net sat the most precious of cargos.
A half dozen curious fledglings huddled together in a tight ball, their heads twisting this way and that in response to the endless sea of chatter wafting off the bleachers. The fledglings were antirraperna to a one, each sporting an impressive head fringe and the awkward, gangling limbs of youth. They chittered amongst each other, high pitched trills answering guttural rumbles.
Fom the branches of the surrounding trees, the sleek, beakish heads of the Antirr looked down. They would not be as easily swayed as the half-Pernese Antirraperna, but maybe they could find something that caught their interest today. They certainly had a wealth to choose from. 

- snippet -

Udraakir and Ryua had been told by the Laedrys that a representative had been summoned from Lantessama to witness this hatching and possibly even bond. The mostly green with red wing-edges and gold plating half-Fireheart dragon Udraakir felt the tension rise. He'd been looking for a bond for so long, that he hardly dared hope that one of these hatchlings would choose him. Of course there was always the possibility that one of the Antirr would take a liking to him. 
So Udraakir lifted his head and looked around. Trying to look more confident than he felt. Trying to remain calm. All he could do was wait. 

Some staff member waved for Udraakir to make his way onto the net. As the previous two moved off to converse and develop their budding friendship, the net groaned and sagged under his weight. The clump of antirraperna at the heart of the net kicked up a cacophony of chirps and trills and twitters in response to the approach of the green Udraakir. Many scuttled back, seeking to distance themselves from the hulking draconic form that was as alien to them as the concept of living on the ground. One remained. A small, sleek violet creature with wide, blue eyes. She extended first her neck toward Udraakir, sniffing at the air around him as if that would provide some clue to unlocking the mystery of this strange dragon. When that only served to ignite her interest even further, she took a few timid steps forward. A name came into Udraakir's mind, carried on a warm, violet breeze; Lazzath. A cheerful but timid chirrup followed.

- snippet -

Not being all that used to telepathy, or singing for that matter, himself, Udraakir gently probed the violet breeze while staring deeply into his bond's eyes. His bond. Udraakir marvelled at the wonder while his mind, body and spirit seemed to rearrange themselves to accommodate the presence of someone else that was new and at the same time so right that Lazzath felt as familiar as a dear friend. Soulmate he believed the humans called it. 
Books of knowledge passed between them, and somehow Udraakir found a little bit of information his brilliantly purple bond was hesitant about. Lazzath had kept the custom close to her heart, fearing it might be too much for someone like him who came from somewhere so far away.  
"I would love to join our names." Udraakir told his bond, "That would make me...?"
"Laz-Udraakir." Lazzath  taught him.
"I like it." the green dragon nodded and then tired, "Ud-Lazzath?"
To which the violet Antirraperna perked up, her cheerful side overcoming her shyness and leaned closer to snuggle. 

Name: Audio - Sonogram
Spoken Name: Lazzath
Combined Name: Ud-Lazzath
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Nidus Adanuk (Techotl)
Species: Antirraperna
Description: A bright purple, serpentine dragoness. She has bright blue eyes and rigid head-tines that are connected by a similar membrane as her wings Her scaled hide is strong and is marked in the traditional tiger-stripe pattern. The scales on her grey belly are softer. Part of her light purple leathery wings and covered with soft feathers. Smaller feathers form a cosy cover for her wing-arms.   
Vestigial Limbs: No
Adult Size: 21 feet long
   *Venom Spit, can shoot a peptide toxin with pinpoint precision at vulnerable areas of their foes. 
   *Firebreath, can breathe fire when given a reactive agent to digest (eg firestone), if not trained this ability can atrophy.
   *Telepathy, can fully communicate thoughts, feelings and images across a mental network. With bonds this can take place over great distance. 
   *Verbal Communication, capable of singing, perfect pitch. 
   *Teleportation, capable of short-range teleportation (in sight) for two-three times in an hour before needing a long period of rest. 
Peculiarities: Some Antirraperna have taken to following the Antirr tradition of combining names with their chosen bond, (personal choice)
Personality: Cheerful but a bit shy, this violet dragoness holds back a bit and will hide in her bond's shadow until she trusts the people they meet. Once she's given her trust though she is a wonderful friend who listens and doesn't judge. 

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